Dark Black

A man approached me on the night of my 16th birthday. Nothing has ever been the same. I almost lost my humanity, my meaning, my purpose, my very existence.


8. Pain

Jackson slammed the door behind us, grabbing my waist and pulling me closer to him. His cool breath blew on my neck before he intended on a kiss but sucked his mouth on it. I wanted to push him back and fight him off, but I didn't. I stood there, like nothing was happening. Jackson groaned before pulling me to the bedroom I had slept in. The room was almost unrecognizable. The light was dim its only source was a red light beam, making everything in the room dark. The bed was made of black leather, the bedding was red with black lace. I could tell the walls were red and black patterned decors were plastered all around the whole of the walls. 

Jackson threw me on the bed, tearing off my clothes, leaving me in the lace underwear he left me this morning. He held his hand on my waist, another on my breast and his mouth salivating on my neck. "I'll make you scream Nel Nel" he whispered. Chucking his clothes on the floor and jumping back on the bed, I lay as if death overtook my body. He pulled down my pants and stretched out my legs. His head lowered, I could feel his smirk on my thighs. Jackson's tongue moved in a way which made me squirm. I hated every minute of this but it felt good. I kept my posture and stayed as still as I could. He huffs as he brings his head back up. No time wasting, he enters me, thrashing his hips with mine. The pain was unbearable, but I bit tongue until it bled. "Fuck you're so tight, I want this. I want you, to want this too". He slides himself off me reaching over the side of the bed. "Let's try that again" he moves back on top of me. With his first thrust, a surge of pain ran through my body and back to it's original placing. This time it wasn't my insides hurting like hell, but my hip, I turn and look at it. Blood streamed onto the mattress. With each thrust he gave the sharp tool stabbed into my hip. I screamed in agony, pleading him to stop.

What seemed liked hours of reoccurring pain was only minutes, he finally stopped. He slid himself off me and walked out the door. I look at my hip once again, and trembled. I cried in pain, I dragged myself to the bathroom, and was so glad to see a first aid kit. I managed to stitch myself up, clean the blood and wrap bandages over the deep cuts. I returned to the bed, I didn't want to be within a 50 mile radiums of this bed, but its the only source of comfort I had. I took in all this pain, that was built immensely inside of me. Digging my body onto the sheets and covers. A loving family, a second mother, a foster family and my dignity. Hope has withered.

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