Dark Black

A man approached me on the night of my 16th birthday. Nothing has ever been the same. I almost lost my humanity, my meaning, my purpose, my very existence.


5. Masking Trouble

"She looks a mess" one man huffed. The light was directly behind the two, not giving any clear sign that I recognized them.

"We got this" The other guy yelled. A familiar form I recognized came behind the two.

"Shall we?" the familiar voice said. "Go back to sleep Nel Nel". In an instant, a cloth covered my face and I drew further into a deep sleep.


My eyes slowly fluttered open, I was sat in the dining room, where my original foster family bloody bodies lay. The bodies had been removed and the blood was cleared up. My clothes were changed, and I wasn't strapped onto anything, my body didn't ache like last time. I let a sigh of relief slip from my mouth, and I contemplated on running. My hands gripped the arm chair, I slid myself forward almost off the wooden seat. 

"I don't think you want to do that Nel Nel." I flinched at the voice that broke the silence. It was the man. The sun shine brightly onto the man revealing what seemed like a friendly smile.

"Why are you smiling?" I asked. 

"Your social worker is dropping by to see us. She knows that a mystery person has slaughtered the family. And what she knows of, the police are trying to track the killer down, and you and I mourned the dead bodies." He chuckled, I spat in disgust. "Oh no, you don't want to do that. You have to be on your best behavior if you want no harm to yourself Nel Nel..." I turned my head away from his smirking face. He grabbed my chin and forced his lips onto mine, intensified the kiss widening his mouth and sneaking his tongue through. The faint sound of a car came near and the man jumped off, wiping his mouth and grabbed my arm, rushing us to the door. 

"Welcome" the man smiled, staring me down to smile as well. I smiled with the most sarcastic face, the woman stared oddly as she passed through. 

"I'm so sorry for your loss Jackson," she gave us a sympathetic smile, "and you too. I know you didn't know them". The social worker lay her hand on my shoulder, I shook it off and faced away from her.

"Please, call me Jack, Leanne." This man, 'Jackson'. I don't what I was expecting, but maybe I was thinking his name would bring a memory back, stronger than spotting him in the street. But nothing, it meant nothing more than just a name. The name didn't suit his face, better yet, his personality. 'Jack-ass' is definitely more of a proper suited name.

Jackass lead the way, giving a tour of the house. The two men I remember before going into a deep sleep must have put a book shelf in front of the room I was shoved and locked into. Instead, Jackass showed a typical teenage room, with photos from my personal collection scattered amongst the picture frames on the dresser. The purple linen matched the curtains. The walls were white and the ground was wood. I kept to myself, only answering questions with yes or no, with Jackass' nodding and shaking for guidance. 


"It seems, Jack has taken great care of you." Leanne's smiled to me. "Do you have any family though, I think Chanelle needs more of a family feel. And also for her to feel comfortable in house without a murder case in progress. We have a rented out home for you away from the town, like this, only 10 minutes away" she handed papers over to Jackass.

"My brother will be moving in with us. He wasn't too keen that he'd be staying in this house either" giving me a smug look. Something about that made my stomach churn, was it that? I tried to shake off the dizziness, but that just made it worse. I sprinted off to the bathroom and suddenly what little was left in my stomach came up, I couldn't leave the bathroom. My head was spinning and my stomach screamed. My mouth, hands and hair was covered in this muck. 

"Chanelle? Are you ok?" the social worker broke through the closed door. I just sat beside the toilet, my dirty hands covering my face. It's exactly what I thought it would be. The worst thing that could possibly happen, happened. "Darling?" the woman sat beside me, arm over my shoulder stroking my back, I threw myself into her arms. Jackass walked in, completely confused, and tear ran over my face.

"Don't worry we'll figure this out" Jackass came in and hugged me. I hissed at him and at the social worker, I didn't want anyone to touch me. Jackass fled the room and returned after a short while. The social worker and Jackass stood by the doorframe when he ran and crouched over the toilet, puking up. What game was he playing?

"It must have been that chicken we ate last night." Jackass said, slumping himself beside me, I moved my body away from his. He was a great actor, because he got up looking sluggish and slow. "Come on, we'll go to the hospital." 

"Are you sure you don't want me to take you?" The social worker suggested. 

"No it's ok Leanne, I'll just drive slow and take a bucket with us". 

"Ok, I'll go then. See you two soon, get better!" Oh, how he is she just passing this up? Leaving me be, sick, by this psychotic sicko! The woman grabbed her briefcase leaving the paperwork and left. Jackass saw her out, he didn't enter back in he bathroom, until the car driving away was only a faint sound. 

"Get up, we're going" He ordered.

"To the hospital?" with a glimmer of hope spread across my face.

"No! I know a guy" Of course. 

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