Frantastic Mondays

A Connor Franta and One Direction fan fiction <3
Hey everyone? My name is Sarah, I am 20 years young and I am in love with nutella!! this past year has been absolutely crazy. let me tell you the story of the best year ever <3


1. Birthday (Sarah's POV)

"Happy birthday!!!" Jessica, my best friend, jumped on my bed, waking me up.  I moaned, turned over and threw a pillow at her face.  "C'mon Sarah! Wake up! it's your birthday! you are finally 19!"  I didn't love a muscle.  Jessica sighed and said, "Connor uploaded a new video today." With that I bolted over to my desk and turned on my laptop.  I logged on to YouTube and there it was...his new video :)

"Hey guys, what's up it's Connor..." his video started off, like usual.  Connor Franta was by far my favourite YouTuber (Rhett and Link are awesome, but this is CONNOR FRANTA!)

"Wow, someone is a little obsessed," said Jessica under her breath.  I ignored her comment and kept watching


------2 hours later------


Jessica and I had breakfast with my family that morning.  we were driving to Santa Monica pier to meet up with some friends when One Direction came on the radio.  I am a huge fan!  Jessica was also a fan so we sang at the top of our lungs, we even got some dirty looks from people in cars passing us.

We arrived at Santa Monica pier and saw our other friends: Jake, Lauren, Mason, Alex, and Justin.  In our group, Jake is dating Lauren, they are so cute and have been together for about 4 months.  Mason and Alex are together and are going strong, they have been a couple for about 3 years now and I can see them getting married.  As for Justin, he is Jessica's boyfriend and they have been together for almost a year.  As you can see, I am the single one of the bunch,  but I don't mind it too much.  Sometimes though, it can get a little lonely :(

"Happy Birthday!" they all chorused.

"Thanks you guys!"  I gave each of them a hug.

we walked up and down the boardwalk for a while.  by now it was about 2pm.  we walked down to the beach area and just sat and started talking about our lives now, after high school most of us went to different collages/universities but every week we meet up and just hang out.

I got up from where i was sitting and told the group I was going to get some ice cream and nutella.  No one really wanted to come so i made my way to my favourite ice cream place in Santa Monica.  when I walked in I saw a group of girls sitting at a table near the front of the window.  There was an elderly couple sharing a cup of ice cream at the back of the shop, for some reason i couldn't stop myself from smiling.

"they are so adorable aren't they," said a man's voice.  Hmm......that sounded really familiar.  I turn around to find myself face to face with none other than the Liam Payne.

"Yeah, they look so happy,"  i surprised myself, i didn't react the way i thought i would, because you know, the LIAM PAYNE is right in front of my face, and so is the rest of One Direction.  The girls at the front by the window totally freaked out and asked for pictures and all that jazz. I just turn around and walk up to the cashier, who by now knows my very well since i come here often.  "I'll get the usual," I say with a smile.

"Alright, comin' right up," she replied

"So what's your usual?" Liam asked me.

"Cookie dough ice cream with nutella."

"Sounds yummy," he said with a chuckle, "can i get the same?" he asked the cashier.

Liam introduced me the rest of the guys once we got our ice cream.  These guys are so great and way too funny.  We hung out and walked around the streets.  i felt a buzz in my pocket, it was a text from Jessica asking if i had died.......what a great friend :) I replied back saying that i would meet up with them for dinner.

"So, what brings you to Santa Monica?" I ask.

Niall responds, "We have a concert in a few days."

"Oh Yeah! I totally forgot, I would be going but you show sold out in like 2 minutes! haha"

"Ya......haha" said Louis, "but we have an extra ticket...."

I looked at him with wide eyes, "No. Way."

"YES WAY!!" screamed Zayn.

"Are you offering me the ticket?"

"Yes we are," replied Zayn with a smile.

"Thanks you guys! I would love to go!"

"Oh and by the way," added Liam, "It's a VIP ticket."

I was so thrilled!  The boys and I hung out until about 5pm, which was when I was going to meet up with Jessica and the gang.


-------at the restaurant-------


"Hey guys," I said as I sat down.

"Hey!" they all said happily in unison.

"where have you been?" asked Mason with a wink.

"Well...I met some people."


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