The letter

Alisha gets bullied for being a Muslim. She writes a letter to her idols one direction, even though she thinks that she won't get a response. What happenes to her comes to a shock to everyone including her...


8. The Time my life

Zayn's P.O.V

I woke up early that morning. It was around 5:30am. I was tired. But I got up and showered. I took my time. I was thinking about everything's that's happened since we showed up. I wanna make today and tomrow perfect. Because after that were gone. I came out and saw she was up reading. She was peaceful. I put on a pair of sponge bob boxers. Nerdy I know. She looked up at me and smiled. Her smile always brightens my day. "nice shorts," she said laughing. "they're boxers," I corrected her. "Cute," She sat ageist the wall and I sat back with her she layed down on my chest. I wasn't wearing a shirt. I felt her warm hand go up my chest to my face. I wanted to kiss her. But I keep thinking about Perrie. I still dont know where we stand. But I just cuddled. I put the blanket over us and we talked a little. she talked about this guy she kinda liked and how he reminds her of all of us. 'He doesn't know i exist," She said sadly. "How, your as bright as the sun," I said sweetly. I could stay like this forever. 

It was around 7 and Harry woke up and showered. Soon after all of the others woke up. By 8:30 we had eaten breakfast. We cleaned up. "so," i started. "we are going to the mall and your helping us shop,"  "Cool! I cant wait." She said back. 

At 10 we got to the mall. We went into American Eagle. My favorite store. We grabbed a whole bunch of clothes and we to the dressing room. She sat. We needed her opinion. I came out with a blue button up collar shirt and blue jeans. "Wow," she said staring. Her eyes stuck on me. "It looks great, but it wouldn't hurt to unbutton a few buttons. I did. Just to amuse her. "perfection." Harry and tho others cam out with similar outfits. She told them all to unbutton a few and they did. We left with buckets of clothing. Hitting each shop. We even hit bath and body works. Today was so fun. We went back to then car with so many bags that I was so close to her in the car I felt her warmth. Tonight will be perfect. I want it to be. 


We were all doing our usual thing movies than sleep. We started a movie and finished it then we went to sleep. I stayed up a little with her. Tomorrows our last day here. I went into her room she was asleep already. We sung a few songs to her. I think she knows about that. Not 100% sure but i think so. I changed into a pair of shorts and i didnt have a shirt. I was hot in there none of the others did either. I feel asleep around 1 or 2. I felt her get up and go to the kitchen. I didnt follow. I waited for her to get back. she came back with water. I looked at her. "Just one more day," I thought. "And it's gonna be perfect." Then I feel asleep. Dreaming and happy I'm here. 

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