As long as we're "friends"

Karen is a 15 year old girl who lives in Georgia, she experienced the worst event in her life when she was 10 years old and lost her mom and brother in a car accident. Luckily she met someone that helped her recover from her depression. She knew this guy since they were little, but she never thought they would've gotten as close as they did. Once he started his singing career he couldnt stay in Georgia, he had to go do tours all around the world. Karen then met two of her best friends Taya & Arshi. Could a visit from her oldest best friend Justin Bieber make them start falling for each other or will they keep being best friends?


2. How bout a sleepover?

Once Justin & I finished our food, we walked around downtown Atlanta. It got irritating at times, everywhere we went there were fans. Once we finished walking around we got some cold stone ice cream and walked to his car. Most of the car ride was quite, it wasnt an awkward kind of quite though. 

"Would you want to spend the night with me at the hotel?" Justin asked.

I looked at him like he was crazy.

"What?" he laughed.

"My dad, uh he probably wont let me." I frowned.

"Come on, its worth a shot if you ask. If he says no to you i'll convince him or I will atleast try to" he smiled "Dont you worry".

Somehow Justin never failed to make me smile.

"How bout you ask for me?" I smiled back.

"I figured you would ask me that" He laughed while looking straight into my eyes "Ofcourse i will".

I turned up the radio. Suddenly as long as you love me came on. Justin turned it up even more and as soon as I knew it we were both jamming out to it.

"I love that song Justin" I said with the biggest smile on my face.

"Im glad you do" He kissed your cheek.

We were pulling into my driveway. He rushed out of the car and opened the door for me. He never failed at being such a gentlemen. As soon as I got out of the car he gave me a big hug. You know the kind of hug you would give someone if they were leaving and you wouldnt see them for a long time.

"You smell so good" He winked at me

"You havent changed a bit" I laughed.

"You've changed, in a good way though" He exclaimed.

"Ha ha, you're funny" I gently pushed him.

"How?" he said "Im being serious, you have".

"Whatever" I smiled.

While I was unlocking the door, I kept wondering what he meant when he said I changed. I wanted to ask him, but I was afraid to. 

"I miss this place" Justin said.

"Im sure it misses you too" I joked.

"Dad, Im home" I yelled.

"Whoa" my dads jaw opened "Look at you Justin, how are you? I miss you being around so much".

"Im great sir, how are you?" he asked.

i ran up the stairs, opened the door to my room. I collapsed on my bed. I reached for my purse and took my phone out.

"Skype?" I texted Arshi and Taya.

"Duh" Arshi replied.

"Im down" Taya also replied.

I told them everything, all they did was smile. I heard Justin coming up the stairs.

"Karen?" he shouted "Who else is here?".

"No one" i shouted back "Im on skype with my best friends".

"You changed your room?" He sounded surprised.

"Yeah, its been like this for a while now" I replied "Justin meet my best friends, Taya and Arshi".

"Hey guys" He waved.

They started talking to Justin. They asked him what seemed like a billion questions.

"By the way I talked to your dad" he looked at me "He said its fine for you to come with me, so get your things".

"Where are you guys going?" Taya asked.

"Well she's gonna come spend the night with me tonight" He looked back at the camera.

Arshi and Taya started laughing.

"Whats so funny?" He seemed confused.

"Nothing, have fun guys" Arshi answered.

"OMG" I ran to the camera " I forgot to tell you guys, Justins friends with one direction, so we can all hang out".

They started screaming, like they never had before. I heard Arshis mom telling her to get off the computer.

"Got to go guys" Arshi said "You know how my mom is, love yall night"

"Love ya too, text you tomorrow" I waved bye.

After that Taya also had to go, I logged off my computer.

Your phone rang while you picked out clothes for tomorrow.

"Hey!" it was a text from one of my good friends, Maddy.

"Hey, txt you when phone is charged gtg love ya" I replied.

Maddy was one of my good friends, but Arshi and Taya never liked her. 

"Justin, can you hand me my charger?" I asked.

"Anything else you need me to get for you?" He answered.

"Nope, I got everything. lets go" I smiled.






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