You Are My Mystery

I like Louis so I'm going to write about him but you can imagine any One Direction band member.Here it goes.Josh and Sally (a.k.a Louis and Jessica in this life.)They died together in an accident.They reborn as Louis and Jessica.They didn't know each other but they had this weird dreams and feelings every time they saw some place that happened to them in the past.


1. Strange dream

Louis P.O.V

It was dark outside me and the boys were watching movies.Niall "Hey Louis.Can you pass the popcorn over here?"I handed out the popcorn.Liam came and said "Niall don't eat too much popcorn.You'll have nightmares."Niall "Ha it doesn't work on me.That trick doesn't work on me."I get up and asked if anyone wants carrots.Nobody replied so I went into the kitchen and have carrots.I was tried then so I went to my bedroom.Soon I fell asleep.I had this weird dream.In that dream,a girl was calling me.We were so happy together.We were on the top of the hill.I was chasing her.She has dreamy eyes.He curly hair falls just the right way.She was looking at me and I was looking at here too.She has a blonde hair.Her lips were red as rose.She was running from me.She is different from other girls.I can tell it.Suddenly,I was woken by Harry.Harry "Rise and shine princess."I said "What the heck?Can't you tell me apart.I'm a dude.A guy."Harry smiled and said "I know but I just like saying princess.Princess Louie."I answered with anger "Don't call me that I don't like it."Harry "Whatever you say."I told Harry that if he believed in dreams.He said he's not sure about that.I told Harry about my dreams.He told me that I am crazy.I brush my teeth and I went downstairs.Niall and Liam were making breakfast.I told Zayn about my dream.I said "I saw this girl in my dreams.She knows me.I think I've saw her before but I haven't met any girls.How can that be?"Zayn "Dude you're imagining things."I told him that it was true but he won't believe me.I went up in my room and thinking about this girl.I'm thinking "Think!Louis!Who is she?How did you know her?Where do I find her?What if I can't find her?"Question popped out of my mind.I really need to find her.What's her name?Oh!Forget about it.

Hope you like it.

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