It's Love, More or Less

If you can't save someone you love then sometimes you have to die with them. A lyrical tale of love and loss lets just say its a typical teenage romance...with a twist *based of the song "How to save a life" by The Fray from the inspired by a song competition* NO STEALING!!!


16. S

                                                        "How to save a life"


After what seemed like not long enough of staring out at the ocean I finally got up and stood back about 10 metres and starting running to the edge about to jump when a voice stopped me "Jessica please don't do this I broke up with Taylor and I sorry for being an asshole" he said pleading with me  "I don't care it's to late" she spat angrily "Jessica look I'm sorry I know you like me now but I didn't before" he said getting closer to her. " do you like me Nate?" I said with hopefull eyes "no" he replied flatly. I started tearing up as I  asked the next question.  "Am I even pretty?". "No" he replied flatly again. By now I was  full on bawling my  eyes as I  asked my  last question that would decide my fate. "Would you cry if I jumped right now?"  And once he replied with a "no" I  looked up at him with blurry eyes and whispered "goodbye Nate you have lost a friend" I  said wearily and turned around and jumped. Nate acted quickly and jumped off the cliff with her and held her close "Jessica I don't like you I love you,  your not pretty you beautiful, if you jumped I'd jump with you and I know I've lost a friend but I've gained so much more Jessica will you be mine?" He whispered into her ear she looked up at him as they were falling and said one word "yes" before they both plunged to their deaths. 


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