Frantastic Mondays

A Connor Franta and One Direction fan fiction <3
Hey everyone? My name is Sarah, I am 20 years young and I am in love with nutella!! this past year has been absolutely crazy. let me tell you the story of the best year ever <3


3. Connor and a Concert part 2

I smiled back, “I’m Sarah.”

Connor and I talked for a while.  He was cuter in person <3 and he was so nice!  We talked until the show began.

After the first few songs Connor started talking to me again :)


-------end of the concert-------


The concert was great but Connor and I talked the whole time, it was amazing.  We exchanged numbers and just as the boys were coming off stage Connor asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him tomorrow.  I, of course, said yes.  The boys were all sweaty when they came off.  I told them to all go take a shower, they all – including Connor – laughed at my comment.  Niall decided to be funny and tried to hug me.  I ran away from him and hid behind Connor.  All the boys started towards us, Connor played along and the two of us pretended to be freaked out of our minds and held on to each other (kind of like a horror movie).  The boys embraced us in a giant group hug.

“EWWWW! Now I smell like man sweat!” I complained.

The boys just laughed, Connor looked at me sympathetically, “aww, it’s ok,” he rubbed my back.  I pretended to cry but it didn’t last very long, soon Connor and I got into a laughing fit.

The guys joined us and we couldn’t stop laughing, about 10 minutes later the boys went to change.  Connor and I were waiting for the guys to change so that we can go out and get smoothies.  While we were waiting Connor took my hand and said. “Please give me a chance before you fall for one of them.”  I smiled and nodded.  The boys were out and so we left.  As we left, Connor held my hand and we walked down the road.  I couldn’t stop myself from blushing.  This boy was so sweet.  At the smoothie place Louis and I got a strawberry smoothie, Connor got banana, Niall and Zayn got peach, and Liam and Harry got mango.  We gt a table and sat in a circle.  I was between Connor and Luis.  Next to Louis was Harry, then Liam, Niall, Zayn, and then Connor.

“Hey Connor, we love your videos,” said Liam to start up the conversation.

“Thanks, I love making them,” he replied with a laugh.

We had so much fun that night.  The guys absolutely loved connor.  I had to admit, I was starting to like him a lot too :)


Connor’s POV:


As we were walking back to our cars, I couldn’t stop staring at her (not in a creepy way).  She was amazing!  I think I am really starting to like this girl, and I think she was starting to like me too :) YAY!

We got to the parking lot, the boys said goodnight and left.  It was just Sarah and me now.  She walked to her car.

“It was a pleasure meeting you tonight, Sarah.”

“You to, I had so much fun!”

I will see you tomorrow for our date,” I said with a smile. “Goodnight.”

“Yeah, see you then, goodnight.” :)

I drove home, singing along to the radio.


-------at home-------


When I got home it was pretty late.  I decided to head off to bed.  I grabbed my phone and texted Sarah, “goodnight beautiful :)   -Connor” she immediately texted me back “Goodnight :)  -Sarah”



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