Frantastic Mondays

A Connor Franta and One Direction fan fiction <3
Hey everyone? My name is Sarah, I am 20 years young and I am in love with nutella!! this past year has been absolutely crazy. let me tell you the story of the best year ever <3


2. Connor and a Concert part 1

“Who did you meet?!” asked Alex in an excited voice. 

“Just some guys, we hung out and stuff.”  I said.

Alex dropped the subject and carried on with dinner.


----That night----


Boy had it been a crazy day or what! BEST BIRTDAY EVER!  I laid in bed, smiling at the ceiling.  I felt my phone buzz in my hand.  I checked the message, it was from Niall. “Hey Sarah. Wanna meet up at the ice cream place tomorrow around 10am to pick up the concert tickets?  -Niall”   “Ok sounds good!   -Sarah” and with that I fell asleep.


----day of the concert----


I awoke with a smile, today was the day of the concert!  I put on a cute tank top, high waist shorts, colourful bracelets, and a pair of grey vans.  It was about noon by the time I was done.  I put on my sunglasses, grabbed a granola bar and went out the door.  I walked around the streets and listened to music.  I walked with a smile until I turned the corner and saw...him.

We both paused.

He started to smirk.  He started to walk towards me.  I ran for it, I ran to the beach which was only a block away.  Once I got to the beach I turned around and he was gone.  That was scary.  I hoped to never see him again, but here he was, ready to come and ruin my life...again.  I walked down the beach and sat on the hot sand.  I held my head in my hands. Why did he come back?! Why?!  I decided to forget about it and move on.

I went home after that and watched some Tom and Jerry on the television.  I had to leave in a few hours for the concert.  I decided to text the guys to see how sound check went.  Just as I was about to press send, I got a phone call from Louis.

“Hello!” I answered the phone.

“Hello love! We just finished sound check and were going to go out and get something to eat before the show.  Would you like to join us?”

“Yeah, I would love to.  See you soon!”

I hung up and got ready to go.  I grabbed my keys and drove to Nando’s.  The boys got there before me so I walked over to their table.

“Hey boys,” I said as I took a seat next to Harry.

“Hello!” they all replied.

We ordered our food, chatted and ate. Wow, Niall does eat like a pig! But in a cute way, haha. We finished our food and left for the concert.  The boys offered to give me a lift but since I drove I had to turn them down.


-----at the arena-----


Since I had the VIP package I got to go backstage :)  I headed backstage and saw the boys.  They saw me and ran to give me a hug. 

“It has been so long since I have seen you Sarah!” cried Louis.

“Yeah, it has been a whole 20 minutes!!!” I laughed, and so the rest of the guys.

“Well, we gotta go get ready, see you after the show!” Niall said with a smile.

I smiled back, “Good luck you guys!”

I watched them head off to the dressing rooms.  I turned around and saw someone videotaping themselves.  He looked was Connor Franta!  He turned off his camera and looked over at me.

He smiled and walked towards me, “Hi, I’m Connor.”

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