Tears Of An Angel {Harry Styles}

She changed him. He helped her. Together, they are something nobody else can describe without using the two words, eight letters: true love.


1. {0} sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ

Harry Styles. Flirt. Player. He is truly those things, but the tabloids make it seem worse than it is. He is a singer, that being his current and only career. Rachel Summers. Innocent. Creative. She comes from a small town, but she is fragile in ways that others could not see with bare eyes. She is a dancer and writer among other things. One day, their two contrasting lives will meet.

Just an ordinary concert, Harry spots Rachel and feels his heart beating faster and faster as the clock ticks away. He made her shocked and made sure to see her again. In Harry's eyes at first, Rachel is just a game. But, he gets to see into her life...and his usual plan is all messed up, the plan to be with a girl for a short time and then move on. For Harry, now, Rachel has something special that he never found in any other girl. He's determined not to lose the one thing somebody has given him: true love. 

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