The Way We Are

My name is Campbelle Brooks, also known as every female Directioner’s worst nightmare.

Formerly known as Liam Payne’s best friend; Louis Tomlinson’s mortal enemy; Niall Horan’s erotic fixation; Harry Styles’ secret fuck buddy, and Zayn Malik’s girlfriend, now you know the reasons why everyone wants to murder me in my sleep.

It’s been a year since I got banished off the whole band’s life. Shamed and heart broken, I promised myself that I will forget everything that’s got to do with One Direction or that I even met them.

Only, life truly is a bitch. After getting an unplanned visit from an old forgotten friend, it was inevitable –again, here comes trouble.

"Somewhere in between falling in love with our midnight conversations that were exhaled through cigarette breaths and interrupted by coffee stains, and reading the love notes you had written on my flesh, I realized, I am in love with the presence of your words and the feel of your existence.

But am I in love with you?


10. Ten


“For the record

I never wanted this

For the record

I wish we never met,

And opened up this mess”

Don't Let Your Enemies Become Friends - The Spill Canvas


Winter 2011


“HONEY, I’M HOME!” I screamed on the top of my lungs as soon as I barged inside the flat, waving my hands over my head and jumping out of joy. The door literally crashed, it almost dented the cream colored wall of the Harry and Louis’ home. Harry’s going to kill me if he sees it. He’s such a neurotic bitch. One time, I accidentally used his towel which I thought was Liam’s because it was on Liam’s bath. Harry found out I used, he lectured it out to me for a good long hour.


Don’t get me wrong, I love that curly young bitch and his too crazy obsessive-compulsiveness.  


I just really missed my boys, especially my dose of Niall, Harry and Louis. I get too giddy and overly excited when I finally get time to spend with them. I’m getting sick of having to hang out and see Liam and Zayn most of the time.


Ha, kidding, just sick of Liam’s face really. Plus, who in their right mind would get tired at looking on Zayn’s gorgeousness? I still consider it a dream come true that I call him all mine.


“Honey booboo, where are you?! Your bitch is back!”


I dropped my bag and scanned the foyer, surprised that nobody came to welcome me. Didn’t they know I’m coming? But they invited me to Simon’s party. Louis said I could-


Oh my god. What if this was one of Louis’ pranks? He hasn’t forgiven me for that one time I posted his and Harry’s butt naked picture over twitter. Actually, Zayn hacked my twitter and posted it, but of course they blamed me. I blamed Zayn, but he used his goddamned charm at me. You can’t get mad when Zayn Malik’s lips do all the damage control. I only got to delete it an hour after because my phone died out of all the mentions.


Damn it. I bought an expensive Channel dress for this!


“Hello? Is anybody home?” I called out once again.


All of a sudden, a half-naked Louis appeared from his room, and shrieked a very loud, “CAMPBELLE!”


Like a kid that ate too much sugar, I screamed an equally loud one back at him and ran towards him. “LOUEH!” I said as I jumped on him, snaked my arms tightly on his neck while my legs were wrapped over his waist like I’m his second body.


Louis is definitely my second best friend. We’re both crazy and sometimes, very gay. Don’t get me wrong. He’s very straight, really. There’s just really those times when Louis and Harry get a little bit touchy with one another. Not that I care that much. Their friendship is cute. It’s just like mind and Liam’s, all over the place but ours is just more demure that theirs. Or ‘secret’ is the word, I guess.


Louis always got my back. He treats me just like how he treats his younger sisters, very protective and just so caring. Whenever some of their fans bash me, he’s not the one who’s going to hold back and not say anything. Louis is always the first one to get very mad, and he’s very vocal about it.  


“I miss my Loueh-”


“Good gracious! You spend so much time with your boyfriend!” Louis cried as he dropped me back on the ground. “You sounded so much like Zayn now! I don’t like it, Camp. I don’t like it at all.” he kept whining.


“Aww, are you jealous?” I asked, smirking back at him.


I saw him roll his eyes at me and sassily answered, “Like duh?”


That’s Louis Tomlinson everyone, Mr. Sass Master from Doncaster.


Beaming a wide grin, Louis asked me again, “So, are you excited for the party later tonight?”


“Like duh?” I mimicked.


He so hates my cleverness.


“Now that’s my Campbelle!” he said as he showered my face with wet kisses.


“Louis! Eww!” I cried as I tried swatting his hands away but they were stuck on either side of my face as he kept pressing his lips everywhere but my lips. “You’re a sloppy kisser. Gerroff me!”


We heard the door slam open once again with the younger boy booming’s voice all over the place, “Camp’s not- CAMPBELLE!!!”


“Help…me!!!” I quickly called out for Harry.


But it was Louis who pushed me off of him and ran towards his curly best friend. “OH, HARRY!!!” he screamed as he body slammed the younger boy that ended with both of them lying on the floor. Harry hasn’t got the time to do anything as Louis pinned him beneath him and ambushed his pretty face with his sloppy kisses.


It was such a sight.


If there’s one thing the fans love about me, it’s being a huge promoter of the Larry Stylinson bromance.


No one hates Campbelle Brooks when she uploads a new video that’ll make the fans go nuts.



After being shamelessly attacked by Louis, accusing his crazy best friend for getting his tail bone forever damaged, Harry was told to leave us alone –by Louis himself- so we could prepare for the party in peace. He ended getting dressed with Niall on Zayn’s flat a few floors down below the complex.


Liam was going with Danielle to the party. I wouldn’t want myself to be a bother as they go prepare themselves. Danielle insisted that she’d help me with my hair and make-up, but I declined. Danielle is a beautiful girl. She doesn’t need tons of make-up to look perfect. Well, I beg to differ in my case.


It’s just that I wanted to surprise Zayn tonight. As I said before, I can’t just ‘be myself’ when it comes to Zayn. I wanted to look my best tonight, even though the truth is I’m still a little bit insecure whenever we get photographed together. He just really looks good on whatever they put him on, and well…I’m just Campbelle Brooks.


I wanted them to say we look good together. For once, I wanted them to say Zayn Malik and Campbelle Brooks looks perfect as a couple. Only, most of the time that I wanted to look flawless, picture perfect in front of the camera so I could get them to say we look good together, I ended getting more hate, bashed to infinity that I wasn’t even pretty enough for Zayn Malik and be considered as the girlfriend of the hottest member of One Direction, and I go home with lesser self-esteem, having no confidence at all to start with.


Liam knows it. He insists that I should be myself because he wants me to believe and feel that I’m beautiful with who I am. I wanted to, really. It’s just that I can’t help it because I’m a girl with a closet full of hidden skeletons beneath. When his words of encouragement build me up, people would scream out at me and I just fall down. You can’t expect me not to feel drowning further in my own insecurities when there’s thousands of people who says Zayn could do so much better than choosing someone like me.


And we’re speaking of Simon Cowell’s annual Christmas Party. Every single person that’s going to be there will be dolled up to perfection, not a single flaw left forgotten to be captured on the lens of the paparazzi who’ll be there. It will be my first time to attend such glamorous event, as Liam spoke about to me once. I don’t want to look like a lame rag doll in a sea of beautifully created Barbie dolls.


I stared back at my reflection on the vanity mirror. Louis helped me with curling my hair which was now set loose, not a single curl messed in the wrong way at all. I did my own make-up, put not too much that will make me look like a drag queen. Just some light shade of blusher, a brown color palette over my eyelids, some mascara, a pale pink lipstick on my lips and that’s it. I felt it was enough, not trying hard and over the top, but was just pretty enough. Hopefully pretty enough to feel that I was worthy to be invited on such said party.


And then my eyes laid itself at the champagne colored Channel dress hanging on the dresser.


All of a sudden, it seemed like it wasn’t meant to be worn by someone like me.  


“Camp?” I heard Louis call from the outside of the door. “Can I come in?” he asked.


“Yes, of course.” I said, trying not to let him notice the disappointment in my voice.


Louis was already well-prepared, sporting on a pair of grey suit and dress pants, as he entered the changing room. I was still on my robes. He immediately shot me frown and asked, “Why aren’t you on your dress yet? Is there something wrong with it?”


“No, it’s all good.” I told him, even feigning off a small timid smile back at him.


“Okay. Well, you should go and get dressed now because Niall called and he said him, Harry and Zayn are all ready to go. They’re coming up in a minute, so go on and I’ll help you zip your dress up.”


Louis noticed me froze. Again, he looked at me all confused why. “Campbelle, is there something bothering you?”


“N-no,” I stuttered. He didn’t buy my answer, of course.


“Honestly, what’s wrong?” When I said nothing back, Louis held me on my hands and insisted asking, “Camp, you can tell what’s wrong.”


I refused to look him in the eyes, because I felt them starting to moisten with tears.


What if I just tell him I don’t felt like coming with them to Simon’s party?


I’m sure Louis’ going to hit me in the head. How pathetic will I sound if I ask that stupid question?


So instead, I asked him, “Do you think the dress is appropriate for the party?”


“Of course, it’s appropriate! It’s beautiful, decent in length and I bet it’ll look good on- wait. Why are you worrying about the dress?”


“It’s not slutty looking? Don’t you think I’ll look like cheap-?”


“You don’t own anything slutty. That’s not you.” he said. “And you’re certainly not cheap, Campbelle.”


 Just like the Louis Tomlinson I know, he was just concerned of what’s going inside my head.


“Are you worried again of what people might say about you?” I felt Louis’ hands cup either side of my face so I could look at him. He didn’t look mad. He was disappointed. I know that look he gave away, that he was actually concerned why I do always thought less of me. “I know it gets on you sometimes, but Camp you don’t need to worry a single shit the fans and the damn paparazzi say. They don’t know you. They don’t know the real Campbelle Brooks we know. They certainly don’t matter. We love you for who you are. You’re one of us, remember. When they say mean things about you, we also hurt because you’re our friend. You mean a lot to us.”


I didn’t want to cry. I didn’t want Louis to be more disappointed at me as he already is. They said that when you shed tears, it doesn’t mean that you’re weak. But I am weak. I don’t see what they want me to see, because I don’t even believe in myself.


Yet these boys, they’re different form everybody else. They want me to believe in myself. Not because I’m their friend, but because they know it themselves that there’s something about me that meets the eyes. The words they put through their lyrics saves me. I may not tell them most of the time, but when they’re my saving grace.


They mean more than a lot to me. I don’t even know where I will be if I didn’t have them in my life.


Again, Louis held me in the shoulders and spun me around, only to found me facing the vanity mirror, with him just close behind me, also looking at me. “You don’t believe us when we say you’re fucking gorgeous, but you really are. They only say those mean things to you because they’re jealous of you. They can’t be half as awesome as you.”


“You’ve only got one person to impress tonight, and that’s Zayn.” And with that, I smiled at him. My heart fluttered with the butterflies on the thoughts of making Zayn see me as the only girl in his world. “He’s head over heels about you. He fell in love not because you’re a pretty face but you’re something special. You’re one in a million, Campbelle, and Zayn’s a very lucky lad to have you.” Louis added.


Slowly, I faced Louis back and wrapped my arms around his waist. I felt him pulled me closer to him, hugging me tighter than before. The comfort of it was undeniable, I felt better. “I’m lucky to have you all as my best friends,” I muttered softly back at him, “Thank you, Louis.” I said again, with my cheeks forming a smile, and I know even though I wasn’t looking, Louis’ was smiling too.


“Now, come one, let’s get you on that dress. The boys will be here any second now. I want to be the first person to say how beautiful you really are.”






“He’s got her hostage on the bathroom!” Harry was first to scream.


“They could be doing something dirty-,”I heard Niall said,


Only to be cut by Harry announcing, “Or what if Louis flooded the bathroom again? They could be drowning-,”


“LOUEH! THAT’S MY GIRLFRIEND!” Oh, who could it be?


“Campbelle don’t go follow the bright light!” Harry kept shouting.


“Just keep swimming…just keep swimming…” Niall chanted loudly.


“LOUEEEEEEEEHHH!!!” Zayn cried as he kept slamming his fist on the locked door.


“Campbelle’s my best friend. She can’t just die yet…” Harry and drama don’t mix perfectly.


“She’s my best friend too!!!”


“Oi! She’s MY best friend first!” Finally, Liam joined in the screaming fest.


“LET. HER. GO!!!” How high is Zayn’s vocal range honestly?


“Louis, mate, we can fix this. Is this because she chose Zayn instead of you-,”


“Let her out or we’re calling the police!”


“Oh for the love of Christ, just give me the master key, Harry.” A girl’s voice, to who was of course was Danielle’s, has suddenly blended on the whole ruckus outside.


A few seconds later, the changing room’s door burst open with all five pair of eyes looking at Louis and me, dying with the fits of laughter in front of them.


“Man, it was like a dramatic rescue mission… I couldn’t…” Louis couldn’t finish. He burst into laughter again.


Between gasps of air, I chirped, "I just... can't... believe... you actually..."


Louis was still laughing hysterically. “Please tell me someone recorded what your faces looked like, please. I want to see them.”


“We thought something bad happened to both of you.” Liam remarked as he pursed his lips with such disappointment while he glared at both of us.


Swiftly, Niall lunged in my direction, attempting to squeeze me so tightly that I cried out for mercy. I just realized it’s been weeks since the last time I saw my Irish Leprechaun so I resorted to squeezing the air out of his lungs with my hug.


“You know what’s bad? Harry’s acting. Now that’s bad.” Louis replied instantly. With that, I doubled over with laughter once again; even head butted Niall that got us wincing in pain.


Harry just shrugged and told everyone, “There’s no point in denying.”


“Oh God, you’re lucky I love you.” Zayn said as he pulled me and gave me a kiss on both cheeks. “And you’re just too pretty even if you laugh like a loony.” Louis’ loud laughter resonated throughout the room once more, joined shortly afterwards by mine and Danielle’s shrill giggles.


“Guys, we have to go. We’re half an hour late because of your shenanigans you two.” Danielle said as she pulled me so we could get going. Simon’s going to be pissed at us.


Once we got on the limo that was taking us to the party, Danielle brimmed to everyone, “Why isn’t anyone of you complimenting Campbelle here? Doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous?” she said, sounding just like a proud mother to me.


“I am?!” I asked, surprised.


“Of course you certainly are, Camp! Silly you,”


“I second that. Got a man tonight?” Niall asked brightly.


 “Sorry mate, this beautiful lady’s all mine.” Zayn told proudly to everyone inside the limousine. He pulled me closer to him and planted a soft kiss against my lips. I can’t help but blush.


If tonight was my last night on earth, well I could die in peace and contentment.


Or maybe Zayn will be the death of me. Gosh, I’m too in love.


Zayn pulled his phone out from his coat pocket and said, “I’m telling it to the whole world.”


“What?” I inquired.


He grinned, flashing me his perfect set of teeth, “Just smile, beautiful…”

@ZaynMalik1D: My Campbelle. I want everyone to know that she’s the most beautiful girl and that @_CampbelleBrooks is mine.




“It’s such a joke that you’re a member of One Direction. You don’t have any sense of direction at all, Louis!”


“Shut it, woman. You should blame your bladder.” Louis retorted.


“I warn you. If we don’t find that nearest rest room now, it’s going to burst, Louis!” I exclaimed pretty loudly at him as I danced some magical Irish steps like Niall because I can’t hold it anymore.


It’s only been three hours since the party started and I’m too much of a waste already, too drunk that I can’t walk in a straight line without a buddy on hand. I was blaming Louis for that also. Corrupting me with alcohol when he saw how fidgety I was while people swarmed us to chit chat. Told you I’m no good when it comes to crowds. The second I got away, Louis pulled me with him to the bar and that was the start of my night.


And I’m known for being a lightweight. Throw me five glasses of champagne and I’m off to Narnia.


That ain’t good.


“I found it! Go now before you piss on Uncle’s carpet!” I was already on a dash even before he could complete his sentence.


It took us ages to find the nearest rest room because when they said he party was on Simon Cowell’s own mansion, they failed to mention it that it wasn’t just a mansion. It’s a huge fucking mansion! Louis was the only one who remembers where to find one of the fifteen, and I believed him, only to remember he was just as pissed drunk as I was. It was a miracle we didn’t get completely lost and we turned on the right wing.


But the rest room Louis found was rather a small one. I haven’t told anybody that I have a bit of claustrophobia. But it didn’t matter. I just need to pee for a while and I’m out of here. It’s not like I’ll get the misfortune of getting locked inside.


I just sighed in relief after emptying my bladder and washed my hands. A bit of mascara had smudged under my eyes so I fixed it too. I heard Louis mumbled something but I was too busy that I didn’t get it clearly. “Don’t you dare leave me here, Tomlinson,” I said in good humor.


I didn’t hear any comment back.


“Very funny, Louis.” I giggled.


Again, he didn’t answer me back. I was starting to get nervous.


“Seriously, I’ll get really mad at you if you leave me in here, Louis.”


Now feeling the discomfort of being alone in the tight room, I quickly pounced at the doorknob. It won’t turn.


It was locked from the outside. Goddamn it.


“Louis, this isn’t a nice joke. Open up!” I shouted nervously as I cranked at the doorknob. “Louis! I’m not joking! I don’t like this! Open this door NOW!”


To make things worse, I started hyperventilating. My chest heaved and I was taking in shallow intakes that I felt like it was hurting. Then I was sobbing, tears have quickly formed on my eyes and it was unstoppable when they fell into streaks on my cheeks. I kept hitting my fist on the wide wooden door of the rest room, but I was too weak and too drunk to make any loud noise for people outside the hall to hear me, if there was even anyone out there.


Agitated, I called out again, “Louis! Help! Help me! Someone please help me! Help me!”  


 It wasn’t until I completely collapsed on the floor that I heard someone called my name from outside, “Campbelle?”


In between sobbing, I weakly replied, “Please, open this door…”


Suddenly, the door flung open and I was met by Harry’s worried face. I shook my head vigorously, shutting my eyes tightly and taking a deep breath to rid myself of tears. When I opened my eyes, I sat right up and draped my shaking arms around him.


“Oh my god… Camp, what happened?”


My lip quivered as I held back my tears before I confessed at Harry, “I was scared.” It was then that another tear fell from my eyes and I sniffled deeper into his chest.


He took me in with such affection. The way Harry his hands held me inside him was very loving and supportive, like he’s wanted to do it all along.


Crying against Harry’s chest just made my heart beat faster but I shrugged to think of some reason why I’m feeling this.


It’s just Harry.


He just saved you, and that’s why you’re feeling that way towards him this moment.


It’s just Harry. He’s just a friend.




Harry inched himself away from me, but his face remained still only millimeters away from my own. He brought his hands on my face and brushed the tears away from them.


I can’t explain what was happening but there is certainly something going on my stomach. Maybe it was an effect of the alcohol, or maybe because I haven’t been this close to him before so to see Harry’s emerald eyes with specks of brown lines on them, or how his lips were pink, and it seems too irresistible not to let my lips feel how they’re against mine. Maybe I could just-


“What are you two doing?”


Harry and I latched ourselves away from each other faster than the speed of lightning. Louis was standing a few steps away from us, a frown etched on his face as he stared at us. He definitely saw everything.


“You left Camp locked inside, Louis. Good thing I was looking for you two and I heard Campbelle crying from here.” Harry explained.


“What? Camp, didn’t you hear me say from outside that I said I had to pee and I’ll be back.” Louis pulled me away from Harry and just apologized to me. “I didn’t know it got locked. I’m so sorry.”


I just shook my head and said, “I’m okay. You don’t have to say you’re sorry Louis. It was just an accident.”


But Louis kept on saying, “No, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”


Suddenly, I heard Harry’s low voice echo though the small space of the rest room. “Campbelle was scared, and she’s claustrophobic. I found her there.”


But Louis chose to ignore what Harry just said, instead, he just gave me a timid smile and said, “Go fix your eye make-up, Camp. Harry and I will be just outside.”


I nodded and did what I was told.


Inside my head, I had no idea what they meant.


After agreeing with myself that I was again decent and okay to face everyone else on the party, I went on and met Harry and Louis outside the room.


I was just in time to hear Louis said more confusing words with such precision.


“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, Harry.”


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