The 7 Chronicles- A Red Moon

This is my first movella so here it goes:
Casandra is a young teen woman at the age of 17, One night she looked out at the window and the moon started to turn red. What does this mean she thought. She reaserched and stumbled across a sight saying if the moon turns red the world will be covered in chaos, Nobody else can see the moon except the 7..............


1. What Does A Red Moon Mean?

Cassandra sat on bed looking out at the moon. She thought to herself that the moon is a beautiful colour tonight, it had a slight pale red colour to it tonight. She hadn't seen this before, She thought it was he mind playing tricks on her again. She heard her name being called out from a distant down stairs, so she got of her bed and started to walk down stairs. It was her mother Dishing out dinner on the table, as she walked over to the table she could smell a fragrance of potatoes and peas. As she sat down at the table she asked her mother why the moon looked red tonight. Her mother looked out of the dining room window and saw that the moon was it's natural colour, she responded to Cassandra saying that the moon is it's normal colour.


 After Cassandra finished her dinner she went back up stairs and researched on the internet "what does it mean if the Moon is red", All she found is: that If the moon starts to turn red it is a sign of the world ending, if the moon turns red the sun will not come out. She looked on a science site and found that if the moon turns a red colour it is just that the moon is low in the sky. Cassandra looked back at the moon, It wasn't that colour though she thought, it was a much darker colour. She quickly turned back to her computer screen and noticed that the site had changed to a prophecies site. She read that if the moon Turns Dark red over a Month period the world will fall in deep, deep chaos, 7 must unite to find a way to stop this happening, But nobody else can see the moon turn red only the 7 can she read. The computer screen suddenly turned black and turned of. Cassandra turned the computer back on and was trying to find the site she was just reading of, But couldn't find it.

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