The Way We Are

My name is Campbelle Brooks, also known as every female Directioner’s worst nightmare.

Formerly known as Liam Payne’s best friend; Louis Tomlinson’s mortal enemy; Niall Horan’s erotic fixation; Harry Styles’ secret fuck buddy, and Zayn Malik’s girlfriend, now you know the reasons why everyone wants to murder me in my sleep.

It’s been a year since I got banished off the whole band’s life. Shamed and heart broken, I promised myself that I will forget everything that’s got to do with One Direction or that I even met them.

Only, life truly is a bitch. After getting an unplanned visit from an old forgotten friend, it was inevitable –again, here comes trouble.

"Somewhere in between falling in love with our midnight conversations that were exhaled through cigarette breaths and interrupted by coffee stains, and reading the love notes you had written on my flesh, I realized, I am in love with the presence of your words and the feel of your existence.

But am I in love with you?


21. Twenty

THE WAY WE ARE Twenty “Maybe I could have loved you Maybe I could have showed That I still do care about you more than you could know Don’t say it’s too late to try to make it right.” Make It Right – Joe Jonas I really hate Sugarscape. The Fault In The Zerrie Stars –Campbelle Brooks 2.0 Oh no. It looks like our favorite golden couple is having troubles in their little paradise! We have always loved sharing the latest news about Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards and their upcoming wedding of the century. But for these past few weeks since their engagement party, we can’t say if we’ll be seeing Zayn and Perrie tying the knots anytime sooner. Yesterday, Perrie has been sighted leaving London’s finest bakery, Sophie’s Mom, with her sister and mother. Zayn was surprisingly nowhere present with her when we think they’re supposed to be together for deciding what flavor it is going to be for their wedding cake. We can certainly say in the picture that Perrie isn’t happy about doing the cake business alone either. Perrie has also been spotted to attend a friend’s party with her band mates and best friend, again without her soon to be husband. We have also received some interesting story that just recently, Perrie has moved out of her and Zayn’s house because she needs to spend a few days off with her family. We honestly think there’s something going on with the couple, and that it has something to do with Zayn being spotted with his former lady lover, Campbelle Brooks. They say love is sweeter the second time around, and that no matter what, everyone can give love at least one more chance. We hate to admit it, but we think it’s probably not a bad idea at the moment. A few days ago, in a recent One Direction’s fan gathering event in London, Zayn and Campbelle were pictured together, smoking in an open balcony, just by themselves. Photos of the said ex-couple have been madly received by the curious fans in social media and were starved to know why they were alone together, especially when the series of pictures in which Zayn and Campbelle were looking at each other like it’s a scene from a movie spread faster wildfire online. Fans who’ve spotted and witnessed this little meeting has mentioned that they stayed and shared a few smokes for quite a while, and that they were positive Zayn and Campbelle looked like they were talking about something serious. The question is what were they talking about? Could they be reminiscing about their past relationship, like, maybe if they could try it all over again? Or were they talking about Zayn and Perrie’s wedding? We highly doubt Perrie was ever mentioned in their conversation, and that had angered Ms. Edwards. We’ve seen and read enough evidence to say so. Now for those who are new to the fandom and do not have the slightest idea who Campbelle Brooks is, well then you have missed the good days filled with countless rumors about her and her highlighted life with the boys of One Direction. Ever since One Direction started, Campbelle Brooks has been envied by the entire fandom. A BA 2012 Journalism graduate from the School of Arts and Social Sciences in the University of London, Campbelle Brooks isn’t just simply a roadie to the band. She’s got the pretty face and the brains which tell us why the band loved her to bits. She is Liam Payne’s best friend since the tender age of six years old. They grew up together in Wolverhampton, went to primary and secondary school together and she has always stuck on Liam’s side ever since. Campbelle, as she proudly proclaimed herself to be, is Liam’s number one fan even before One Direction. She was just always the best friend, never the girl friend, but nonetheless, fans started shipping their just-as-platonic-as-the-flat-lands-of-Australia friendship and named them as ‘Ciam’. The boys were very fond of her -practically one of them- as per what they always said in countless interviews when asked about their favorite girl. Have you read about the girl that claimed ‘Larry Stylinson’ was very much true? Campbelle Brooks. Have you read about the girl that Niall drunk tweeted about having sexual fantasies in Disneyland was? Campbelle Brooks. Have you ever asked about the girl who sneaked Liam in a sorority house party? Campbelle Brooks. They would include her on their video diaries. They would bring her to events and shows, even the ones abroad. There were so many times that the boys would change lyrics of their song and sing her name instead. Liam once told an interview that ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ was somehow inspired by Ms. Brooks. We could say there were a few more songs inspired by her in every album they’ve released, the boys were just careful enough not to spill it because Campbelle was beginning to be the center of hate of the fandom. Fans were double sided about her. Some were huge fans that looked up to her style, her personality and how the boys were very much happy when she’s around. Others hated that she’s somewhat a bad influence for the boys. Though her face could pass the good girl image, she’s definitely in the naughty list. Liam was very vocal that Campbelle was worse than Harry and Louis combined with pranking them. She’s loud. She’s wild. She’s a rebel child. Campbelle’s also known to have quite an addiction to smoking like Zayn does and this bad habit enraged a lot of fans because Zayn promised countless of times to quit smoking for the fans. He’s never done it successfully though because of his ‘smoking buddy’, Campbelle Brooks. June 2011, as One Direction takes the path to success in taking over the world with their chart topping music and British/Irish charms, Campbelle Brooks and Zayn Malik official admitted their relationship, just one thing more that heightened the hate put on her. The couple, ‘Cayn/Zelle’ as their infamous ship name, were heavily scrutinized by the mass of Directioners ever since its beginning especially when Zayn’s sisters started answering tweets that they weren’t very much in favor with him being with Campbelle and that she’s not exactly the kind of girl they want to see Zayn with, yet this didn’t stop them from continuing their relationship. Campbelle made a lot of girls jealous by how Zayn wasn’t afraid of telling everyone his love for her. Both of them shared a deep passion for arts and making art together was the biggest reason Zayn got so smitten to the lovely Campbelle. He would send tweets to her all the time when he’s away or when she’s stuck completing her study in Uni. Zayn was said to always beg for Modest to let him fly Campbelle when he’s homesick on tour. Zayn bought them a house in London. There was never a doubt with how real and so much in love they were with one another, which only started the story that one their first year anniversary, Zayn proposed marriage to Campbelle in June 2012. Some said that the proposal story was true and Zayn did asked Campbelle to marry him. There were fan stories from the band’s soundcheck that Zayn sang an unreleased song titled ‘Marry Me’ and Campbelle was there, but there was no proof about this. Some said it was just a rumor because after some weeks later, Zayn and Campbelle were said to have some sort of disconnection. Niall did tweet on the same night of Zayn and Campbelle’s anniversary and said ‘Worst night on the tour. How do I comfort a friend who just lost half of his heart?’ Zayn’s most noted tweets back then were “One day we’ll both realize why things about us fell apart”, “You’re all I want. So much, it’s hurting” and the most heartbreaking line, ‘I won’t forget that night when she said forever does not exist’. These messages made the speculations come to an end that Zayn Malik and Campbelle Brooks has broken things off. And there came Harry Styles. August 2012, on her 19th birthday, Campbelle and Harry were spotted spending her birthday night together in an Italian restaurant, just by themselves. It’s been followed by a few pictures of Campbelle leaving Harry’s home which were alone then proven by Louis Tomlinson telling the fans via Twitter ‘Moved out of Harry and my house because some bitch replaced me. Not very happy with what’s happening’. Harry never denied neither confirmed anything, same goes with Campbelle, but still the fans have come to a conclusion that Harry pried on Campbelle for the longest time and was just waiting patiently before he makes a move, breaking the rules of the Bro Code ‘never go after a friend’s ex-girlfriend’. It doubled the hate, not only for Campbelle, but also for Harry himself. Surprisingly, on September 2012 as they officially released their second album Take Me Home, Zayn has again happily announced that Campbelle and him made up and was back together. He also said on the interview that the romantic ballad ‘They Don’t Know About Us’ was specially written for her. Campbelle and Zayn were also photographed a few days later while moving what looked like her things back at their house in London. Things about the Cayn/Zelle love boat were back to its smooth sailing. They were more subtle with their relationship now. The couple seemed to be back to normal and was much more in love than ever before. Campbelle also joined Zayn and the boys on the road for their Take Me Home tour, but everything changed on the summer of 2013 when the shocking revelation about Campbelle cheating with Harry while still on a steady relationship with Zayn spread all over gossip websites over websites. A reliable source from someone close on the team leaked to the fans about the confrontation that happened between Zayn and Harry. It was a whole lot of mess, lots of angry shouting and just ended up with tears in Campbelle, Zayn and Harry’s faces. The other boys were said to be shocked as well, especially Liam. The fandom then finally found out the truth that Harry and Campbelle really did sort of hooked-up back in 2012 and has continued their secret arrangement all throughout the tour without anyone knowing, especially when everyone knows she’s supposed to be Zayn’s girlfriend and not get in a ‘no strings attached’ relationship with Harry. This damaged her whole relationship with the band, especially with her friendship with Liam. How Zayn found out that the love of his life was cheating on him with his very own best friend was never revealed, but one thing’s clear at that point–Campbelle and Zayn is done for good. We also then found out that Campbelle was told to leave the tour and that was last we’ve seen of her. That was until recently that we’ve received stories of Campbelle seen back in Wolverhampton and causing more stir in the boys’ life more than before. Photos of Liam and Campbelle trying to ignore paparazzi as they strolled down their little town has triggered the fans that she’s finally back, soon followed by an interview of the boys wherein Liam, Louis and Niall admitted that they’ve had some sort of unexpected reunion back in Liam’s home when they visited. Harry was said to be there also but he kept himself mum about the topic for it was said that the fight between Harry and Zayn haven’t ceased yet, especially when Campbelle’s name gets involved. Soon, Campbelle Brooks is once again seen everywhere with the company of the boys like the two years she went missing didn’t happen. But what really causes more mayhem in the Directioners curious and angry bubble was Campbelle seen living with Harry in his flat in London now. She’s been pictured inside Harry’s home, wearing Harry’s clothes, eating breakfast with Harry a lot of times. They were also once mobbed by fans in a dinner out together. She’s also been seen with Niall in a local pub in downtown Surrey. And to defend her honor, Liam sent a message to the fans that kept attacking and sending her hate on social media. ‘Campbelle’s not a whore. Please stop with the horrible names. She’s still my best friend, and will always be.’ Luck is Liam wasn’t the only one defending her. Campbelle’s regained herself some army of supporters that still believed in ‘Cayn/Zelle’ and thinks ‘Zerrie’ is faking it and is now going down with the most likely return of Campbelle in Zayn’s life. First was the whole gatecrashing in Zayn and Perrie’s engagement party and then now with her and Zayn photographed together that may cause some problem to the soon to be wed couple, Campbelle’s probably going to cause a lot more trouble than she already is, and we cannot wait to see what happens. Don’t get us wrong, we really wanted to see a wedding in the near future. We are just not sure if Perrie Edwards will still be the blushing bride who’ll walk down the aisle in that wedding. So, who’s going to exchange ‘I Do’s with Zayn in the end? Written by Cora Elton for Sugarscape Whoever Cora Elton was, I wish her the best of luck in her career and that she better live her life to the fullest right now, because she’ll definitely lose it if I see her. She’s made me worse than a fucking mistress in the making. How is it my fault Perrie moved out of Zayn’s house? I’m not calling it their house because it’s our house. It’s OUR HOME. How is it my fault that Zayn didn’t want to go cake hunting with Perrie? Zayn doesn’t like sweets. Is it totally necessary to blame it all to me just because they’ve seen picture of me and Zayn smoking together just that once? It’s already my fault? Your argument is invalid, Cora Elton. Honestly, stupid piece of article. Plus, how dare her write so much hate for Harry? I get mine -like always, but Harry? Yes, it’s true. What he did was really some sick bitch move, but that was in the past now and we’ve already regretted it. There’s no need tell the new fans and make them hate him! You don’t know how fragile Harry is right now. Don’t you know what would happen if Harry know about this? It’ll break him and he’ll blame himself all over again and I’ll have to clean another mess because of your stupid write up about our mistake in the past. Fuck you, Cora Elton. So much for sharing to the new fans what really went down to the Campbelle Brooks and One Direction memory lane, you don’t even know half of the truth you bitch. I don’t see anything worth reading in this junk because gossip articles are the lowest form of journalism with all the bashing and the unnecessary hate to the person. I wouldn’t even stumble and read this column if it wasn’t for Niall sending me the link with the message ‘Well done’. Well done my ass, Horan. Your bloody idea and my mishap have done something to me –something I’m not sure if I’m comfortable yet. For the last four days after that encounter with Zayn, I can’t put myself to sleep at night because I keep on thinking about him, the words he’s written and everything he confessed. I cannot get him out of my head anymore. There’s no way I could lie about this in any way now. There’s no way I could stop feeling it either. I miss Zayn. I really miss Zayn. ----------(The Way We Are)--------- To be able to make things right, the first step I need to do is to leave the confinement of Harry’s house. Tiny little baby steps even if it takes me ages to put all of us back to the way we’re supposed to be without hurting anybody anymore. A part of me says leaving won’t do any change, but I’d rather do something than let Harry fall even deeper when it’s not the right thing. I know it’ll break him when I tell him the truth, but I have to do this sooner or later. Harry asked me to not let him go, he made me promise to not leave him anymore, but the hold is restraining. I had to breathe out of it too, but he won’t let me. Niall was right. Harry wants me all by himself. He thinks I’m all his. He wants me to see we’re better together and end that way. He didn’t think I’ll ever have a change of heart anymore because I chose to stay with him. That is why he asked me to not leave him and I was blinded with the guilt he’s pinned on me as he filled our empty souls with the emotions he brings to me. The last time Harry and I shared a kiss, I felt it wasn’t right anymore. His lips against mine didn’t feel like the same as before. It wasn’t because of Zayn, or Liam, it was because I don’t feel the same passion I’ve felt on them long before. It felt like it wasn’t a kiss from a lover. It felt like just like a simple kiss I shared with a friend. Our unhealthy needing of fixing one another has gone way out of proportion. It wasn’t normal anymore. He believes I’m still broken. He made it his task to mend me. What Harry doesn’t acknowledge is the truth that as he tries to heal my wounds, he’s cutting deeper into his so that I’ll see a reason to fix him too. I know it’s the only way he knows that could make me stay by his side. It was my mistake. I have to make Harry realize that this isn’t the way we are. Same goes with Liam. I finished packing my bag and left all the things Harry brought for me. I told Niall I’ll be spending a few nights with him until I get myself a small apartment I could fit on my budget. Actually, leaving Harry’s house isn’t a bad idea. It will make them stop thinking that we’re married. But then they’ll see me in Niall’s house so they’ll probably think I’m jumping on Niall now which will earn me more death threats and make me fucking frustrated how do I explain that again without getting called a whore over and over again. As I was about to head out, I heard someone knocking on the front door. Ah, shit. How am I going to leave now? Pissed that I’ll have to abort my mission -for now, I dropped my bag and went to see who’s outside, thinking it’s Harry coming home, of course. But it wasn’t Harry. It was Louis, standing right outside the doorsteps. I can tell it by the looks in his face -the way he bite on his lower lips, the way he gazed his bright blue eyes on mine- that he’s going to apologize. And he’s also holding a stick of pink cotton candy. Oh…kay. His eyes strayed back to his feet while I stood before him with knitted eyebrows, waiting for him to say anything. What the hell is he doing here? Such long awkward silence passed before Louis tried to speak out. “Campbelle, I’m sor-” But I cut him right away and said “Not gonna happen, dude,” before I closed the door again, in his face. It’s childish, yes, but I never need to dignify this compulsive act towards him. I will never forget what he, and Mitchie, did on engagement party. Let’s also add the entire foul name calling, the fight he had with Liam, calling him stupid and how he’s used Mitchie to deceive me to attend Zayn and Perrie’s party. Oh, and the black eye he gave me too. He can’t just expect me to forgive him that instant just because he brought me cotton candy. I heard Louis curse himself as I leaned my back at the door. There’s no way I’m letting him in. Louis has the habit of barging in uninvited. With my small figure against his muscle packed one, he could force the door and let himself in without a sweat. But he didn’t. Instead, the clever man used my weakness he knew would work. “Eh… I also have Nutella with me.” Oh, so he expects me to forgive him because he’s got cotton candy and Nutella. Tempting, but no. “I’ve got two, actually.” I could tell the fact that he’s grinning now. “One for you, and one for me –just like before.” He added. Fuck it. A bit hesitant, I opened the door, wide enough to deck my head out and look at him. A sigh of relief left Louis’ lips before it stretched into a warm smile. Even if I have the eagerness to, I couldn’t punch him in the face with a smile like that. “I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever done to you, Campbelle. I’m sorry for putting up the blame on you for every problem that’s ever happened to the band. I’m sorry for bitching on you. Oh God, I’m sorry for punching you too. I can’t believe I punched a girl, my friend, for crying out loud.” He said. My head whipped in surprise. I thought he’s going to cry in front of me. “I’m sorry, for calling Liam stupid and calling you a slut. Believe me, I felt so guilty and just really horrible after I processed the words that came from me. There wasn’t a day that I wanted to apologize, really, but I was scared you won’t listen to me after everything I did.” I held the door wider for the both of us. Surprisingly, my expression softened and I felt tears beginning to swarm my eyes as Louis continued with his apology. “I’m so sorry for being an asshole. I’m sorry if I never listened to you. I’m sorry for not believing you. I’m sorry for being the worst friend to you. I’m really sorry, Campbelle.” Louis finished. I took a moment to process his entire apology. That is a lot. Louis Tomlinson expressed his regrets. Louis Tomlinson humbled down. After three years, Louis Tomlinson finally apologized. When I didn’t say anything, Louis thought of stepping forward, but I was quick and blocked his way. We aren’t done yet. With arms folded across my chest, I said in warning, “I’m not letting you inside not until you tell me everything I need to know.” Again, Louis bit his lips, also making an awkward gesture with his head. “Erm… I’m really not prepared for this, that’s why I thought the sweets would help.” He admitted. I stared back at him with disapproval. “You honestly think I’d accept you here because you got pink cotton candy and two jars of Nutella? Have you forgotten that we’ve been fighting for ages? The last time we saw each other, I slapped you in the face.” I reminded him. That must have done something in his head, that’s why he’s here. Louis placed his hand at the back of his head and gave me a sheepish smile. I can’t believe he’s actually lost of sarcasm here. “Where do you want me to start?” he asked. “Why don’t you start by telling me how you met Mitchie?” Louis then nodded and began his story. “I met Mitchie three months later after my break-up with Eleanor. She was just then starting her job in the team for Little Mix. You know the band Perrie’s in? They’re signed in Modest with us. We were all friends with the girls of Little Mix, doing numbers together in The X Factor and also some across the country. That’s when I started noticing her. We just started dating a few months before we found out you’re back in Wolverhampton.” “When Harry and I ran to her one time, Harry didn’t know her. I told him she’s my friend back in college but he said he’s seen her somewhere else. If you were already dating her then, how come Harry didn’t know? You’re best friends.” “Mitchie and I wanted privacy. After the disaster I had in my relationship with Eleanor, I thought it was best to keep us a secret, even for the boys. Mitchie was okay with it. They wouldn’t be concerned with my new relationship anyway because they’ve got their own problems.” He said. The problem was me. I know it even if Louis won’t actually tell. “But haven’t you even remembered for once that she’s my friend? She was with me to one of your concerts –that one when,” I paused. “That one when Zayn proposed.” “Mitchie never once told me you were friends before. When I met her, she’s already best friends with the girls. She’s closest to Perrie, actually. The idea of Perrie asking for your address and giving you an invitation for the engagement party was Mitchie’s. I technically never gave Perrie your address, Mitchie did. I just called Liam to say I did because he doesn’t know who Mitchie is.” That bitch. “I thought she was helping Perrie because when Perrie found out about you back in Wolverhampton with Liam, Zayn started acting strange. The second he’s heard your name, he left. Perrie said something about locking himself in the room where he does all his graffiti and he won’t let her see what’s inside.” That was our room -OUR ART ROOM. It’s our own haven. It’s off limits to everyone, especially Perrie Edwards. “Perrie expressed her worries to us, and I was still really angry with you so I agreed with the whole inviting you to the engagement party to humiliate you. I thought it was a harmless joke when she lied of bringing you to another party but was really Zayn and Perrie’s. And then you confronted her on the engagement party. That’s the only time Mitchie confessed she knew you after all this time. Believe me, Campbelle. The impact of that slap in my face brought me more than senses about dating her.” I almost told him, love hurts. Like, really hurts. “I realized what we did was so wrong. They presumed you’ll make a scene there and that will anger Zayn, but you didn’t. Instead, everyone saw you hurt. That wasn’t part of the plan. I told her what we did was wrong but Mitchie blew on me. She said I’m going soft with you and that you didn’t deserve any remorse because what you did with Zayn was worse.” Mitchie was way too bitter with what I did to Zayn. Did she like Zayn? Oh my God, she must have liked Zayn too. “I can’t believe you’re dating a two-faced bitch.” Louis shook his head at me. “I’m not anymore. I broke up with her after that. I realized she’s not the kind of girl I want to be with.” “I’m already twenty-four years old. I need to find me a marrying kind, not another diva.” He said. I hate to admit it, but that was a relief to know he’s thinking of finding the one. But he needed to stop biting on his lips, damn it. I snatched the cotton candy from his hands and asked “Since we’re being honest now, I really need to know. Why do you hate me, Louis?” “You can’t really blame me for that, Campbelle. Two of my best mates are fighting, still fighting, because of you and it’s affecting everyone. I thought it was only Zayn and Harry but after you left, Liam changed too and I knew it’s all because of you when you left us in the middle of tour.” Louis answered. Well, I know that long before. That wasn’t what I asked from him. So I made my point. “You’ve already hated me even before and I never understood any reason why would you hate me. I haven’t done anything wrong before I declined Zayn’s proposal and sleeping with Harry, but you’ve already hated me. You and I were closer than I am with Liam, then out of a sudden we were fighting and I don’t know why you’re always angry with me.” Again, Louis bit on his lips and God, it was distracting to watch. “Because I knew everyone loving you will create trouble. I needed a reason to hate you so I won’t confuse myself too. Everyone was growing too attached to you that it’s come to the point where it’s hard to tell if what we feel was still friendship or has it grown romantic.” Dang, he wasn’t sending me flirty gestures. He was trying his best not to spill a secret. “You didn’t-” “I did, Campbelle. It isn’t hard to love you more than a friend.” Louis confessed. “Don’t tell me you never did once question those kisses we had?” “That’s because I was a hardcore shipper of Larry Stylinson.” Thank God I thought he’s gay. “Please accept my apology. I’m really sorry, Camp.” “I’m sorry, too.” “I’m sorry for punching you.” “I’m sorry for slapping you.” “So… Can I call you my Campy, again?” I groaned in annoyance by hearing him call me that again. “I hated that nickname.” I told him before I threw my arms around his neck and pulled Louis into a hug. Really, I hated it, but he was the only one who’s allowed to call me Campy. That makes mine and Louis’ friendship very special, and it warms my heart that I finally know we’re back to being friends. When Harry got home, he found Louis and I bundled up together in the couch watching his Harry Potter DVD collection. Both jars of Nutella and the gay pink cotton candy finished to bits. He just gave us a confused look but was quickly waved off as soon as Louis pressed a sloppy kiss on my cheek. Louis ended spending the whole night with us. All three of us tucked in Harry’s king sized bed with Louis in the middle. Louis slept soundly. I was better than before, really. I got to re-stitch my friendship with Louis. But in the other side of the bed, I knew Harry was having troubles shutting himself into a peaceful slumber. The following morning, I was woken up by my phone in the nightstand ringing. It was Liam calling at 5:30 in the morning. I quickly slipped out of Louis’ arms which were wrapped around my waist, only to find out Harry wasn’t in bed. Huffing to myself, I threw off my covers and shivered as my bare feet touched the cool floor. I cringed as my door creaked when it was opened; I didn't want to wake Louis. Shuffling into the kitchen, I headed to the furthest corner cupboard. “Campbelle,” I shrieked in surprise as a bleary-eyed and groggy Harry come into sight. “Shit, Harry! Don’t scare me like that!” “Can we talk?” Clutching on my chest, I asked him quite confused. “Right now?” “Well, we can have lunch together.” “Okay, I’ll tell Louis.” “I prefer just the two of us, Campbelle.” Harry demanded seriously before he turned around and made his way quietly back to the back, leaving me in the corner to answer the third ring. “What’s wrong?” “I miss you, Campbelle. I miss you so much.” Liam cried from the other line. The sound of my best friend crying right over the phone wasn’t the best wake up call. “Please, please, can I see you later? I want to talk to you. Please, Campbelle.” Tears pooled in my eyes at his words, and I clutched on the fabric on my chest tighter. I took a moment to breathe deeply and wipe away my tears. With as strong a voice as I could muster, I said, “I’ll call you later, okay?” “I love you, Camp. I love you so much.” He said before he ended the call. It was only five in the morning and I already felt my worst. I noticed Liam’s four missed calls, and there was an unread text message from an unknown number. I need to talk with you. Please, come see me later. -Zayn End Notes: I wanna bite Louis’ lips. I really do. Damn it. Well, hello there my beautiful readers! How are you guys? I hope y’all are doing great because I sure am! What do you think about this chapter? Mitchie? Perrie? and of course, Louis’ confession? Is Campbelle giving you a major headache? How about Harry? Liam? Zayn? What do you think Campbelle should do? All I can say is that she’s bringing drama in the next chapter. ;) And someone’s finally making her appearance! I love you, my baby potatoes. <3 @_AndieTiu
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