The letter

Alisha gets bullied for being a Muslim. She writes a letter to her idols one direction, even though she thinks that she won't get a response. What happenes to her comes to a shock to everyone including her...


11. Tears

Alisha's P.O.V

I've been crying since they left. But I decided to shower so my parents wouldnt notice. I kept my cool. I just kept playing my Pandora. Little Things came on. I started to cry. It was around 7PM. I went to sleep. Everyone was home.  I just had too sleep. I miss them. I miss having them in my room. They made me feel safe. I couldn't sleep. I decide to text Louis.

"Hey Lou! :)" I sent hoping for a response.

"Hey, We miss you. Text Zayn please?" He said back.

"I miss all of you guys too :( I will, Is he ok?" I texted back.

"Yah, he's ok. Just do it love, he is sensitive," Louis said back. "I'll do it in the morning, you sleep! The flight. Hope it goes well," I said.

"Thanks<3 and goodnight love," He said back.

I put my ipod down. They needed sleep. As much as I miss them. I lay back in my bed. My sister was just doing her own thing I got under the covers. Looking at all the photos we took. I couldn't believe the one of us at the pool. I had to give the boys so cred. It was high quality. I looked at it re-living the whole moment. I miss the feeling of having him next to me. My house was clean and really neat. Thanks to them. They wanted to be sure I didn't get in trouble. How sweet was that! I closed my eyes. 

*Next Morning*

It was 5AM. I went to sleep to early because I'm up too early. But its ok. I went to sit in the living room. Sinking my face into where I sat with him. The couch smelled like his purfume. I was falling asleep again. But then my ipod mad a ding ding sound. I got excited but it wasent him it was an alarm. Oh my god! I forgot I go back to school today. I was up might as well get ready. My bus is ussally here at 7AM. So I sat at the table and ate breakfast. It was only 6:15. Well I might as well text him. 

"Hey," I said. 

"hey babe<3 i miss you so much :(" He said 

"Aw<3 I have been in tears since you guys left. I just wanna relive every kiss I've had with you," I responded

"I do too. Its unbelievable how we were only with you a week. And all of this happened." He said. 

"Hey I'm gonna facetime you," I said smiling. Even if there were tears in my cheeks. 

"I'd like that<3" He said back. 

I hit Facetime. And within seconds he responded. "Hey babe," He said. "H-hey,' I said still crying. "Hey," The others said. "Hey guys I miss you all so much," I said tears rushing down my face. "Aw stop crying, I don't like seeing you cry," Zayn said. "Really?" I sobbed. "I h-have to get going I have school." "Bye baby, I miss you," He said. "Bye Zayn, I miss you too," I said clicking end. I finished breakfast. I had 20 more minutes to go. But I had to take care of my tears. I was red and puffy. I went to the bathroom and washed and washed my face. I finally manged to look presentable. I walked out. Grabbed my school stuff and went to wait for the bus. I got there, Holding my ipod still looking at that picture. I shut it of. The bus finally showed up. In 20 minutes I'd be back to the place that they came to to see me. 

*20 minutes later*

I got there. It looked the same. My 1st class was government with Larry. At least I could talk to him. "Hey Larry," I said. "Hey," He said looking up and smiling. "Whats new?" I asked. "Nothing really, where are your boyfriends?" "Larry, don't mention them or I'll cry, Oh and your heat tickets will be here any day now and your meeting them and they made you a custom heat jersey," I said. "Awsome! Your the best!" He said hugging me. "Don't thank me, thank them," 

Thank god that class was over. It was time for advisory. I was with Hannah, Lexi and Nadira. Hannah and Nadira loved one direction. Lexi had a thing for Niall not a big thing but a thing. "So who wants to know what happened over break for me?" I asked. "I do!!" Hannah practically screamed. "Ok don't freak, promise you wont," "We wont," They all said. "So remember that letter I sent to one direction. The last day before break they came into my Spanish class signing me little things then they spent the week with me and I kissed Zayn Malik and all the others but not like how I kissed him!" "Are you serious?!" Nadira said. "I have pics." I showed them the 213 pictures we took. They laughed and then when I came to the with me and him in the pool their jaws dropped. 'OMG, You kissed Zayn Malik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hannah said almost to loud. "Yah shh, I cant tell anyone. And we kissed more than once," I said. "OMG, that's awesome," Lexi said. "By the way Hannah, I gave Niall your nummber. I showed him a picture of you, he said your cute!" Hannah nearly passed out. 'Woah, so he might text me," "Yup right now," Her screen blinked and it was Nialls nummber. 'Add him in your contacts dont give ANYONE his number," She nodded. They were talking the whole time. Seems like they hit it off. Go Nialler! 

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