The letter

Alisha gets bullied for being a Muslim. She writes a letter to her idols one direction, even though she thinks that she won't get a response. What happenes to her comes to a shock to everyone including her...


2. Freshman year

Alishas P.O.V

Im in my freshmen year of high school. its the 2012-2013 school year and everyones so excited. I would be too my my whole schduels messed up! i sighned up for all honors and i was put in CP. I sighed up for French1 and was put in Sapnish1. And i cant change anything. Its freshmen orinataion. Ive seen most of these people. But they dont remmber me. But its ok i guess. Well i went to all my classes. I 100% hated them. I dont wanna be in CP or Spanish or plant science (why the hell do i need that class?!?!). But those are my classes until June 10th. I didnt acctually make any friends until october so lets fast foward alittle.


This girl in my math class comes up to me. "hey" i said wondering what she wanted. "hey" she sasid back all happy . ive only been talking one person in my math class: Azha. ive known that girl since 6 or 7th grade. Shes so funny. Anyway back to the conversation with the girl. "Im kirsten" "im alisha" i said smiling. Azha didnt  know who she was until i told her. I got home and saw she commented on a facebook status. OMG! i thought. i know who she is. she went out wiht the pig arren. wow ok..

Then i dicide to write a letter to my favorite boy band. it goes like this.

Dear One Direction

I have to your biggest fan! I love you guys to death you make me feel important. you make me feel wanted. you make me feel like i acctually am beautiful. ( even though im not) Each and every song you guys sing makes me feel like im in heven and surrounded by angels. I love you guys. I know you guys most likley wont read this but. I have to say somethings. Things that i want to tell someone but cant. I cant because no one would care enough.  I am serverly bullied. Any thing from your ugly to get out terriost. I am a muslim and its hard. People are so mean to me.

I dont have the easiest life at home eathier. My life is crap. My parents treat me like crap. Knowing youll never read this i have attached the name of my school and a picture of me i love you guys<3. _alisha

then with out thinking i put the letter picture of me and someother stuff in an envelope and put their adress on it. Put it in my mail box and watch the mail man take it.

All i can do now is wonder. Will they acctually read it......?

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