The letter

Alisha gets bullied for being a Muslim. She writes a letter to her idols one direction, even though she thinks that she won't get a response. What happenes to her comes to a shock to everyone including her...


6. Please come dreams

Zayn's P.O.V
It was morning. I went and showered. It took me half and hour. It was only 7:00AM. I forgot, my clothes are in Alisha's room. I opened her door as quietly as I could. I saw her sister, then her they were both sleeping with their heads still covered. I went up to her and kissed her forehead. I put a pair of boxers on and some pants and went and layed next to her. She woke up and kissed my cheek. 'good morning, love," she said turning pink. "morning babe," i said kissing her cheek. "She was so red couldn't help but laugh. "What?" she said kinda annoyed. "you were blushing," I said laughing. She put her head on my chest she was so warm. I looked into her eyes. I relized they were the exact same shade of brown as mine. I want to kiss her. I want to so bad. She got up. "I wanna wake up the rest,But put a shirt on first Zayn!" She said covering her eyes but peaking. 'Ok,babe i'll be there in a sec," I said grabbing a shirt. I went up with her she was stting on the couch waiting for me. "Ready," she said smiling. I nodded. She went in the room and got on top of harry. She was so cute. She slapped him across his face playfully. 'Wake up Harold," She said laughing. He threw her off of him tickling her. She giggled. Then she did the same to the others. They each took turn showering. She brought them each clothing to the bathroom. She waited for them to be done. Harry was in the shower right now. Louis,Liam and Niall sitting next to her and Zayn. She layed on me. I want her so badly. "Um..Zayn," Louis said. "Me and the other lads wanna talk to you about something as soon as Harry gets out of the shower," 'Ok," I said looking into her eyes. Then looking at the lads. They pulled me outta the room as soon as they heard Harry quietly open the door. "What is it guys," I asked. "Its you have feelings for her?" Niall asked. "Well yes I do,and the more im with her the more I want her," I said probly sounding dumb. ' any of you like her like like that," They nodded. "Look lad," Liam started. "You can have her," Harry finished. "Guys, she loves all of us that way," I said. "I know because the arab guys follow her on instagram,and they told me. S-she loves us all. She just dosen't know who she likes most," I said looking down. "wow," Louis said. "Yah" I nodded. "Its clear she likes you most Zayn, I say you get her," Niall said sounding kind of sad. I was thinking I need to call Perrie and see where we stand but I'll do that latter. I just want to enjoy the last 5 days me and the lads are gonna be here. The others nodded. "thanks!" I said and hugged them all in a group hug. Liam and Niall and Louis showered. It was not even 8 yet. So we kinda just sat in the play room watching full house. "Uncle Jessie is so hot!" Alisha said in a way that was just wow. "right tho," Harry said joking. "I think Dj's gerprgeous!" I said looking at her. She kinda looked crushed. "But not as hot as you babe," I said looking at her. She kissed my cheek. "thanks," It was about 8:45. "Come on guys, we are making breakfast." She said grabbing our hands. Harry made pancakes. Liam set the table. Louis helped make the tea. I helped her do some other stuff. And Niall watching us following doing whatever we needed. We were done cooking by 9:30. Everyone woke up at the smell of Harrys pancakes.Her  sibblings couldnt get enough of them.  No one can once you eat Harry Styles pancakes, eating any other kind will upset you. I know this from personal experience. "Dude you teaching me to cook these," Hussein said with his mouth full. "Cant its a family secret," He said childishly. We finished and we cleaned up. It takes about 10 minutes to clean up. There were 6 of us I loved cleaning quickly. "Guys," Alisha said. "you haven't met my little bro. This is Mohamad," "Hey buddy," Harry said high fiveing him. "One direction," He said in the cutest vocie. "R-O-C-K M-E again," He sang. "That's his favorite song," Alisha said happily. "We have to sing it guys," I said. We sang rock me. He knew all the lyrics. wow. 

Alisha's P.O.V

They sang rock me to Mohamad. That was so sweet of them and it was adorable. It was around 6PM. We finished dinner and cleaned up. We had to watch a movie or 2. "We have to watch "The Notebook," I said. "Its on ABC family right now," I just started not even started we were a few minutes away from it. I sat there a blanket on top all of us. It was so cold in here. Zayn saw me shivering and pulled me closer. I felt the pink going up my cheeks. The light was off and we watched. I cried at parts so did the other guys but they didn't wanna admit it. At the end i was in tears. I felt Zayn holding me and Niall was crying too so i hugged him still in tears. "Guys,relax its a movie," Liam said handing us tissues. "I-I-i'm o-ok now," I said and Niall nodded. It was 9:30 every one was asleep. So i took the volume down and put means girls on. Or it was what was on after the notebook. The boys seemed to enjoy the movie. I felt Zayn's hand hold mine. Not like a friend way, It was a "Boyfriend girlfriend' handhold. I didnt let go. I let his hand stay in mine. I put my head on his laps. It was so comforting. I was laying on his thighs. "Lads look," I heard zayn whisper. "Wanna do it now," Niall asked. "Yes," Zayn said. All of a sudden I heard them singing to me. They were singing one thing. Then after that they sung what makes you beautiful. They were singing so quietly the movie was off. Then I felt Zayns lips on me forehead. "She really is perfect," Harry whispered. "Yah," Zayn said. "and shes all mine." "Ohh-h how i wish that was me," I heard the other boys whisper. Do they all how i feel how i feel about them?! I heard the others say good night. I woke up and told Zayn to move to the couch. "Ok,what ever you want baby," He whispered. I couldnt help myself anymore. I looked into his eyes. I saw him getting close. Then within seconds he placed his lips on mine. He was so warm. I felt like i had been connected to a power cord. I have never kissed anyone before so i pulled away. "Wow," I whispered touching my lips. "That was my 1st kiss," I whispered. "I dont know how to kiss." "I'll show you," Zayn said. He put his lips where they were just seconds ago. On mine. I felt his tongue gliding across my bottom lip wanting to come in. So I let them in. He was so perefct. I couldn't believe what was happening. Was I dreaming? No.. I opened my eyes after that kiss. "Zayn?" I said "What babe?" "Goodnight," I said kissing him again. I love him so much. Then I woke up. It was a dream as real as I wanted it to be it wasent. 

Zayn's P.O.V

I just kissed her and she let me. wow. I cant believe this. She went to sleep. Her head was on my thighs. Right near that area. I kept looking down at her. I want to keep her in my arms forever. I wanna feel her kiss everyday. I just want her so badly. I want her. Shes Irresistible. I cant believe she let me. I thought she wouldn't. I think I lo-love her. But that's crazy. Ive only known her for so little. What happens when we leave. What if I never see her again? I didnt wanna think about any of that right now. I kissed her forehead. And went to sleep. Then i woke up. That kiss was a dream. All of it. She looked upset. "whats wrong?" I whispered. "Oh nothing, I had a dream that i wanted to be true," She said upset. "Aw babe, I did too." Maybe we had the same one. Who Knows. I kissed her cheek. Good night babe, I whispered in her ear. She smiled. 

***The Next Morning***

The lads woke up before me and Alisha today and decided to get revenge. So they woke Alisha up and came after me. I was talking my sleep, I think. I heard my voice saying "I Love Alisha, I love her with all my heart." Maybe i wasn't sleep talking just thinking. I felt someone on me. To my surprise it was her. She kissed my cheek. "Morning baby," She said getting off of me. "What were you mubling in your sleep. The others heard you but i heard didn't hear," She said. I was sleep talking. Thank god she had not heard me! "Oh nothing," I said as calmly as possible. We did the ussal breakfast thing and we cleaned up. "We are taking you out today," I said looking at her. "Where," she said excited. "Just make sure your all dressed up pretty like!" Liam said.

Alisha's P.O.V

I went and showered. I couldn't decide what to wear I had my black wedges with me. I put them on. "Hmm.. I thought. I decided to go with a pink dress with teal in it. I applyed light make up and came out of my room. The boys all looked at me their jaws nearly dropping. "You look...lo-" Harry cut him off "sexy" "amazing," Louis said "Breath taking," Liam said. "Hot," niall said. "Flawless," Zayn finished. "Thanks guys," "So where are you taking me. "Come on you'll see," Zayn said taking my hand. They were all in suits. Zayn had a pink tie, had he seen my dresses. Did he just pick pink because he wanted to? we got to the place 10 minutes latter, I was blind folded. Couldnt see a thing. "you ready," Zayn said. They toom my blind fold off. My jaw must of dopped. "Wow! Why is there no one else," I asked. "We bought it for the day," Louis said. Wow they got a resterant just for us. "you guys are the best," I said kissing each one of them on the cheek. When i got to zayn I kissed him alittle closer to his lips and hugged him thightly. Tears came down my cheeks. "Whats wrong?" Niall asked. "th-this is amazing," I said trying to talk. "I love you guys so much!" I hugged them kissing their cheeks again. We ate. Then we went home. I loved Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry even more than ever. But I see now I want Zayn. I want him badly. And looking in his eyes I felt safe. Nothing and no one could hurt me while we were arm in arm. Hand in hand. I want to kiss him so badly. But i'm saving it. I want it to be perfect. Like him.

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