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Facebook can create relations of all sorts, it can go from good to better or from bad to worse. What happens to best friends and models, Roxy Heldem and Lindzey Derekson when they create such relations?
They say that the world is at the tip of your finger, but what if your life was falling apart just by a press of a button?
Inspired by a true story.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One






It was a wonderful day in the sunny state California. I looked out of my car's window to see the beautiful ocean raving at me. My driver, Kevin arrived fifteen minutes ago to pick me up from the studio after I finished all of the fit modeling. It's basically standing up all day with the designer sticking pins in you. So it's easy work but it is standing up all day. I asked Kevin if he could drop me off at Starbucks and he agreed. After five minutes of driving we arrived at the closest Starbucks and I had my Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte in one hand and my Iphone 5 in the other. I threw my raybans on and tuned my 3G on. My phone beeped and I had a new message. 


Selena Serkton:

like my new profile picture on FB! please?


I texted her instantly.



I don't have a Facebook :(


Selena Serkton:

OMG How can u live?



I don't have time for Facebook. 


Selena Serkton:

Dude, it's the coolest thing ever. You've gotta make one. 



Maybe .. When I have free time


Selena Serkton:

What're u doin' right now?



Nothing ..


Selena Serkton:



I rolled my eyes and said goodbye to Kevin after he dropped me home. This place is a living hell! I live with a stupid psycho who calls herself my mother. She is the absolute worst. So here's my story: My mother ad father got together when they were fifteen, they had me when they were sixteen. They were going to set me for adoption, but my amazing loving Opa made them keep me. So after my parents got married, they stayed together for ten years, the fights were constant and unbearable. The violence was scary and loud. I used to hide in my room and cry until somebody came up to me, but sadly that never happened. After those ten years they decided to get divorced. And -of course- I had no say in this. I was merely a ghost in this big house. My "mother" hates my guts, like literally hates me.  She once slapped me for no reason at all, so hard that my cheek turned blue for two weeks. And my so-called father lives up in Seattle and never bothers to ask about me, not even a lousy phone call. That's all you have to know about my family ... for now.

I have two best friends that I would trust with my life; Lindzey and Tina. But sadly Lidzey lives an hour away. We always skype, but it's not enough. Tina lives all the way in New York, and so Kevin is the closest thing to a friend I have. 

I walked into the house and yelled, 

"I'm home!" 

and threw my now done Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte into the bin. Because no body answered me, I assume I'm home alone. I took my Jimmy Chu Chu's off and put my purple, fluffy slippers on and climbed up the long, spiraled, marble staircase to my room. This house is the closest thing you can find to a castle, you may even get lost in it. What can say, I live in Beverly Hills. I put my shoes gently on the wooden floor of my bedroom, took off my cardigan, put my glasses in their case and jumped on the bed sighing very loudly. I stayed like this for a while, I was exhausted. I looked at my bedside table and grabbed the remote of the AC. I sighed again enjoying the great cold air. I took my phone out of the back pocket of my high waisted, jean-shorts and looked through it. No new messages. No missed calls. Forever alone. I stood up off of my master bed and decided to change into pj's. Since nobody was home and nobody came to visit I wore a purple crop top and some flower printed pj shorts. I sat in front of the mirror and put my slippers on again. I finally decided to open my laptop and skype with Lindz. I stood up from my desk's chair and walked to my bed and gabbed my phone to send Lindzey a message asking her if she was busy. 



Hey, Lindz. .. you free?


Lindz Derekson:

At a photo shoot. Sorry can't talk now :(


I sighed and put the phone on the desk and thought, what to do now? Then I remembered Selena and our little chat about Facebook. I looked at the laptop for five seconds before I decided to type in The blue, white and baby blue screen popped up and it looked very inviting. The the words Sign up were big and black, it's free and always will be. I started reading thoroughly and made my decision; I was going to sign up. Make new friends. To some people this may be the easiest decision of their lives. However,  to me it was something life-changing. Since I would dedicate my life to anything new.  


Roxy Heldem


12  December  1995



I thought about it some more, took a deep breath then pressed the sign up button. BAM! erything popped out at me and I hadn't no idea what to do. Once again I took a deep breath and started reading more carefully, looking for some instructions. what's on your mind? I'm too overwhelmed to think about what's on my mind, let's just try the search bar. I searched most of my friends and sent them fried requests. I then pressed the profile button and looked at the white and blue figure that was supposedly me. I moved my pointer to the picture and pressed Edit Profile Picture. I remembered what my agency said about putting pictures online. It wasn't safe. So I chose a picture where I barely showed. There! I refreshed and a red icon popped at me from the notifications button. Selena had accepted my friend request. This is going to be fun!






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