The Walking Dead: Fight For Survival.

When things seemed hopeful, they could only get worse. When you thought you would live; you had to fight to survive. When you thought that it would be all over; you'd have to fight to see the day.

When guilty Lee Everett sits in the back seat of a cop car he thinks things are all over, (but that's only what he thinks). Lee's life takes a turn for the unknown, as he and those around him are swept under the ever-raging zombie apocolypse. Who can he trust? Where can he and the others turn? Can he keep Clementine safe? But most of all, can he keep his secret hidden for much longer?

Read on and become attatched to all the amazing characters: love, death, psycho's, trust, blood, gore and much more!

*This story is based on 'The Walking Dead' game, it's totally different from the tv series so please check it out!, I've wrote it as best as I can and the story is beautiful! It made me cry ok! :') P.S CHECK THE CLIP OUT FIRST! THIS IS THE 1ST IN A 5PART STORY. *



1. A New Day.


Lee looked down at his guilty wrists, which were empowered by metallic cuffs. He swallowed hard, trying his ultimate best to clear his thoughts, he sighed in defeat.

Rays of sunlight shone through the window as the police car sped down the never ending motorway. Atleast there was silence Lee thought, he would have to get used to it. He felt restless - there was no way he could move - Lee shook his head in annoyance.

His mahogany eyes directed themselves to the window. He eyed up the slender emerald grass, sighing in the process. He knew he couldn't run free and to think all the simple things... he had took them for granted.

He looked away again as his thoughs punished him immensely.

The grey haired driver moved the rearview mirror with his wrinkled hand, he was in his late fifties and he had definitely had better days. The sunlight reflected off of his shiny bald head - which was shrowded by tufts of ageing hair.

The mans eye brows lifted as if he felt sorry for Lee; he knew that the man who sat behind him was different.

Lee looked up at the rearview mirror realising it was focused on him and he averted his eye's in discomfort. He tried to distract his thoughts by looking away and avoiding conversation with the officer(which proved inevitable).

"Well I reckon' ya didn't do it then?" The officer questioned in a rusty southern voice.

"Does it really matter?" Lee bit back civilly, he could feel the officer's steely eyes upon him from his peripheral vision.

The officer looked away, "nah not much." He replied.

Lee thought that the driver would of received the message, and decided that the conversation was haulted, but he was proved wrong.

"Y'know I've driven a bunch of fellas down to this here prison. Lord knows how many of 'em." He gestured. "It's about now I start to gets the 'I didn't do it!'" The officer mimicked.

"Not from me." Lee replied sternly.

"That's cause guys in your position already said it enough."

It fell silent as Lee didn't reply, but that silence was broken by the voice box, which sprang into life. By this time Lee wasn't really interested but he listened intently anyway.

'It looks like we got a 10-91E near Peachtree Exit of 285. All cars asked to keep a lookout for a 91V in the area.'

It came to Lee's attention that the driver, however, took no interest in the voice box. In fact he didn't even reply he had more interest in Lee. He had his eyes fixed on the rear view mirror as he thought to himself. Which evidently gave the nosey officer a reason to talk.

"I followed your case a bit, you bein' a Macon boy 'n' all."

"You're from Macon then." Lee implied half-heartedly.

A beaming smile rose on his face. "Yep," He nodded proudly "came up to Atlanta to become a city cop in the seventies! Always wanted to work on a murder case. Like that senatorial mess you got yourself in."

The officer rushed the last line and said it in a more hushed tone, Lee frowned as he was reminded of his past. "A real shame that is." The officer added.

But Lee chose to ignore him, due to the fact of annoyance, but partly because his attention was fixed on the opposite lane. A police car raced past with its deafeing siren in action.

"Hell, the whole family used to be regulars at your folks' drugstore in down-town." The officer smiled. "Still there?"

"Sure is." Lee nodded, but he was unsure, he felt uneasy about the fact that the officer knew what had happened. On the most part he had planned to keep it secret to anyone from now on, he couldn't come around to talk about it.

The officer replied. "Good."

Just the the voice box broke into life again, it was telling the officer to keep a close eye, and as it did two more police cars raced on the opposite lane.

"Any of that seem impotant to you?" Lee asked. He wasn't that interested - although it was clear something wasn't quite right.

"All of it." The officer announced. "But that here box doesn't shut up!" He gestured to it as he spoke. "Sit in this seat and pay too much attention and you drive yourself insane."

Lee nodded slowly as if he understoood whilst the officer's gaze was upon him. But he didn't understand at all, strange things had been going on lately, Lee tried to think but his thoughts were short lived.

For the Officer asked him another of several questions. "I got a nephew up at UGA - you teach there long?"

"Going on my sixth year." Lee said sharply.

"You meet your wife in Athens?"

At the mention of his wife, Lee sunk down into the chair, what an asshole. He thought to himself, he just wished the Officer would shut the hell up. He didn't want to think about it. He looked away out of the window but again his was interrupted.

"You wanna know how I see it?" The Officer asked.

But Lee was still keeping his eyes fxed on the road as three more police cars thundered past, the were followed by a black SWAT van.

"Sure." Lee replied eventually. But he gave the officer a muscle aching scowl as he looked back in the rear view mirror.

The officer for a moment broke the gaze although he didn't keep his mouth shut. "Regardless, coulda been that you married the wrong woman." He said snidely.

Lee was about to give him a peice of his mind; the words wouldn't come out of his mouth. So he slumped back in his seat with his wrists still cuffed.

The voice box spoke again. 'Riot in progress all Officers are available for incoming 217's.'

Momentarily a helicopter flew overhead as Lee watched it.

"I was drivin' this man once," the officer began "he-he was the worst one, he wouldn't stop goin' on about how he didn't do it!"

Lee rolled his eyes in boredom as he listened. 

"He was an older fella, big soft eyes behind a pair of smart folk glasses and he's just wailing back there! Cryin' 'n' wailin'. In fact he was snotting all over that very seat!" He added to my unfortunate luck.

The voice box began to speak, but the officer switched it off in aggrivation, as he carried on with his story which proved more important to him.

"Anyways before long, he starts kickin' the back of the seat l-like a fussy baby on an airplane." The officer's head jerked to the side as he talked to Lee. "And I tell him he's gotta stop! That's government property right there and I'll be forced to zap him otherwise."

Lee didn't see why he should listen because in fact only moments ago he had been jabbed out with snidey comments. With no other choice he listened watching as the Officer motioned his hand as a zapper.

"So he stops, and after exhausting all other options he starts cryin' out for his mama! 'Mama it's all a bigmistake -  it wasn't me!"

"So did he do it?" Lee asked calmly.

"Why, they caught the fucker red-handed! Stabbin' his wife cuttin' her up as the cops came through the door! He sits in my car screamin' blood murder that it wasn't him!" At this point the officer shook his head. "Y'know I actually think he believed it himself."

"It goes to show-" he continued " people will up and go mad when they believe that their life is over."

Lee shook his head, wondering when this would be all over and what exactly was the driver gettin' at? Was this story directed at him. To do with a wife, and her being killed by her husband, 'does he really think I'm crazy?' Lee thought.

"I got another one for ya, it's a little less depressing and a bit more hilarious if I do say so myself."

About several metres away there stood a man in the road, but as the car got closer, the 'man' got further away from its description. Its clothes were moth bitten and it's skin was a sickly colour. In fact it didn't look human at all. The Officer was oblivious as he went on with his story, eyes clearly off the road.

"WATCH OUT!" Lee shouted.

But there was a big thud, as crimson splattered the car window and thumps followed on the car bonnet. The 'thing' rolled off the top of the car.

The window was smothered in red and it was impossible to see, the car drove uncontrollably as it went in the opposite direction. It drove into the metal railing and went thundering down the hill. There were multiple amounts of bangs and clashes.

Lee's head hurt as it was throttled up and down and his ears were about to pop from the loud impact. The once non-talkative officer was left silent as his arms were spread outwards and he jolted in his chair like a rag doll. Te car toppled over once or twice and then everything grounded to a hault. It was pitch black.

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