Don't fight you're true feelings

Meet Jelia McKenna Ross. A Canadian girl who lives in Strattford. Her dad got killed by this boy named "Swag" . What will happen when she finds him . Will she kill him like she said.

BTW , during the flashbacks Jelia 's seventeen. Thanks for reading


3. Hurt


I saw nothing but black and white dots dancing for my eyes. I felt something cold wich automatically woke me up. I was tied to a chair. My head throbbed. I saw Swag and that Ryan kid. Ryan was smirking and I could tell he was thinking of doing dirty stuff with me. He was drooling like a damn dog who see's bacon or something. Swag went to Ryan and slapped him on the back of his head. Ryan winced and rubbed his head. Swag smiled at me. Making my stomach sick and doing backflips. Some other guy came in with blond hair and blue eyes. He laughed flirty at me. I smiled and blushed. The guy did a man hug with Swag. They looked like friends. I sat there with Ryan next to me.

'So, J. Long time no see . Ha. Who's that cutie. Does the dangerous Swag has a girlfriend.' Blondie teased Swag and goes playfully through his hair. Who's J and where does the J stand for. Probably  his real name. Maybe Jacques or Jonathan. Now, it's probably Swaggy. Blondie thinks I'm Swag's girlfriend . No, way. Swag still has his hoodie on but the mask is gone. I can see more of his face. He looks decent. Pretty cute. Yeah, for the jerk who shot your dad. Please Jelia, keep it together . Girl. Swag looked at me. He smiled dirty and shook his head. Blondie came to me. I breath heavily. A tear escaped my eye.

'Hey, Beautiful. Is there something wrong?, I 'm Ace by the way.' Ace said extending his hand. I shook it with fear. I was the only girl here. I'm so scared now.

'No, nothing is wrong.' I say smiling sheepisly

'You wanna know my name. Caramel?' Ryan asked.

'I already know you're name. Ry-an.' I say rolling my eyes.

'Yeah but not my last name.' He said crossing his arms.

'Fine , say it.' I said flirty. I need these guys trust if I wanna escape.

'Butler.' He says smiling .

'Butler, ha. So, are you my butler?'

'If  you want me to be that. Sure, Babe.' Ryan winks at me. What a little creep.

'Butzy?' Swag says. Ryan gives me a kiss and leaves the room. I raise my hand to wipe it off. Cosing me to wince. The blood cuts of my blood circulation. I scream.

'Hey, hey. What's is going on?' some boy voice says. I started to panick and flip.

'J, come here. This girl is flipping. She's shaking and fell from her chair. J , hurry up.' The voice says. J or Swag came rushing in. I was loosing it. I started to pull out my own hair. I pull at the stupid ropes. It doesnt go? Swag came to me. I sat in a corner . Going back and forth while mumbeling. Swag sat down next to me and took me in his muscular arms. Men, this boy had thews. I felt like I was safe. Safe in the arms of Dad killer.

'Leave me alone. Don't act like you care. You fucking killed my dad. Bastard.' I say. Damn, that was not a good move. I was scared and crawl into a ball.

'You have some mouth. Shawty.' Swag says smirking evil.

'So, are you a bit better?' The voice from earlier asks concerned.

'Aww, sweet Chazzy always concerned with the ladies.' Swag says mocking.

'Shut up. Biebs.' Chazzy says irritated. Who's Biebs?

'I 'm Chaz , Chaz Somers. You?' Chaz asks.

'Jelia , Jelia Ross.' I say. I move closer to Chaz and put my hand around his ear.

'You know for being in a street gang . You're not that bad. Unless , you clapped when Swag shot my dad.' I say. Chaz smiles during the first part and frowns during the last part. I see that Swag is getting angry. Ryan is mad. Ace laughs and Chaz is blushing.

'Who's Swag?' He asks. Huh, what is happening?

'Him.' I say with disgust pointing at Swag who 's standing against the wall with his foot on the wall. Swag winks and mouths "I want you"." Iewl", these guys are creepy except Ace and Chaz than.


So, cliffhanger. What do you guys think.

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Love AM1902



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