Crazy Things (16+)

"I don't care what your Dad thinks of me, babe. Just come on!"
I hesitated, "Gosh, love makes us do crazy things."
I screamed as i jumped down from the window into Harry's arms.
"Let's go," Harry grasped my hand and lead me to his car.
"I've never done anything like this before. I'm scared."
"Trust me baby, We're only getting started."


6. Chapter 6 : Deeply In Love With You

Chapter 6 : Deeply In Love With You

From : Harry

Come over! :) I miss you!

Harry xx


I hadn't seen harry for 2 days since Monday and today (Tuesday) were vacation days, and the last time we'd hung out was Saturday.

To : Harry

Cant. Dad's too suspicious of me.



From : Harry


Harry xx

I laughed at his text and changed because honestly, i don''t like being in pajamas all day. It makes me feel, lazy. I put on a Harry's Kiss t shirt he'd left and white shorts and Vans. When i heard a knock on my window. Harry's face was pressed up on it.

"What the hell are you doing here? My dads in the other room!" i pointed to the room next to mine. My dad and i shared the balcony since it was so big.

He chuckled, "Babe, i don't care about you dad, just come on! Let's go do something."

I whispered, "Damn you, Harry."

He laughed as i jumped down from the roof to his arms.

"Come on," he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his car. I laughed as Harry shut the door behind me and quickly got in.

"Where to now?"

He smirked at me, "Come get a tattoo with me."

"A tattoo? Are you nuts? I wouldn't ev-"

"I was joking. Just me."

I crossed my arms, "So i'm going to sit there and watch you suffer basically."

"I'm nervous and i need someone to relax me, " he spoke softly in his quiet voice. I hated when he did that, he knew it turned me on. He started driving and rested his hand on my knee, slowly going higher and higher.

"I want you," he moaned.

"You've already got me, " i laughed.

We arrived at the tattoo place and saw Ed and by Ed i mean Ed Fucking Sheeran. He place a stencil on Harry's upper abs of a butterfly. I loved it, actually. Harry grasped my hand and layed down on a small bed as Ed pressed the needle onto his skin. The finishing look was great.

"Do you like it?" Harry sat up and asked me.

"I love it....Can i get one too?"

I had thought long and hard for a long time and i knew i wanted something on my back. Id always wanted something to resemble life.

"3 segals on my back."

Ed had made a sketch of them on my right back shoulder and i loved it. So did Harry. As the needle dragged along my skin, Harry gripped onto my hand tight, as if the tattoo hurt him more than it hurt me.

The finishing look looked exactly like i wanted it too.

"Thank you."

We stepped out off the tattoo place and walked down Main St.

"I can't believe i just got a tattoo," i spoke, "My dad's gonna freak."

Harry chuckled, "It's small, it's not bad at all. I think it's pretty hot, actually."

We continued walking and just talking when we arrived at his car once again.

"Now what?"

"McDonald's To Go and then my place?"

I smiled, "Sure."


I hate to admit it, I've never really been the relationship type. I've always had the life of a party. Strippers, One Night Stands, and a party every night. But Emma, is just....Different. She makes me actually feel happy without being in bed with me. She's not a slut, she's a good girl. And even though I've only known her for a week, but i think i'm in love with her.

"Emma, i'm falling for you hard," We sat on the couch, Emma laying down on my chest,eating the rest of the fries we had left. I saw her blush in the corner of my eye. I loved it when she blushed. It was so cute.

"So am i. I really wasn't expecting any of this." I chuckled. She got up and looked at herself inn the mirror in the hall.

She mumbled, "I look like shit."

I got up behind her, hugging her waist and whispering in her ear, "Don't say that, love. You're perfect to me."

Emmas Pov

Harry's lips meet my neck and placed small kisses all over. He picked me up, placing his soft, plump lips on mine, motioning me to his room. He put me on the bed and traced his fingers onto my hard nipple. He took off my shirt and i let him this time. When he took off my bra, i knew he felt the scar.

"What's....What is th-"

Harry couldn't speak. I turned around so Harry could see the whole thing. It was a big, deep, purple burn i had on my back. I hated it. Harry had a worried face.

"My mom passed away i-in a fire..At my old house...I-I tried t-to help h-her, a-and a burnt piece of wood o-off of the c-ceiling fell on me and.." I was in tears now. Harry holded me close.

He rubbed my back, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I-I was embarrassed."

"Well don't be, " He kissed my scar, "Like i said, you're perfect to me."

He continued kissing getting lower and lower, pulling down my pants and tugging on my panties. I let him and he softly I pulled off his shirt and quickly, he stuck a finger in me. I moaned loudly and Harry whispered, "Relax, babe." I was so close to climax.

"Im gonna c-cum."

I arched my back, climaxing all over Harry's fingers. He licked it his fingers and kissed me.It felt so.....good. I pulled off his pants and boxers revealing a very large dick. I bit my lip.

Harry opened up and silver package, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Harry, just fuck me already." Harry smirked and slowly entered me, with his hands on my waist and his lips on mine, kissing passionetly. He pumped and went faster and faster. It hurt at first, but after a few strokes i started feeling the pleasure. Eleanor had told me it felt really good, but this was just...Amazing. I let out loud moans and cursed.


"Damn Emma, your so tight."

He let out one last push and collapsed right next to me, breathing hard.

"That was...Incredible."

Harry stroked my cheek with his hand, "I'm deeply in love with you."

I layed down on his bare stomach and looked up at him. His green eyes were sparkling and his curly hair was all over the place.

"I'm deeply in love with you too."


Hellooo lovvveeess! :) <3 I promise new chapter soon! I won't be able to update July 4th - July 8th because i am going camping in Pismo Beach! :c Sorry guyyzz. But i will be writing while im over there so ill update when i get back!! And thank you for the favorites! 20 FAVORITES IN ONE DAY YESTERDAY??YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! thank you for all the nice comments and this chapter was kindaaa dirty sorry bout that but i really didnt want to make it R but that scene made me :/ FAVORITE YOU SEXY POPSICLES!

Byee c:

Brianna <3

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