It's Love, More or Less

If you can't save someone you love then sometimes you have to die with them. A lyrical tale of love and loss lets just say its a typical teenage romance...with a twist *based of the song "How to save a life" by The Fray from the inspired by a song competition* NO STEALING!!!


2. T

                    "Some sort of window to your right, As he goes left and you stay right

                 Between the lines of fear and blame, You begin to wonder why you came"


I stepped out of my house ready for a Monday at school but I wasn't happy like I always am. I wasn't  happy because Nate never did ring me back and he never picked up his phone, maybe I should give up I mean he probably only likes me as a friend plus I'm nothing special I'm not even that pretty. I sighed as I got to the school gates and didn't see Nate waiting there like he usually does, maybe he is waiting by my locker and with that thought I walked into the school and all the way over to my locker.

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