The Little Payne. (Liam Payne Fanfic)

When Perrie and Zayn brake up, Perrie loses her mind. She starts smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. Zayn's friend Liam comes to the rescue though, but gets way to close to Perrie, and soon they are never apart. When they start dating and Perrie wants everything, things take a turn for the worse...


1. The Fight

I got home around 2:00 am. I promised Zayn I would be back by midnight, because we needed to pack for our trip to Barbados which was in 3 days. He said I would need rest, it was going to be hard work, according to Zayn. But, if you ask me, moving clothes into a bag wasn't that hard.
When I eventually got home, Zayn was sitting on the couch, stroking lotty, our pet springer spaniel. He had a expressionless look on his face, so I wasn't sure how he was going to act. After a night clubbing with the rest of little mix and some other celebrities, I was drunk as hell.
"Hey babes, how are ya?" I slurred. I easily got drunk. I only had 2 cocktails and 1 shot, but I was still drunk as hell. 
"I know where you were. I know what you did. Don't lie to me. I know everything."
Oh god, how did he know! He must have read my thoughts, and explained, "Harry told me."
Those words made me feel like I had just been pushed off a building. How could Harry, possibly my boy best friend, do such a thing? 
"The press got pictures. Read it." 
He shoved his black iPhone in my face, the screen showing the sun newspaper open. The page read:
Naughty Perrie Edwards!
Perry Edwards was caught in hit teen club 'bounce' on Londons high street with her boyfriends band mate Niall Horan. The pair wandered around the high street, hands intertwined, practically swallowing each other. Band mate Harry Styles says "I saw them disappear into a building called 'the play house' and when they exited 1 hour later, they had messy hair and Perrie's top was back to front" 
Could teen pop sensation Perrie Edwards be cheating on Zayn Malik?
I couldn't bare to read anymore. Zayn was upstairs, angrily shoving my clothes, make up, jewelry, and my other precouis objects into a bag. I ran up, snatched the bag out of his hands, pushed him and watched as he collapsed onto the bed. This was my chance. 
I ran downstairs again, grabbed lotty's lead, some food and a few toys. I put her food and toys in my bag, hooked lotty's lead onto her pink and white spotty collar, grabbed my keys and left. My backpack was on, and lotty's lead was in my hand. My phone was in my pocket along with my purse and keys, and that was it. I was gone.


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