As long as we're "friends"

Karen is a 15 year old girl who lives in Georgia, she experienced the worst event in her life when she was 10 years old and lost her mom and brother in a car accident. Luckily she met someone that helped her recover from her depression. She knew this guy since they were little, but she never thought they would've gotten as close as they did. Once he started his singing career he couldnt stay in Georgia, he had to go do tours all around the world. Karen then met two of her best friends Taya & Arshi. Could a visit from her oldest best friend Justin Bieber make them start falling for each other or will they keep being best friends?


3. Truth or dare?

Before my phone actually died, I was texting Taya.

T: I cant believe I'm gonna get to meet one direction!!

K: Well.. I bet you're excited!

T: You don't understand my excitment!

K: Haha your dream is gonna come true!

T: So hows the car ride?

K: Long!

T: Whats Justin doing?

K: Driving lol.

"Are you ok?" Justin asked "You haven't talked the whole car ride".

"Yeah im fine, just tired" I smiled.

I wasn't really tired, I was upset that Justin was only gonna be in Georgia for a few days. I didn't want to tell him though.

"Who are you texting?" He looked down at my phone.

"Taya" I replied "This car ride sure is long".

"We are about 5 minutes away" He looked at his watch "Its only 11".

Within those "5 minutes" I fell asleep. Justin woke me up after about what seemed 20 minutes. There were alot of screaming girls outside the hotel and ofcourse there were paparazzi's. Justin grabbed my hand and ran inside. We reached his room, it was on the very last floor. As soon as he opened the door my jaw dropped.

"This is huge, you have this all to yourself?" I asked.

"Yeah, my manager reserved the room" He walked towards the refrigerator "Would you like a drink?"

"No thanks" I followed him into the kitchen "Im not thirsty right now".

He laughed and walked to the couch.

"What movie would you want to watch?" He asked.

"Any scary movie" I replied.

I walked to the couch and sat next to him.

"Lets play truth or dare" He smiled.

"Fine, you go first though" I laughed.

"Truth or dare?" He asked

"Truth" I answered.

"Is is truth you've had sex before?" He looked straight into my eyes, trying not to laugh.

"Justin" I shouted while pushing him back.

"Tell me, I want to know" He looked serious.

"No, I haven't had sex yet" I giggled "Ok, truth or dare?"

"Dare" he answered.

"Go walk around the lobby in your underwear" I laughed.

"Lets go" He got up, grabbing your arm once again.

While we were in the elevator he took his pants off and as soon as the elevator opened, he ran while everyone stared at him like he was crazy. Suddenly all the fans outside the hotel ran to the windows taking pictures of Justin. I couldn't believe he actually did that. He ran back into the elevator. We both were laughing so hard. I missed Justin so much, I missed hanging out with him everyday. We ran back to his room.

"That was crazy, I've missed you so much" He smiled "Im glad im with you right now".

"The feeling is mutual" I smiled at him.

He pulled me closer and put his lips on mine. I pulled away.

"What.. what are" He cut me off by pushing me against the wall and kissing me.

I couldn't lie, I loved the way Justin kissed me and made me feel special. He took his shirt off and I couldn't stop thinking about his body while kissing him. His body was perfection. But I knew this was wrong, I couldn't keep doing this. I pushed him off.

"Im so sorry, I shouldn't have done that" He put his shirt back on.

"Its fine" I smiled while walking to his bedroom.

I grabbed my pjs out of my bag and went into the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom Justin had put on A Walk To Remember. He knew that was my favorite movie. I walked towards his bed and laid down next to him. Next thing I knew we were cuddling. I couldn't get over the way he smelt. I felt my eyes shut slowly, I felt his heart beat and his breathing was increasing as he fell asleep. I loved it, but what I loved the most was the way his arms were wrapped around me.





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