Our Precious Love [COMPLETED]

During the time of the french revolution, a young girl named Marie Grosholtz has been arrested and is in prison along with her mother. But they aren't the only ones who are captured. There are hundreds of men and women who are also living their life in that same prison. Marie is sad and feels lonely all the time. Then one day, a young man named Francois Tussaud enters her life. Soon, they become great friends and Marie starts falling for him. This is the story of Marie and Francois, a love story of two young people falling in love and trying to take over the world.
*For the Inspired by a song contest*


3. Chapter 2

I quietly sat on a bench nearby thinking about all the events that had happened in the past year. I had taught Madame Elisabeth, the king’s sister the art of wax modeling; I had sculpted numerous figures; I met Thomas Jefferson. It was very eventful the year before.

 I was lost in my thoughts when suddenly I heard rustling noise coming from somewhere near me. I closed my eyes, silently praying that it wasn’t a guard.

The rustling sound started getting louder and louder. I was starting to sweat slowly, waiting for the worst.

“Mademoiselle?” A male voice said.

I quickly opened my eyes to see who it was. I thanked heavens when I realized that it wasn’t a guard. Instead, it was a very handsome man, probably of my age.

“Yes?” I asked.

“What are you doing here all alone in the middle of the night?” He said, worry evident in his eyes.

“I just.. I just needed some fresh air. That’s all.” I smiled.

“Can I sit here?” He asked, gesturing to the empty space on the bench.

“Oh of course!” I said and scooted over a little bit so that he could get more space.


“Francois Tussaud.” He extended his hand.

“I- I’m Marie. Marie Grosholtz.” I stuttered and took his hand reluctantly. I could feel the sparks in my body. There was something about him that I liked.

Maybe it was his stormy grey eyes or the way he was smiling at me. But I knew I could be in love with him someday.


“Madamemoiselle Grosholtz, with due respect, may I ask why you got arrested?” Francois asked after a minute or two of silence.

“Ah. I wouldn’t like to talk about it monsieur.” I said and soon the picture of Lucile’s and Camille’s severed head came to my mind. I could feel a shiver going up my spine.

“What about you?” I asked, trying to let those cruel images slip away.

“Well, I am from the small village Macon in Saon-Et-Loire. I had gone to a nearby village to get firewood for the night and when I came back,-“

He paused. By the expression on his face I knew the memory pained him.

“- I found slaughtered dead bodies of the villagers everywhere. I quickly went to my home and found my mother and father dead. When I rushed outside, a soldier, probably from the new army, pulled me by the hair. Then he hit me on the head with something hard and I fell into unconsciousness. My next memory is that of waking up in the prison cell.” He finished.

“Why did you come out here alone Francois?” I asked him softly.

“I don’t know. I just wanted to get some fresh air so that I could process today’s events.” He whispered.

“It is always confusing during the first few days.” I told him.

“Oh. How long have you been here?” He wondered out loud.

I sighed.

“A month and fourteen days.” I looked up at him.

His grey eyes were filled with sympathy and he gave me a smile. I could tell he was alone. I knew he felt lonely.

“Be my friend Marie?” His was filled of desperation.

While my heart told me to say yes, my mind was telling me the exact opposite.

I was lonely too. 'Should I say yes?' I wondered.

“I- I don’t…” I stuttered to myself.

“Marie. I beg you. Or the loneliness will have the best of me.” He begged.

I looked up at him. His grey eyes were now dull. They were teary but only showed sincerity. My heart crumbled seeing that sight of him. So I agreed.

“Okay Francois, I will be glad to be your friend.” I smiled and soon his eyes changed colours and I could see a new ray of light filling him.

I knew I had done the right thing.

Because sometimes all you need is to know that someone is there for you. Even in the worst of the times that someone will take your hand and say that everything will be alright.

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