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Facebook can create relations of all sorts, it can go from good to better or from bad to worse. What happens to best friends and models, Roxy Heldem and Lindzey Derekson when they create such relations?
They say that the world is at the tip of your finger, but what if your life was falling apart just by a press of a button?
Inspired by a true story.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three






It was a long and hard day at work not to mention that it was hot. The shoot was taken outside near the beach, meaning I needed to be slathered in sunscreen, in order not to get burned, although I did get a really nice tan with all the products they used. There was a lot of motion in the shoot, because I had to run, dance and pose on the beach and in the water. I asked Kevin to drop me at Pinkberry, I really wanted to eat some frozen yogurt, it does help in the hot days. I went there, got my usual passion fruit flavored yogurt and took it with me. Kevin drove me home and I thanked him, got out of the car and bust the door open.
"Mum, I'm home." I said, ignoring the idea that she never cared.
"Dear, were in the dining room." My mum called. What's going on? I thought. Dear? That's new. I went to the dining room, not knowing what to expect, but when I walked in I was in complete and utter shock. The table was full of delicious food that I never knew mum could even cook. As for the guests, well I had no idea who they were at the beginning, but when I saw Alexandra, who is mum's boyfriend's sister I immediately figured out that these people where Harold's -her boyfriend's- family. shit! I hate these people, just as I hate Harold.
"Honey, these are Harry's parents." Mum said.
"So?" I said a little cocky.
"Come greet them." my mum hissed through gritted teeth.
"I don't wanna meet your boyfriend's parents, and why are you suddenly so nice to me?"
She grabbed me by my elbow and pulled me into the kitchen.
"what the hell do you think your doing?" she says closing the door behind her.
"Mom! your hurting me!" I say and pull away out of her grip.
"I don't care! you go apologize right now!"
"What the hell?! I hate him!" I say and regret it immediately.
She slapped me across the face, i tried to hold my tears and I held my cheek and looked at her hard, before running up to my room and shutting the door behind me with all my power. All I needed was a friend to cry on their shoulder. A friend to help me through this. A friend I could express my feelings to. I wish Lindzey or Tina were here. I laid face-down on my bed, grabbed the pillow and screamed as loud as I could in it. It felt a bit better. After that I took a deep breath and tried to calm down, I still had some friends I could talk to now, I had some friends on Facebook. I wiped my tears with the palm of my hand and turned the computer on, and opened Facebook.
I had a new notification, Antoine had added me to a group! It was called The Cuties. Boy did that name make me cringe! I opened the group and saw the people in it. Schivie Marlo! Eric Lutfed and Antoine. I was kinda surprised to discover that Schivie had an account on Facebook. So curiosity led me to stalk her. Is it normal to look different in every picture? or did make up change a person that much? hmm. A chat bubble popped up suddenly and the group was active.

Schivie Marlo:
OMG Roxy! Antoine tell me so much about you

Schivie! Antoine has told me so much about you too

Antoine Truchek:
Hey girrlllllllls!! Roxy Eric is Schivie boyfriend

What? Schivie has a boyfriend? Cool

Eric Lutfed:
Hey guys! Who's this?

Hey Eric. I'm Roxy, but you can call me Rox.


And we talked for what seemed like an hour, but was actually more. And my observations told me that Schivie and Antoine talked in the same way, and never talked at the same time, and since I already thought Schivie was fake this added to my belief.Either Schivie was Antoine, or Antoine was Schivie.





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