The letter

Alisha gets bullied for being a Muslim. She writes a letter to her idols one direction, even though she thinks that she won't get a response. What happenes to her comes to a shock to everyone including her...


15. Morning

Zayn's P.O.V
It was late at night. Alisha was asleep. All the lads were up."Lads," I whispered. "How did you enjoy your surprise," Harry said as they all hugged me. "You guys did this?" i asked. "Yes. you've been so down lately, figure if we bring something to make you smile you'd be happy," Liam said. "Thanks so much!" I said hugging them. I went back up to my room. She was asleep. I went up to her and kissed her forehead. "Goodnight babe," I whispered. 

*Next morning*

I woke up nice and early. She was still asleep. I grabbed a shower. I put on boxers and shorts and went to lay down next to her. I took her hand and felt her jump. She didnt wake up. I wanna wake her up but she's so peacefully sleeping. Ah well. I put my lips on hers and In a few seconds she kissed me right back. "Morning babe," I said. "Good morning," She said yawning. "What time is is?" she asked. "7AM" I said. "Well, I will grab a shower," she said. she went in and came out fully dressed. "So what are we doing today," she asked. "I was thinking some of this," I said kissing her. "That's an everyday thing babe, I ment where are we going or doing?" she said. "well me and the others wanna chill here," "good, I brought you guys presents!" "Babe y-," "I wanted to,Zayn" She said. We went downstairs. I saw Niall and Hannah. Alisha told us about her when we were over in America. Hannah was pretty. Niall looked happy. And then I saw Harry with a girl. "Uh babe, who's that?" "That's Steph," she answered. Oh looks like Harry found someone too. He was making breakfast. He said it was his treat and to sit on the couch. "Wow, thanks Harry!" Sikna said taking my hand. "So Niall, who's your new girly friend," I asked nudging him. "This is Hannah," he said turning into a tomato. I looked over at Alisha. We started to giggle. "What?" Niall asked. "Nothing nothing," I said. He put his arm around her. Now she was the tomato. Ugh I love making fun of Niall. "Breakfast time!" harry said practically bursting my ear drums. "I'll get Liam," Alisha said going upstairs. She came back with a half asleep, messy haired Liam. She took some ice and put it up to his face. He jumped. "hahaha," she said. "Point Alisha," "Well," Liam said puting the ice on her. "Don't you dare," she waned him. "Liam Payne, I'm gonna get you," She ran after him. They came back he was tied up. we all started dying. He looked mad. "what's wrong Liam," I asked getting the rope off of him. "Well me and Dani, we got into another fight and a big one, I think its really over," he said looking up. "aw it's ok Liam," Alisha said giving him a hug. I noticed something. He was crying. He really was hurt. I want to help him. But i dont know how. He ate and went up stairs. "wait Liam, I have presents from the USA come back," Alisha yelled. He didnt come down. "Just give him time babe, he will," I said. "I know. I dont like seeing you guys upset is all," She said looking up at me. The light purple eye liner she had on made her eyes POP! they looked so pretty. Anyway focus Zayn. We all went to the living room she handed out presents. Harry's was 1st. "Nice warping, I see 2 button down shirts. wrapped on a box. a box of................condoms. Wait there are spoons and forks in here!" Harry said. "Haha get it condiments!" She said. "But there are some condoms in here," He said. "Yes i brought the box for the joke and left what was in there," She said. "Nice I'll need these,thanks," "Um ok. Niall here's yours." she said giving him a box. He took it and opened it. there were a few guitar picks and 2 shirts. "Blue always looks best of me," He said. "Thanks." and a cute little flag. "Here you go Louis," she said handing him a box. There were like 10 pairs of suspenders. One happened to say one direction on it. "Wow these are cute, and there are 2 shirts to match," He said. "Thanks," Liam walked down stairs. "Here Liam," she said giving him a box. There were some text books 2 shirts and a mug that said "#1 daddy" "Haha thanks," he said looking over at her. "Lastly," she said looking over at me. "Here you go babe." I oppened the box. There were 2 shirts. Both button down. 2 tshirts. One had a group picture of us and her and one of us kissing at the pool. Then there was another letter. She smiled. "Thanks babe," I said kissing her hand. "Welcome love," she said back. I have to admit. I love the stuff. She knows exactly what I like. "Well duh she's a directioner" I thought. Well time to do some work. 

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