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Facebook can create relations of all sorts, it can go from good to better or from bad to worse. What happens to best friends and models, Roxy Heldem and Lindzey Derekson when they create such relations?
They say that the world is at the tip of your finger, but what if your life was falling apart just by a press of a button?
Inspired by a true story.


5. Chapter Five

Chapter fiver






I hesitated for a moment, was he actually asking me to Skype with him? I started biting my nails nervously, was I really gonna Skype with some guy I barely knew? It took me a while to response.



Even though it was only a simple letter, it was a hard enough choice. I’m not the type of girl who is good with talking to people.

Bryan Hunk:

What’s your username?



I quickly log into my Skype account and I wait nervously for a message from him. I run to my vanity and look at myself, my hair was in a messy bun, so I decided to let it down, and my natural waviness took over. I didn’t want to be too over the top so I only put a coat of mascara, deep at the roots and some Maybelline lipstick. I look at myself again and decide to change my shirt into something prettier. I went with a coral tank top but I didn’t bother changing my pajama shorts. I then put a white bow in my hair, I spray on some Tresor midnight rose perfume and then I realized he couldn’t really smell me, I laugh at myself and felt satisfied with how I look.

The Skype ding, interrupted my train of thought and my palms start sweating. I walk over to my Mac book and read the message.

Bryan Hunk:

Call me :D

I take a deep breath and move the pointer to the camera Icon on the screen, and then it starts ringing.


I lose my breath and my voice starts shaking as the image of him popped on my screen.

“H-hi” I stutter.

“You look Hot” he laughs.

I look at myself on the screen and see a blush forming on my cheeks, and I smile slightly.

“Thanks” I say still quite shy.

“You were really open on facebook, did the cat bite your tongue?” he says making me laugh.

“After I get the hold of this you’re going to want me to shut up, I’m only shy at first” I say and smile at him.

We talk for an hour before he leaves for work, after he hung up I was instantly bored. I pick my phone up and text Lindzey.


Wanna Skype?

She instantly replies.

Lindz Derekson :

Sure thing babe ;) <3

I wait for the grey circle by her name to turn green, soon enough my Mac starts ringing and I answer.

“Heyyy!” I say suddenly excited.

“Hey babe, how are you?” she says in a Wolverhampton  accent.

We talk and talk for four hours and she decides to visit me next week, I also told her about Bryan and our little Skype thing, because she’s Lindzey she asked about his looks and pretended to throw up when she saw his picture, I laugh at her idiocity and we hang up.






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