The Group

This is a story about a young group of girls that have a strong friendship that could overcome anything .....but over time it slowly starts to fade.people move away switch schools. They stop talking. The texts stop coming and soon the group is nothing . So this is Leslie telling her side of the story yuh know from the beginning back when things were good ..


1. How it all started

Lets see it's the first day of school ..damn I wonder if middle schools as scary as they make it sound... *the first thoughts that ran through my head as I took my first steps into balboa middle school* I'm Leslie by the way I'm quiet (til u get to know me )and short af and i dont know to many people ..yup middle school should be fun. Ok so lets see per.1 gym 

gym? My cousin Angel was supost to help me find my classes but he ditched me so..I guess im on my own .Where did he say the gym was ugh room 1 what? Where's that at gym...oh duh outside !! As I walk over to where I think I'm supost to be going I look around and see everyone's in groups .when this this start?!!? So I'm looking around and I see my old friend Denyse (nysi loud ,crazy,fun one) and slowly make my way over "heyyy!!! How have u been!!" What's up Leslie I haven't seen u in forever . Oh hold up lemme introduce u guys this is brookie , (funny, protective one) that's Ariana  (funny quiet one)

hi"" haha hi I'm Leslie "little did I know that simple hello turned into years of crazyness. So during lunch that day I went to sit with the new kids I met today there I met Irene (crazy,random weird one ) hmm...this isn't so bad. So finally the last bell rings and it's time to go home. I waited at the bus stop and when the bus came I sat alone.. Then this girl comes up to me I guess she had no where else to sit and tells me to scoot over so I did . She seemed kinda mean until she introduced herself her name is Adriana and nah she's not so mean once we started talking she and I were as close as can be .the cool part was she walked the same way I did (: and we started walking she's lk "oh shit I forgot!" "What ? What did u forget" "I was suppost to wait for Lisette!!" So we waited and the most innocent looking girl walks up smiles and says haha "I thought u left me" "noo I membered" oh yea "this is wait what's your name again?" Haaha nice .. "We'll sorry I forgot" "nah its cool I'm Leslie "  "I'm lisette would you tell her to wait for me next time" "ahaa will do " the next day I noticed we all sat at the same table during lunch and one of my friends from last year was here too haa "What's up Ashley!!!"ohh my gosh Leslie!!" This chick is hella funny/fun and before I knew it everybody at the table was smiling laughing ,messin around. Haha who says being the loudest ones in the cafeteria is a bad thing ! Just the connection everybody had made you feel safe and like you belonged.

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