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Facebook can create relations of all sorts, it can go from good to better or from bad to worse. What happens to best friends and models, Roxy Heldem and Lindzey Derekson when they create such relations?
They say that the world is at the tip of your finger, but what if your life was falling apart just by a press of a button?
Inspired by a true story.


4. Chapter Four

Chapter Four






I sat down for the first time today. And my feet felt instantly relieved. My curls were dangling on my shoulders and they were still hot from the curling wand. I had my white, silk robe on that had my name sewed in gold on the back. I took off my rings and grabbed my phone. I wasn't needed on set until later so I logged in my Facebook. I had a bunch of notifications, and two friend requests. No new messages. However, someone was online. Bryan Hunk. The bloke I just accepted. I thought it was suitable to stalk him since I had nothing better to do.

I clicked on his picture and his profile popped up on my phone, Bryan Hunk. He's from Canada! Vancouver to be precise. He wasn't that good looking, especially around the mouth area, his teeth needed braces. He had dark skin and black hair. He liked riding and running. 





Bryan Hunk:




My name is Roxy, but you can call me Rox ;)


Bryan Hunk:

What is a foxy lady like you doing here talking to me? ;)



Excuse me?


How rude, I thought.


Bryan Hunk:

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.


That's better. I thought.

We started talking for an hour, until I was dragged back on set. I apologized and told him we'd talk later tonight. He seemed like a pretty decent guy. I liked him. I was actually pretty excited to talk to him once I finished work, he also seemed legit, not like Antoine and Schivie. Soon we started talking more and more, I told him many things about myself and he told me so much about himself. He was a butcher, which I thought was really cool, because he had mad skills with knives. From what I can tell, he didn't exactly like his job, he just did it because he needed the money. He was really shocked when he found out I was a model. He never expected to talk to one before. So he told me about his girlfriend, and how amazing she was. I was pretty excited that he trusted me with things like this. I think we're going to be good friends.

The shoot was pretty fun, it had some exotic outfits that I was dying to try on. From feathers to balloons, the clothes were seriously weird. But that's what made them cool. The hair was probably the most outstanding part of the day. Mohawks and more, and more feathers and glitter. It was a great, fun day.

When I was done, Kevin dropped me home, and there was a note on the door saying that my mother wasn't home. So I looked through my purse and found the keys to the front door. I opened it and ran upstairs without even taking my shoes off. This house spooks me when no one is here. So I opened the door to my room and turned the lights on. I stripped off my clothes and ran in the bathroom for a quick shower. After I finished I wrapped myself in a towel and dried myself. I got dressed in some fluffy blue pj's. The top was basically a plain teal blue tank top, and the shorts where a shade darker and the fabric was wool.

My eyes travel to the pink mac book, and my feet started moving towards it. Damn you Facebook, you have me hooked. I opened it and the screen lit up, I type in the password to my Mac user account and facebook was opened. Bryan sent me a message, I was ecstatic.


Bryan Hunk:





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