Dark Black

A man approached me on the night of my 16th birthday. Nothing has ever been the same. I almost lost my humanity, my meaning, my purpose, my very existence.


3. Kelly

I stood outside a huge house. Two story, very modern. Pool, an amazing view and on top of a hill. It was very nice and sunny. Faye had her own opinions on the foster family, and thought it would be dodgy. She left, hoping that I would be fine. I guess I needed to find out.

*ding**dong* I rung the bell.

A woman opened the door, a big smile and arms open wide. She had short blonde locks and wore a light blue pant-suite. She took me in just to the door front, there stood a girl, not much younger than I. She wore a tribal printed summer maxi dress, she was stick thin, tan, and had gorgeous blonde locks, like her mother. I already envied her. With her, stood her father, clean cut gel-like hair, tan, suited up with a proud smile. The mother and father looked mid 40's. Also stood a guy, my age with white gloves, black suit and a cute smile.

"Come in Chanelle. Jeffery, go fetch the bags" the guy in the suit went a got my bags. 

"Follow me, Miss Jake. I will show you to your room" and he flashed a stunning smile my way. He lead me up the marble stone stairs, to a room the size of a house. A walk-in-robe, king bed, bathroom, couch and a flat screen TV. Definitely nothing dodgy about this family.

"So what's the story with you Jeffery?" I asked him as he lay my bags on the bed. He was my age working as a butler in a family home. Didn't butlers live where they work?

"I'm not supposed to talk to the members of the Kelly family" he said sternly avoiding eye contact with me.

"But I'm a Jake" I explained. He sighed

"I'm a foster child. That's all I can tell you. I will leave you to your bags. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly would like to see you after your done." before I could say anything, he was gone. Words went through my mind, "He's a foster kid... So am I. He's a butler what does that make me?" My thoughts were disturbed when a guy came through the window. 

"Daniel?" i said, his face was familiar, and had the same looks as Danny did, no shame in asking right?

"How do you know me?!" he snapped. "Where's Emma? Why are you in her room?!" I figured he'd be talking about my foster sister.

"Skinny, tan, blonde?" 

"Well who else?!" 

"I dunno, downstairs I guess? This is my room. But wait, Daniel? Do you know Kyle? Kyle .... Jake?"

"No! Wait... Yes" his head bowed down "he died a couple of weeks ago" he covered his eyes.

"Oh Danny!" I ran over to him and hugged him, he was startled by the sudden embrace.

"Only one person used to call me that. Chanelle? Nellie?" I smiled and nodded. And he came in for a hug, he let a couple of tears loose on my shoulder.

"What do you think your doing?!" Emma stood at the doorway, staring us down. Daniel jumped up, wiping his eyes. 

"Sorry babe, Emma. We were just-"

"Forget it. I don't care" Emma said snatching his hand to bring him by her side and planting a passionate kiss on his lips. "Just don't tell mum and dad about this." She pointed at herself and Danny.. 

"Let's go. Uh, see you, Nel- Chanelle." Danny said awkwardly. They left, heading out the window.

I put my things in the cupboards, barely filling up the space. Considering this was probably Emma's room, I'm not surprised.

I headed down stairs, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly sat sipping wine, waiting on me. 

"Chanelle. Glad you joined us" Mr. Kelly said, inviting me sit with them.

"I'm not sure how you think things work around here, but you should know. You will go to school just like any other teenager and when you get home, you will need to attend to our needs. Jason and I are very busy people, which means you will need to pull your weight. Meaning you need to do the laundry, clean the house etc." Mrs. Kelly explained

"So all I'm hearing is you want me to be a maid." I said. It was true. They're doing a Jeffery on me. Dodgy.

"We don't like to put labels on it. Think of it as an after school chores. Here's what you can wear. And If we have guests over, call us address us by our last names. But for now it's just Jenny and Jason" Jason hands me some clothes, maid clothes. As I said, dodgy

"And what about homework? Study?" I asked

"Jenny, Emma and I spend every weekend at our country club. The house is yours, we only allow you and Jeffery to be here. You can do what you like." Jenny said

"So getting a job is out of question?" 

"We will give you an allowance of $50 a week, but if you wish to get a job, it will have to be weekends only." Jason said.

"Ok, that's all you need to know. It's Saturday, and we are off to the country club. Behave!" Jenny and Jason collected nearby bags, called for Emma and left.

"Jeffery!" I called out.

"Are they gone?" He asked

"Yeah, Emma, Jason and Jenny are gone." I yelled out

"Good". He came around from a wall, hoodie and sweat pants. I think I preferred suited Jeffery "I saw they told about you little 'job' "

I sat on the couch, deep in thought speaking aloud "I came here, to work. Isn't there a law? Don't they know about you?" I turned to Jeffery.

"They payed me to keep quiet. I threatened to tell the foster services about my 'job'. And well, they shut me up" he sat, so casually.

"How can you be like this? This is human trafficking! Didn't they tell you this in school?" I wasn't ok with this.

"It's bearable"

"It's so ridiculous, its stupid! How long have you been living like this?"

"Since I was twelve. I never knew better, I just thought that's how family's run."

"This whole place to yourself, what do you do?"


"Have you broken the 'no ones allowed over' rule?"

"I wouldn't dare, theres security cameras all around. No sound of course. They aren't in bedrooms though, not unless we're all away."

"I guess that's how Emma sneaks Daniel in."

"Not just him. I've seen about five other guys this month. Though she keeps going back to Daniel. I'm sworn to secrecy, Emma isn't supposed to day until she is 18. That rule doesn't mean anything to us, I've gone out a couple of times, Jen and Jas don't seem to care."

I'm glad I met Jeffery, I had someone to talk to about the rules and regulations. 

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