The Walking Dead: Fight For Survival.

When things seemed hopeful, they could only get worse. When you thought you would live; you had to fight to survive. When you thought that it would be all over; you'd have to fight to see the day.

When guilty Lee Everett sits in the back seat of a cop car he thinks things are all over, (but that's only what he thinks). Lee's life takes a turn for the unknown, as he and those around him are swept under the ever-raging zombie apocolypse. Who can he trust? Where can he and the others turn? Can he keep Clementine safe? But most of all, can he keep his secret hidden for much longer?

Read on and become attatched to all the amazing characters: love, death, psycho's, trust, blood, gore and much more!

*This story is based on 'The Walking Dead' game, it's totally different from the tv series so please check it out!, I've wrote it as best as I can and the story is beautiful! It made me cry ok! :') P.S CHECK THE CLIP OUT FIRST! THIS IS THE 1ST IN A 5PART STORY. *


The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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