Heart in 100 pieces

Roos lives for 3 months in England. She is from the Netherlands. (so am I, it will not be the best English, sorry) When she is at the railwaystation, there happens something really unexpected...


1. 1

(There will be a lot of different P.o.v.)

Roos P.O.V.

Why is the train not already here? It has to be here 5 minutes. I am on the railway station from London to Oxford. I look around bored. He, that is someone you know but who is he? O wasn´t  that someone from the boyband erm... what was the name? One erm.. Direction? I don´t know them really well, I have only heard some songs and if I bought some girl magazines there where much pictures, so I know how they look like. But who is that? Harry? No that is the one with the curls. The blond one was called erm... "That´s Niall!¨ I hear some girl whisper behind me. O, yeah Niall.

Niall P.O.V.

I feel my phone viberate. A message! Maybe from Zoë! Yes, it´s Zoë. I feel some butterflies in my belly. I unlock my phone. There are some words I never wanted to read.

Roos P.O.V.

I mention i´m still looking at Niall. Oxford, railway 6, Oxford, railway 6. I walk to a spot I´m close to the train when he comes and a little bit close to Niall. You look at him and see him standing there, crying. Should I go to him? At the moment you decide to go to him, he does something you never expected.

Niall P.O.V.

Don´t wanna be your girlfriend anymore, Only for fame, In love with another boy, Sorry. What! She did it only for fame? I tought she really loved me. In panic I run away. Wait, stop, wrong direction. I want to turn around, but I stumble. No! I scream. I see something coming towards me. This can´t happen! This can´t be the end of my life! Than I feel two hands hold me and help me up.


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