Heart in 100 pieces

Roos lives for 3 months in England. She is from the Netherlands. (so am I, it will not be the best English, sorry) When she is at the railwaystation, there happens something really unexpected...

2. 2

Roos P.O.V.

I see him run and start to run too. I see him stumble and pick as fast as I can his arm and help him up.

Niall P.O.V.

"Come here so you can sit down" I hear a girls voice say. See got an accent I don´t know. I sit down and as I look to the girl there is 1 of the 100 pieces in my heart. She is beautiful! Are you OK? she asks with that funny accent. I nod "I´m OK." "So I can go?" "No, No! Stay here! You have to go too? " "Yes, oh wait, hurry up! The train is almost gone! " She almost drags me to the train. If we´re just in the train the doors close. "There are two places over there " I say pointing to a place behind a old women and a little girl. I walk towards it and she a walks with me and sits in front of me. I look in her eyes. Wow, that are the most special eyes i´ve ever seen. They are brown in the middle and a mix of blue green around it. 2 Of the 100 pieces.

Roos P.O.V.

"Do you want a drink?" I ask. "Yes, please. You are not from here, are you?" "No I´m Dutch, I live here for three months now. But you are not from here too." "Indeed, I´m Irish. I live in England for three years." I got some water for him. We talk all the time.  "You live in Oxford?" He asks. "No, I was going to look for a hotel."  "Eh do you want to stay with me?" "If that´s OK." "Ladies and gentleman, we are in Oxford."


Niall P.O.V


"Go and pick up your luggage so we can go." I said. She picks her suitcase and walks trough the doors. I walk next to her. "Perhaps, there are some paparazzi" I say. She nods. Does she know me? Is she a fan? Or does she hate us? I start to be a bit nervous. "Something wrong?" She asks. "No, just thinking about what happend." I see a flash.Where have the boys parked the car? "Come run!" My phone goes of. It´s  Zayn. I pick up: "Hey, vas happenin?" I hear Zayn yell trough my phone. "Noting special, oh yeah there is a girl coming with me." I hear Zayn yell to the other boys: "Guys, Niall found his princess!" They don´t know anything about me and Zoë. "ZAYN!" I yell back. "Where are you?" "I see you two, I´m coming to you." I see Zayn come running toward us. "GO!" We run after Zayn. We gonna sit in the van.



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