The Way We Are

My name is Campbelle Brooks, also known as every female Directioner’s worst nightmare.

Formerly known as Liam Payne’s best friend; Louis Tomlinson’s mortal enemy; Niall Horan’s erotic fixation; Harry Styles’ secret fuck buddy, and Zayn Malik’s girlfriend, now you know the reasons why everyone wants to murder me in my sleep.

It’s been a year since I got banished off the whole band’s life. Shamed and heart broken, I promised myself that I will forget everything that’s got to do with One Direction or that I even met them.

Only, life truly is a bitch. After getting an unplanned visit from an old forgotten friend, it was inevitable –again, here comes trouble.

"Somewhere in between falling in love with our midnight conversations that were exhaled through cigarette breaths and interrupted by coffee stains, and reading the love notes you had written on my flesh, I realized, I am in love with the presence of your words and the feel of your existence.

But am I in love with you?


11. Eleven


“Cause when I’m with him, I am thinking of you

Thinking of you, what you would do

If you were the one who was spending the nights

Oh I wish that I was looking into your eyes.”


Thinking of You – Katy Perry



Fuck you, Louis Tomlinson. Fuck you and your fucking sassy ass, you fucking asshole from Doncaster. When I see you next time, I’ll make sure you’re shipped to the farthest part of Antarctica and never come back because you’re one cold fucking dickhead.



“Get that thing away from me.” I hissed in between my gritted teeth.



I was having a fit and tantrums at the same time, romping angrily as I dashed up my stairs on the way to my room. How is that even possible? I really don’t know and I absolutely don’t give a flying fuck at all. All I know is that I was ready to lock myself out alone and just squeeze myself out of all the tears that were forming up.



This has to be a joke, or a dream –no, a nightmare.



“Honey, please-” Mum tried.



“Campbelle, let’s be reasonable here-” Liam blurted as he stopped me from running away from them by pulling my hand back. He was being aggressive again. I hated it. I hated this.



Choking down the tears that were building down my throat, I glared back at them. “Reasonable? Let’s be reasonable?!” I shrieked at my Mum and Liam. They both looked at me like I’m the one who’s mad. Well, I’m not. I am definitely not. Fuck, I’m not mental or stupid. “I don’t think anyone of you understands this! Do you not understand what that is?!”



I collapsed helplessly on the floor. The tears that I tried to hold in me just ran freely down my cheeks and I dissolved into hurtful sobs in front of Liam and Mum.



This wasn’t supposed to happen. They weren’t supposed to find me. All I wanted is for my life to be back again to its former normalcy, not some twisted sick plot out of a romance strip movie.


They are not going to stop until they see me broken in pain. This has to be some sort payback for all the wrong things I did to him.



“How can you just ask me to calm down and be reasonable when right before your hands, you are holding something that has gone beyond overboard? Don’t you see what that thing means?” I cried at them, but Mum had given Liam the forehand to try and talk to me calmly, she walked away and believed Liam could fix me by himself.



Liam kneeled down and cupped my face so I could look back at him while as he brushed the streaks of tears that was endless from my eyes. I continued crying with both of my palm pushed lightly against the warmth of his chest. “How could you just expect me to accept this when they clearly want to see me hurt over and over again?”



He just looked at me, and I know from the way he stared back at me, he really didn’t know what to do himself. He couldn’t do it. He didn’t know what else do. I wasn’t just the same as I was before. Right now, he’s confused of who was the Campbelle Brooks in front of him.



“What do you want me to do? Camp, tell me what do you want?” he asked.



I love Liam with all my life, but he couldn’t fix me like how he did.



Getting the strength to stand up back on my own two feet, without any second thoughts, I said, “Let me break my promise to you even just this once.” I made my way to my room and quickly took my bag and the coat back in my arms.



“I need to leave and go someplace. But please… don’t come and find me, Liam. Not now.”



He didn’t say a single word back, and all I gave him was a tearful stare before I went ahead and left.



Four hours earlier…



“So, any bad news you want to share?”



“You are already looking at an exemplified picture of what you call a ‘bad news’ ma’am.”



“What I mean is, now that Louis has ungratefully shared your address to the future wife, have Perrie sent you something that’s worth World War III in the making?”



“Well, not yet.”



“Hmm, it’s been three days, right? Ms. Edwards probably wants to surprise her good champ Campbelle.” Mary Anne joked. I just scoffed back at her. What good champ? “Actually, there’s this very interesting article I’ve read online last night that I wanted to tell you.”



I quickly shot her a frown before I asked, “You read online gossips? What is it about?”



“You can’t blame me, Camp. Ever since I became friends with you, I think I got more obsessed with One Direction. And honey, I’m actually doing you some favor here.” May Anne said, “It was an interview of Perrie a week ago. They asked her if she’s aware that Zayn’s ex-girlfriend is back. She was asked how she feels knowing you’re friends with the boys again –well, technically not all boys, just Liam and Harry but they said all boys, stupid interview. Anyway, you won’t believe what she just told the interviewer.”



The growing frown etched in my brows was hurting. I didn’t say anything yet, and I thought she understand I want her to continue, but the woman didn’t.



Instead, Mary Anne just did a long dramatic pause before she exclaimed, “She said she’d actually wants to meet you some time! Thinks you and her would have a lot of common, knowing you both fell in love with someone like Zayn Malik. I was like ‘What the fuck is she talking about? Meet the ex-girlfriend so they could have a little chit chat? If she sees Campbelle Brooks, she’d be for sure take Zayn away in a deserted island all by themselves to be sure Campbelle won’t take him away from her.’ That woman is mad, I tell you -Or daft, either way. Does she think you’d like to meet her too?”



“If she thinks I’d welcome her with open arms, well she better think again. She’s looking for trouble herself.” I replied.



Again, you’re looking at the perfect embodiment of ‘Trouble’. I should come with a precaution, really, that says ‘When you want to meet and know me, get ready to be caught in trouble within less than 24 hours.’



“I was expecting you to say that. Then I realized that it must be the reason why she asked for your address. I told you so! Maybe the girl wants you to tell her straight from your mouth that you’re over Zayn and you won’t take him away from her when they get married.”



I was kind of annoyed with what she said. How many times do I have to tell her that I’m not letting history repeat itself?



“Mary Anne, I’m done messing around.” I told her deadpanned.



“Oh, really,” Her eyebrows shot way up and looked at me menacingly. “So you mean you and Liam ain’t messing around? Does that mean you’re in love with him now?”



I gave her a dirty look and scoffed back. “Can we not talk about the Liam and the L-word again?”



“But you said-”



“What I mean Mary Anne is that I’m not going to mess any relationship again. I’m done, period.” I said seriously.



“Campbelle, at some point in time, it’s not going to be your fault anymore if something goes wrong with their engagement, or their relationship in general.”



Somehow, deep inside, I know Mary Anne just wants me to feel better. After all he drama that’s been happening to Liam and me, and now that Perrie’s getting on my nerves for what is her dumb reasons behind wanting to know where in this country I’m currently at, all that I needed is some support. Somebody who’s stronger than I am that I could actually hold on in case something breaks me on the way.



It was either Mary Anne,



…or Harry.



“And you’ve told me yourself, you’ve got nothing to do with them anymore. It’s Perrie who’s looking for a way to trouble-dome. She doesn’t know you’re trouble.”



Really, ‘trouble’ is my middle name.   



“Let’s just hope she reconsiders what’s brewing up inside that pretty brain of hers before something really goes wrong.”



Mary Anne started laughing. “What’s so funny?”



“Well Perrie knows your address, right?” I nodded. “Imagine what if Perrie actually sends you an invitation and asks you to come to their wedding?! That’ll be the craziest thing ever, right?!”



And then I hit her with the feather duster.



All hell will break loose if that ever happens.






Liam was already waiting at our front porch when Mary Anne dropped me off my house after work.



I bet it was exhausting, him travelling back and forth, from London to Wolverhampton and vice versa, when he was supposed to be resting his day and not sleeping on an early flight back to the city. But I can’t tell Liam no. He won’t listen because he’d just insist further more.



“Hey, it’s freezing here. You should have gone and wait for me inside.” I told him as was quick to pull him inside the house. Plus, some fans could be lurking somewhere, he could have been raped there. What if he gets kidnapped? The fans will say it’s because of me again. Damn it, Payne.



I saw him rubbing the sleep off his eyes before he said, “’S okay. I fell asleep on the steps.”



“You’re such an idiot, do you know that? You know where to find the keys. You could have rested inside where it’s warmer and where you’ll not get raped. Have you just forgotten you’re a member of the biggest boy band in the world with that gorgeous face which makes teenage girls’ ovaries explode?”



Liam just chuckled. “I wanted to wait for you when you get home. I thought you’d be home by the time I arrive. Well, I didn’t expect you to work overtime today.”



One thing I know about Liam is that whatever stupid thing he does, you can’t just really get mad at him, not even a single chance.



“Oh, no, I didn’t. I just had too much fun playing with Kelly. Mary Anne and I got lost track of time.” I told him.



I was watching him watch me with a smile in his eyes, like he’s fascinated with the little story I just told. “She’s a little darling, isn’t she?” Liam asked.    



With a little smile formed right on the side of my lips, I replied, “Yes, she is.”



God, I wanted a little one like Kelly.



“Just look at that face. You love it so much when we mention babies, do you?” I nodded back. “Well…Do you think- What if- Camp, what if we make a little Liam or a little Campbelle of our own?” he suggested.



God, I’d like to take that one back.



I was entirely shocked of the silly joke, all coming from a guy like Liam Payne who’s nearly a saint in the making. “Oh God, Liam, you’re probably just hungry coming from the long travel back home.” I said as I pulled us towards the kitchen.



“Well yes, I am hungry,” Liam said. Suddenly, his arms were all wrapped around my waist and he lifted me up. He gave the back of my neck a kiss whilst I felt his lips brushed my skin as he said, “And very horny as well.”



I shivered with the light contact and the words he whispered against my skin. Oh God. Never, ever, underestimate the power of a kiss placed on the back of a woman’s neck.



“Liam!” I shrieked.



He was actually having fun, knowing I was suffering in every fiber of my body. He kept pressing kisses over my exposed neck right before him and it caused my goddamned hormones high. I think he’s serious with the baby making. Does he think it’s an easy task?! Well, technically, sex is easy, but after the sperm cell meets the egg cell, boom! You’re pregnant, and you’ll be a whale for the next nine months, I don’t think so. We’re only 22, and he’s a fucking pop star taking over the world with a trail of pre-pubescent mental girlies who’s willing to kill me so they could have them all.



Plus, I certainly don’t have any plans right now of making Liam my baby daddy.



Finally, he stopped killing me softly inside and brought me back standing on the ground. But again, Liam surprised me with a quick peck on the lips, just sweet as a cinnamon and fucking worth fireworks from the fourth of July. “Look, I’m not joking. You don’t see yourself when you mention Kelly and how you had so much fun with the little baby. I do, Camp. If you only see what I see, maybe you’ll say yes. Your face light up with life when you smile because of happiness, just one of the things I love most about you.”



I know what he meant and how to decipher the way his brown doe eyes stare at me. Liam wants me to change my mind. He wants me to see what he wants, why he wants, and how good it’ll do for us.



“Imagine a pair of little Liam and little Campbelle running around this house. They’d brightened my day when I get home after work and you’ll always be smiling. I’m pretty sure of that.”



He was serious.



Liam Payne is starved to get some vagina tonight. I have the V. Why do I have to be the girl?! Why is life this complicated for a woman?!



“What’s up in your head? Honestly, you think of starting a family when you’re on a band touring the world. And we’re only 22. We’re still too young-,”



Then realization just hit me while my eyes bore right straight at his.



“Liam, do you…Do you see us that way?”



He paused for a second before he leaned forward and again, placed a heart stopping kiss against my lips.



“Always,” He whispered softly against my lips.



Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.



He gave my hand a squeeze, but I was quick to let go.



I felt my whole face blushing. I don’t think my heart has resumed working yet. I could have died right there, could’ve been better honestly.



What the fuck is Liam thinking? Did I just really hear him say those words? Was he really suggesting we start a family of our own?



I mean, WE?! There’s not even an ‘Us’ yet.



“I-I’ll just make us some tea.” I muttered softly before I excused myself and went ahead, again completely leaving Liam. I bet in the back of his head, he’s cursing himself.



My mind has gone blank. Nothing was making sense right inside my brain. Liam, Campbelle, baby Liam and or baby Campbelle? Somehow, none those choices does quite fit to put in together. Nothing seems to fit in any either way I jagged them.



The only word clear and made sense in my head as of the moment was ‘trouble’.



It was just like that night Lim made me realize he told me he loved me more than a best friend, how he wants me more than a best friend. But this one was whole loads of different. He was talking about more mature matter to me. Now he wants us –tied with a child conceived from the both of us.



Trouble, I say. A huge fucking trouble ahead for Liam and I.



As I was on the process of making our afternoon tea on the stove, when again I felt Liam’s large hands held my waist, slowly making its way to hug me from my behind while he kept his face nuzzled right on my neck. I almost threw in the kettle the entire content of the box of tea I held on my hand as Liam kept me aware of how soft his lips were against my skin.



“I’m sorry. I did not mean to scare you, Camp.”



If he didn’t mention he wants us to make babies, I’d willingly straddle him on our kitchen table.



Sorry babe, but I am not having sex with you if you’re thinking of impregnating me!






Thank God I didn’t say my thoughts out loud or we’re both screwed for real. We were both too caught up on the tension between us that Liam and I nearly lost 5 years of life as we jumped out of surprise the second we saw my Mum, standing a few feet away from us with her curious eyes staring at us. How in the heel didn’t either Liam or I hear any sound that she’s there until then?



Liam had turned scarlet as he latched himself away from me. He was so embarrassed that he stuttered, “H-Hi, Aileen.”



But unlike our reaction, Mum didn’t look surprised of what she just witnessed before her. It was either Mum didn’t put any meaning to the affection Liam gave me or she was entirely happy –that Liam was clearly making a move. Instead, she mocked, “Missed Campbelle that much, Liam?”



I nearly died out of horror.



“Yes, Ma’am, very much,” Liam was quick to tell her back.



My reflexes were unstoppable that I nudged him on his side. He’s blowing our cover! What the fuck, Liam Payne?!



Again, Mum shot us with a curious stare and said, “It looks like Camp’s happy as well.”



I knew it. She knows. She definitely knows there’s something between us.



Forcing a smile, I just said, “Of course, Mum. He’s my best friend.”



She didn’t want us to see, but I know with the way she looked at us, she buy it the best friend shit I said. I reckon deep inside Mum is jumping of exuberance.



Oh God, if she mentions she wants a Little Liam or a Little Campbelle soon, I am jumping off a cliff.



“Oh, honey, I just check on the mail post and I found a letter. It’s addressed to you.”



A letter? For me? “Does it say who’s it from?” I asked mum.



“Uhm, there’s no sender written on the envelope, just your name.”



Mum handed me out the piece of letter. The first thing my eyes laid upon the paper was my name on nice cursives.



To: Ms. Campbelle Laine Brooks



Curiosity ate me. The next thing I knew, I was tearing the letter’s envelope open.



Inside was a piece of cream colored parchment with a strong odor of something old but sweet.



It was an invitation.



Three seconds later, I wished I never opened it.



Zayn and Perrie will soon have a wedding
Down the aisle is where they are heading
Before they become husband and wife
Let’s celebrate their start of a new life!

Please join us for an
Engagement Party
Zayn & Perrie


Sunday, April 17th
4 - 7 pm


Gauthier Soho

21 Romilly Street, London W1D 5AF


----------(The Way We Are)----------



“Don’t go anywhere, just stay there in the train station. I’ll pick you up.”



“No, I don’t want anyone else to know I’m here. Just give me your address and I’ll take a cab myself.”



“Are you sure?”



“Yes. I’ll see you in fifteen minutes.”



By the time I arrived at the apartment building, the street lamps were warmly lit and the air was chilly. I had let the cab driver a few blocks away. I needed to walk to let the tension in my chest sink down for a while. I'd been so lost in my thoughts that I had no concept of how long it had taken me to get there, but from the poignant pain in the heel of my foot indicating that a blister had formed. It had been a long walk.



With my scarf choking me and my hair in disarray, I stepped into the building. I know there was nowhere to go but here.  



I didn’t even bother to knock on his flat door. It was like he knew I was already there, the second I stepped at the welcoming mat outside, the door flew open and I was met by his eyes. The emerald green orbs were as dark as night that surrounded us.



“I’m glad you’re here.” He said as I stood in the doorway.



His eyes, the second I locked myself on them, it was like I had glued everything shattered about me together and I was to spring back to who I was two years ago. To every mistake we had shared two years ago. My mind was always blank in these moments. I refused to let myself think about the mistakes we made and the people hurt before.



If they want me to hurt, then let’s start the same mistakes all over again.



They want to start drama, I’m giving them drama.



He knew the reason why I was right before him, why I traveled all the way to the city where he was and why I chose him over Liam.



The desire for him to make me numb was back. I just had to. It’s the only way I’ll be able to forget what just happened.


I leaned forward and attached my lips to his neck. I wrapped my fingers around his neck and held him against me. My lips felt like fire against his skin and I closed my eyes and relished the burn.


“I need to be with you tonight.” I whispered as I removed my lips from his neck.


But then again, Harry grabbed my face and gave me a quick peck on the nose before he told me, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you, Camp.”



End Notes:




I’m still sick guys. :’( And it’s been a week. Mum’s almost dragged me to the hospital this morning but I said no. I just got confined last June. Not the place to get inspiration to write, really.

And I’ve got my Civil Service exam on the 12th, I’ll probably update lesser because I  kinda need to do some reviewing thing. Haa. Haven’t had an exam for a year now since I graduated college so ehrm. Yah, wish me luck.



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