Dark Black

A man approached me on the night of my 16th birthday. Nothing has ever been the same. I almost lost my humanity, my meaning, my purpose, my very existence.


1. The Man

"Come with me Nel Nel, I'll drive ya to where ever you need" Said the tall man, in a black trench coat. I couldn't see his face. He called me by my nickname that only Anna would call me

"No that's ok, my friends house, is just down the road" I said, reaching in my pocket feeling my phone. "Oh! I've got a call coming in" ripping out my phone placing towards my ear, and started marching back home. He came running up beside me, snatched my phone and put it to his ear. Realizing I faked it, he smashed my phone to the ground, I didn't dare look down. But cringed when I heard it smash.

"Now that wasn't very nice!" the man said sternly. I kept quiet, until he grabbed my wrist. I screamed. He put a cloth over my mouth, making me inhale something that knocked me out.

I woke up on a old metal framed bed. There was a light bulb that hung, allowing me to see the room. There was no sign of damage to me, and clothing was still intact. The windows were nailed shut, the floor was old wooden floor boarding with nails sticking out, there was also a clock. I could hear footsteps nearing to the door. I quickly laid back into the position I was when I woke up and closed my eyes. He kicked the door open, came up beside me, he lifted me up to his face, grabbing my shirt with one hand. He slapped me on the cheek with the other. My eyes shot open and I stayed calm, though I was praying for nothing to happen. I saw his face, it was familiar. I didn't know who he was but I had seen his face quite often. Living in a small town probably helped. I remembered me chatting with Anna, and seeing him, and admitting he was good looking. He was in his early 20's. Sandy blonde hair, with dark brown eyes and a scruffy beard.

"Oh good, you're awake." he said, dropping me back onto the bed. He walked round to the other side of the bed and started stripping right down to nothing. He climbed under the covers. I looked away from him, swinging my legs over the side of the bed and sat quietly. I felt his breath on my neck.

"Happy 16th Nel Nel." he whispered. He placed his forceful hands on my shoulders, then I started screaming and kicking, pushing him away from me. He tore my clothes off and forced my mouth to his. I pushed his face away

"That's ok, I prefer to get straight to it anyway" he roped my hands and legs to the bed, so I couldn't stop him. He forced his way into me, the pain was unbearable, it was excruciating. He stopped after 20 minutes, but continued every hour on the hour. 

I once again woke up in the tiny room. My body ached, I had bruises and scratches all over me. There was no sign of him, but a note taped on the door. 'Be back tonight Nel Nel. ;)"  it was 9 'o' clock. I felt disgusted that a man took over me like that. I looked at my hands and feet, that had rope burn. But my right hand felt loose. I tried squeezing my hand through, and succeeded. It was 12pm. I managed to get my other hand free, and both my feet. I felt relieved. My clothes lay ripped on the ground. I put on what little could cover me up. A buttoned up shirt with no sleeves and leggings that had no more elastic around the waist, my thongs were no longer wearable. I walked over to the door, it was locked. I wriggled and budged the door knob, with whatever force I still had. The door broke open. I ran through the hallway bare footed, I ran over nails. It didn't stop me. When I got to the front door, I tried breaking off the door knob, but it wasn't working as easy. I slammed my back to the door, and sunk down. 

I heard a car parking. I panicked, and looked around the room. There was a window, broken, but it would have to do. I jumped through, shards of glass stabbed into my arms, I shook them off and hid in a bush. I saw the man getting out of the car and opening the door. When I could no longer see him, I ran towards the car. "202LEB" the number plate said, the car was a black Subaru. I figured if I could remember it, he could get caught. I ran down the road, hiding in nearby bushes, to look behind to see if he was following. He wasn't, but I left trails of blood. He didn't live in a town or near any other houses, but in the distance, I caught the sight of a town. I ran, adrenaline pumping, nothing slowing me down, not even to catch my breath. As I came to sign welcoming you to the town, it was where I lived. I stopped, looked back, sure enough, there as a small black car in the far distance.

Quick thinking, I jumped in front of the nearest car. They stopped. It was a mother with her daughter on her 'L's. The daughter was Stephie, a reasonably nice girl in my class.

"HOP IN! We will take you to the hospital!" Stephie's mum said.

"Thank you! But if you see a black Subaru, warn me. The guy is dangerous and knows my face." I panted. Catching my breath after over a kilometer of running. I look to bloody cuts and bruises. We came to a traffic light just outside of the hospital. 

"The black Subaru!" Stephie's mum yelled. I ducked right down.

"It's right beside us" Stephie whispered. The car almost hit full gas, and we were off. 

"It's heading another direction" Stephie said, "you can come out now". I slowly lifted my head, as we stopped in front of the hospital. I jumped out and waved to Stephie and her mum.

I ran to the front desk. The receptionist woman jumped and took me, leading into the emergency room.

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