Don't fight you're true feelings

Meet Jelia McKenna Ross. A Canadian girl who lives in Strattford. Her dad got killed by this boy named "Swag" . What will happen when she finds him . Will she kill him like she said.

BTW , during the flashbacks Jelia 's seventeen. Thanks for reading


2. Flashback 1: Dad 's gone and meeting Him


*Flashback : The day from the accident*

I was sitting on the couch with a cozy blanket and a cup of coffee . I was watching "The Murdoch Mysteries." This is about a Canadian policeman who lived in the 1900's. He solves murders. I love this show next to Pretty Little Liars and stuff. Mom was in the kitchen making taco's. The show finished and there's nothing intresting on TV. So I turned it off and read a book. I think it's Twilight. I like it. Dad comes downstairs and comes to me and my eighteen year old sister Melody. She was texting her boyfriend. Smiling. My dad came over her and gave her a kiss. I laughed because it was cute. Melody rolled her eyes.

'See ya later. Princess and remember I will always love you.' Dad sang the last part. He sang pretty good. Melody laughed tossing her hair. It was my turn now.

'You too. Caramel Star.' Dad said.  I giggled at Dad's nickname for me. I actually liked it. My friends Destiny and Faith call me Jels or Jel , Jelly, Jellyfish. The last one is from my sis.

My dad John Ross left to go to work. He is a cop. Leaving the room to go to kitchen.

'Honey, I 'm gonna leave. You, know rebellious teens. ' I heard that say. He's going to the dangerous neighbourhood. There is this guy, everbody calls him "Swag". He is the most dangerous kid here in Stratford. He carries a gun around. I've never seen him but he must be creepy. With a lot of tattoo's.  Dad left. I was scared. This gang fight's turn out pretty dangerous. Melody went upstairs.  Three hours later Dad was still not back. I grabbed my purse and put a jacket on. Mom was looking questionally.

'Young lady, where do you think you're going?' My mom asked firmly crossing her arms across her breast. She knots her eyebrows together. I sigh. I shrug and run past my mom. I run to my car which was a Range Rover. A black one. Sighing I unlocked the door.

I drove to Douro Street. I see a bunch of black clothes. I saw a boy with a black mask on and golden chaines. He had golden Supras  on. He looked pretty Swag because he was "Swag." The most dangerous kid from town. I saw my dad. Some guy was punching him. I run out of the car. My hair dancing around. The boys looked at me. I gasp.

'Hey, let go of him.' I say heavely breathing. Swag laughed cosing his pearl white teeth shining in the moonlight. He was smiling weird. My dad looked shocking shaking his head. Swag went over to my dad and freaking punched him in the stomach.

'Yo, don't do that. Bro' I said .

'You can talk streettalk. Brava.' Swag said mocking and clapping his hands. He punched dad knock out. A laugh danced on his pink plumb lips.  His beautiful hazel eyes where staring in my soul. With what I can see now. He 's not bad. I wanted to see his face and his hair. He had a black leather jacket on with a hoodie which was on his head. He went to some guy and said something pointing to me. The boy smirked. The boy came to me and put a rope around my wrists. He pushed me on my knees. I lowered my head when a saw some golden Supras before me. Swag said to the other boy named Ryan to pull my hair.

'So, welcome to the Swag crew's show. Tonight the play "Dead men " will play.' Swag said smirking. He makes me sick. He went to my dad and shot him trough the head. Swag bowed and the other guys clapped. Are they insane or something?. I punched Ryan hard in the stomach with my elbow. Ryan winced and let go of my hair. I went to Swag , kicked him down under and run away as fast as I could . Swag screamed something. I was inside and was about to ride away when a golden with black car stopped. Swag came out the car. Danm it. He was looking for me. Quickly I lowered myself with my Iphone in my hands . I was gonna call Faith or Destiny . I dialed  Faith's number. When this Ryan dude grabbed my feet. Pulling me out of the car. I could hear Faith say hello. Then I screamed and my head hit the cement. I blacked out.


She finally met Swag.

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