The letter

Alisha gets bullied for being a Muslim. She writes a letter to her idols one direction, even though she thinks that she won't get a response. What happenes to her comes to a shock to everyone including her...


9. So,etchings don't last forever

Alisha's P.O.V

It was 5AM. I was awake. I looked over at Zayn, he was peacefully sleeping. "Hmm... I should wake him up, It is their last day," I throught. 'Zayn,Zayn,Zayn," I said shacking him. "Goodmorning babe," He said rubbing his eyes. "What time is it?" He asked. "5," I said. "well I'm gonna hit the shower," He said. "Wait," I said. "I wanna come with you, It can be like a swim, in clothes, I have to do luandry anyway," I said looking at him. "I think that would be fun," I looked around Hmm I think what I'm wearing works. I had to wash a whole bunch of their clothes. They're leaving 6 in the morning tomorrow. I have time. "Come on," I said getting excited. I found a sented candle and lit it. Then Zayn showed up in shorts, or boxers. I didn't know but they looked like boxers. He turned on the water and I got in with him. It was so fun. I can say I've never had that much fun ever. "So," he started. "What made you wanna do this?" "Well, It looked like fun, If you want me to go I'll go." I said looking down. "Well I wanna use soap, I don't wanna get it all over you babe," He said sounding kind of down. "Ok," I said. I walked out, grabbed a towel some clean clothes and a new hair tie. I went into my parents room and fixed my self up. I felt better. That water helped. I went back to my room and looked at the other boys. This has been the best week of my life. I sat on my bed, Zayn walked in. He was all wet. I have to admit I liked it. He dressed and came and sat next to me. "Zayn," I started, "I think I saw some sort of spider in the kitchen," "Oh, I'll kill it, just lead me too it," He said. We walked to the kitchen. "right there," I pointed. And to my surprise there really was a spider. My plan backfired. Oh well I have the rest of the day. I went back to my room and went up to Harry. I tickled him and he woke up and got on top of me and wrestled me. "Harry, you win you win. Stop!" i whispered. His eyes were making me melt. I have an obsession with Green, Light or dark blue and light brown eyes. Harry jumped into the shower. I moved on to Louis. It's easy to wake him up. I pinched his cheek and he jumped terrified. "HAHAHA," I said in a quite but loud laugh. I went up to Liam next. By then Harry was out of the shower and Louis went in. I brought a spoon and started to poke him with it. "Spoooooons---- Liam wanna spoon?" I said. 'AHHHH," He started to scream as i covered his mouth. "Rise and shine," "Not funny Alisha, not funny at all!" He said quietly. "I thought it was," I giggled. After that Louis was out and Liam went in. I went up to Niall. I lay down next to him and poke his nose. "Peek-a-boo," I said laughing. He jumped. I laughed. Liam came out and Niall went in. As soon as he came out and got dressed I told the boys to come to the kitchen. They all helped me. I love how they all help me. "you sit on the table," Zayn said. "we will clean up," I sat and looked around. "Guys I wish we could swim," I said. "I can arrange that," Liam said smiling. "we can rent the Y for the day." "Really," I said. "we might as well enjoy this last whole day," Harry said. "Ok!" I said. They all finished cleaning. "Done," Liam said. "we have the Y till 8PM." I went to my room and grabbed my long sleeved bathing suit. The other guys came in and grabbed their bathing suits. "Well lets go!" Niall said "we can change there" We got into the car. It only took 25 minutes to get there. I was happy. When we got there I went to the ladies dressing room and they went to the mens. They were in there a while. 

Zayn's P.O.V

Me and the others were in the dressing room. "so you guys wanna know what happened this morning," I said. "Yes.... tell us mate!" Niall said. "So I was about to go to the shower and she asked me if she could go with me. And I let her. It was so fun," I said. "Were you guys n-" Harry started. "no harry we were dressed, stop trying to be funny," I said hitting him with his shirt. "Thats hot," Liam said. We all got dressed and I chased Harry down the dressing room for taking my trunks. He's so dumb sometimes. I took my clothes and towel and they other lads took theirs as well. We locked the room. Then we walked out. She was sitting on a bench waiting for us. I liked her bathing suit. It covered every inch of her. I think its cute. I saw the back of it and it looked like something was sticking out. "Whats on the back of your bathing suit," I asked giving her a mirror so she could look. "man," She said. "I forgot to take off my bra, Could you unhook it?" She asked. What. Did she trust me that much. She know I wont look. "Uh sure I said nervouly," I stuck my hand down her back. I was warm. I felt the hook and I un did it. "There," I said. She stuck her hand under her right arm then under her left arm. Then she stuck her hand right in the middle and pulled it out. "Damn," I heard Harry whispher. I turned around and saw their eyes glued on her. "What?" She said. It took me a second to get back to reality. "Oh nothing," I said. "well come on lets get in," Harry said. We all jumped in. 'ah its c-c-cold," Alisha said. "I'll hold you," I said grabbing her. She came right away. We swam around a little. I could stay here forever. She turned and looked into my eyes. I moved myself closer to her and hugged her. Then I noticed her leg was wrapped in mine.

Alisha's P.O.V

We were in the pool. I wrapped my leg around his. I saw him he grabed me for a hug seconds ago. And I'm looking into his eyes. He's moving closer and closer and then he pressed his lips on mine. I kissed back and pulled away. "That was my 1st kiss," I said. "I dont know how to kiss." "I'll show you," He said placing his lips back. I felt electricity I felt like he just took me to another world. I kissed him back harder. "woah hoooo!" I heard Louis say in the back round. suddenly reality came back and i pulled away. "Oh la la," Harry said. "Guys stop," i said getting pink. "It was cute, dont worry," Liam said making me feel better. "thanks," I said to him getting out of the pool. "Hey guys it almost 3, and i'm tired." I said. "Lets go home, this place only charges for the time your here." I said. I went back to the dressing room and changed. I pressed my fingers on my lips re living what just happened. I''m so happy. I wanted this. I went back and the boys still had their trunks on. They had locked the room so they just put a shirt on and went with their suits. They paid for the time they used and the Y opened for the rest of the day. We got in the car and I sat next to Zayn. I took his hand and looked up at him and kissed him. I dont know why I just did. I liked the feeling of kissing someone. We got home and the boys and I went into my room. They all showered again But they let me go 1st. That was nice of them. I didnt take long. I brought my clothes with me becuase I did. I took one of Zayn's shirts and put it on over my long sleeve shirt. It was so big, i didnt care. But he was to thin for this. It must be a night shirt or somethig. They all went and we were done by 4:30. We all took care of our own bissiness we did everyday."So what do you guys wanna do for the rest of the day," I asked. "We schuld just hang. "Ok, come one Zayn lets get snacks," I said putting my hand out. He took it and we went to what my parents called "The food storage." "Hmm.. what do you wanna eat zayn," I closed the door and locked it. I grabbed him and put him agenist the wall and kissed him, harder and harder. He smiled after I pulled back. "We could get anything," he said. So I grabbed a whole bunch of stuff, and went back. I sat with Zayn and I kept thinking of the 4 kisses we shared. I touched my lips again. It feels like his are there every time i touch them. I liked the feeling. It was getting late. We talked about so much during those 3 hours. We all went to sleep. I was with Zayn. He went into the bed and grabbed my waist and kissed me. I felt his tongue making a circle around his mouth. I didnt know how to do that so I pulled away. "What's wrong?" He asked shocked. "I uh I uh I've never made outwith someone," I said. "Its ok its not hard," He replied. "show me," I said. He did. I let him too. I felt the warmth of his mouth in mine. We stayed like that for 5 minutes. I felt something hard by my leg. "Whats that?" I asked."it feels like theres a rock on my leg," "Oh, that's uh,nothing," he said moving his leg. 

Zayn's P.O.V

I knew what she was talking about but i didn't say anything. I couldn't believe she kissed me. The 1st time she look kinda nervous. But when we were getting food. What was that?! I feel asleep after our goodnight kiss. thinking about it.

****Next morning******

It was 5AM. I was awake. she was not. So i put my lips on hers and she woke up right away kissing me back. "Morning babe," I said kissing her forehead. I got up and showered the others were up. We were leaving soon. She had done all the laundry yesterday. It was all folded and neat. And she knew exactly what belonged to each of us. She made sure we all had something to wear. Then she went outside and out them in our car. she had one of my hoodie and one of my shirts on. "Oh here's your ho-," "You keep them babe," I said kissing her cheek. "Thanks," She had breakfast ready. she told me to follow her to the food storage. "Zayn, you don't mind that i kiss the other boys on the lips when you go right?" I thought about it "No not really," Thanks," she said. She wasn't leaving without kissing me while we were in there. I threw her agensit the wall and kissed her.

****30 minutes before we left***

"Ready guys," I asked. "yes," They all replied. 

Alisha's P.O.V

I can't belive it they were about to leave. I went up to all of them group hugged them and then I went up to them one by one. 1st it was Louis "Bye Louis," I said kissing him not on the lips but close and he kissed me back. "Bye, beautiful," Then I went up to Harry. "Bye harry," I said kissing him close to his lips and he kissed me back. "Bye cutie," He said. I decided I wasent gonna kiss them on the lips. Then I went up to Niall. "Bye Niall," "Bye geourgous," He said kissing my cheek and I kissed his. Bye now I was about to burst into tears. "Bye Liam," I said kissing his cheek. "Bye lovley, thanks for having us." That was it I was in tears. I went up to Zayn. "B-b-bye Z-z-zayn," I said crying. He grabbed me and kissed me and kept kissing me he didnt let go. I felt his tears. "Bye babe," he said sobbing. I hugged them all in a group again. They were in tears just like me. I led them to their seats in the car. My parents would be home in about an hour. I sat next to zayn and kissed his lips one last time. And he kissed me back. "Bye," I said and got out of the car. And just like that the doors closed they all waved bye to me, still in tears. And then their car diapered. I ran back into the house crying. 

Zayn's P.O.V

I took one look back and saw her with her hands on her eyes. She was in tears. She ran in her house. still crying. "I'm really gonna miss her," I confessed. "you guys and facetime and oovoo and skype," Louis said. "She gave us all of those thing," He said trying to make me feel better. We had a concert in PA that day. We only had that week off. It was worth it coming here and meeting her. I put my fingers on my lips feeling her kiss again. I cried again. Harry hugged me. "Its ok lad," He said calming. "I know, I'll be ok for the concert, I promise," I said to all of them. "Ok, just rest," Liam said. I pugged headphones in my ears and feel asleep. We had a 2  hour drive. I dozed off only to be woken up by Niall. "come on mate, we have 1 hour till were on," He said. "Ok," I said. I freshened up in our hotel room and was ready to sing. We went on sang. And came back. We all went to bed early. We were catching a flight to Australia the next morning. I feel asleep thinking of her and how much I miss her. Well I had pictures. Pictures we took everywhere we went. One of the guys even took one of when I 1st kissed her. But somethings dont last forever. This................ This will.

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