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Facebook can create relations of all sorts, it can go from good to better or from bad to worse. What happens to best friends and models, Roxy Heldem and Lindzey Derekson when they create such relations?
They say that the world is at the tip of your finger, but what if your life was falling apart just by a press of a button?
Inspired by a true story.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter two






My friends on Facebook were increasing daily, one of them was called Sebastian Roca, we talked non-stop. He was very friendly and kept calling me beautiful, he lived on the other side of the world, in Algeria so that means we had time issues, they were 8 hours ahead. He had black hair, tanned skin, brown eyes and football players body. He had a girlfriend called Jasmine who was also very sweet and cute. One day Sebastian decided to add me to a group full of his closest friends, and me being the only girl on that group the boys kept flirting with me, saying things like,
"your so sexy."
"i wouldn't mind having you as a girlfriend."
"your so HOT!"
"your one Foxy Roxy."
I wasn't used to this many guys complimenting me that quickly and I found it quite rude, so i left the group.


Sebastian Roca:
Why'd you leave the grp? :(


They are all saying rude things to me, I hate that


Sebastian Roca:
Hold on let me talk to them


I waited for about ten minuted before getting a notification from him, inviting me to the group again, most of the messages I got were apologies for their rude behavior, and after we got through that, they were actually very funny. A friend request popped up after the group went quiet, and it was someone by the name Antoine Truchek. I recognized him as a guy from the group. Needless to say, he was quite hot, he could work with a camera and do wonders, but he lived all the way in Indonesia, Jakarta to be precise. However he was French, he had poor English which sucked; I had to ignore all the grammar mistakes he said with every sentence. Sebastian had okay English, but Antoine was very bad. When I say very I mean it - he couldn't tell the difference on where to put "her" and "she" in a sentence. So guilty to say I had a laugh or two while talking to him, in the simplest English I could manage to say.


Antoine Truchek:
I like you a lot, you is very sweet.


Thank you, so are you


Antoine Truchek:
you must to meet me friend, her is very nice


sure I would love to! :D


Antoine Truchek:
Maybe later, her at photo shooting


Okay :)


I had been talking to Antoine for a while now and I hadn't heard about his friend, who I could tell was a model by the picture he sent me of her. One day he sent me a picture of her as a child and I sent it to Lindzey, who laughed uncontrollably and told me that she had seen that same exact picture in an advertisement in the local newspaper. Also she looked older than he said she was, so that left me suspicious on whether or not she was real. After a while Antoine went on from being completely sweet and kind, to a complete jerk and douche bag. By then i wasn't sure that all accounts of Facebook were real.

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