Don't fight you're true feelings

Meet Jelia McKenna Ross. A Canadian girl who lives in Strattford. Her dad got killed by this boy named "Swag" . What will happen when she finds him . Will she kill him like she said.

BTW , during the flashbacks Jelia 's seventeen. Thanks for reading


4. It's Swag! and jealousy


I'm sitting here with my homies and some beautiful girl. I kinda like her. I mean with her wavy, shiny and long caramel coloured hair and her big brown eyes with golden flecks. She has naturally pink plumb lips. She has the curves on the right places. But I don't think she likes me wich is crazy because the ladies adore me. Anyhow, Ryan likes her. He kissed her but she did'nt kiss back. Chaz likes her too , I think she likes either Chaz or Ace. Not me because I killed her dad. Well, people killed my family too. My little sister Jazmyn, my little brother Jaxon and my dad Jeremy. Leaving me and my mom heartbroken. I was the little, sweet , the perfect boyfriend for you're little girl. My name was Justin but not anymore. Justin is gone . He took every little sad thing with him. I think Justin's here somewhere still inside me. Screaming to come out. Justin Bieber's gone. Now my name is Swag. I'm the most dangerous kid in town. Because of my looks maybe or my reputation. I carry a gun around in my pocket. Vince my friend  is at home with my mom to protect her. I flipped my hair. The girl who's name is Jelia  sat there laughing with Chaz and Ryan. Sometimes she would look at me . And I will put my hood and shades on. I need to stay mysterious to this girl. She cannot fall in love with me and I cannot fall in love with her. It's just too weird and not right. Chaz doesn't know I 'm Swag. How weird. Anyway. Jelia's hair is all messy. Her créme coloured t-shirt is ripped along the sleeves. She has dark circles under her eyes but she still looks like an angel. My angel. Uggh , stop saying this like that. I'm going crazy.This has never happend to me. I usually have this effect on the other gender not them on me. I will make her mine believe me. Ace smirks flirty at Jelia. Who looks at me evilly and than flirts back without shame. Men, this girl can flirt. She 's is up to something. She runs her fingers trough Aces hair and bites her lip. My Lord, this girl is killing me. I wish she did that with me . No, you don't.Yeah, you do.No!.

'So, Acey. Can we go outside please. I need a-air.' Jelia playfully pretends she's is choking. Ace kisses her on the cheek and grabs her hand . No way José. I clear my throat and everybody looks at me. Ace stands on the stairs and helps Jelia. I start tapping my feet with crossed arms. Jelia looks scared and then keeps on walking. I walk towards her and pull her of the stairs pulling her hair.Chaz and Ryan are looking schocked at me. Jelia masages her head. Ace sends me death glares. I roll my eyes.

'What are you crazy or something.' Jelia says.

'Yeah, for you.' Damn , what did I say. First you say you want her and then you say that you're crazy for her. Swag, what are you doing?.


So,  Lovethebiebs . Chapter 3. Tell me what you think.

What did you guys think about it.

Aww, Acelia.

And Swag is slowy falling in love with Jelia.

Also Lovethebiebs and

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