Becoming a Daley

Sophie is just a normal 14 year old girl, but when her Dad falls for Tom Daley's Mum, her whole life becomes far more interesting


1. Introduction

"Come on Sophie, you'll be late" Dad beamed from the bottom of the stairs.

Today had finally arrived - the final day of Year 9. In just a few hours school would be over and the holidays will begin! 6 entire weeks of beach, parties and friends, no stress over exams or teachers nagging over school uniform. And maybe even a summer romance (but that was unlikely), but I was sure to make the most of the weeks ahead!

I got up and put on the outfit I'd planned the night before, the final day also meant no school uniform, a chance to wear whatever you wanted, express your individuality instead of wearing the same white shirts as the other 800 pupils at school. I'd chosen a pair of high-waisted shorts and a floral crop top which showed off by new belly piecing. I am no expert in fashion, but I knew what looked good on me.

I dragged my hairbrush through my long blonde hair, and added a quick coat of mascara. Looking in the mirror I double checked my look and headed towards the door. I knew my form tutor miss Watson was almost sure to have a go at me for 'having to much skin on show' but I didn't care, she was retiring before September and we were getting a new young male teacher which everyone was excited about.

I even managed to get a lift to school, instead of the dreaded bus! Dad had been extremely upbeat recently, he hadn't been smiling much at all since Mum lost her cancer battle 3 years ago. But something was making him positive again - I'd ask him often what was the reason behind his smile, but he wasn't giving away his secret, which made me more eager to discover the truth.


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