Crazy Things (16+)

"I don't care what your Dad thinks of me, babe. Just come on!"
I hesitated, "Gosh, love makes us do crazy things."
I screamed as i jumped down from the window into Harry's arms.
"Let's go," Harry grasped my hand and lead me to his car.
"I've never done anything like this before. I'm scared."
"Trust me baby, We're only getting started."


24. Chapter 23 : Good News Or..?


I woke up at 8 and started to get ready. Emma was still sound asleep. I styled my hair into a quiff and put on a Ramones tee and ripped skinny jeans.

"Ill be back soon," i kissed her forehead, "I love you."

"I love you too," she kissed my cheek and closed her eyes.


"So boys....." Simon walked around the long silver table. My stomach turned. I could already tell this was bad news. 

"You five have missed your opportunity to winning the X factor," he showed us a picture of the guy who had won, "But...You boys still have your 5 year contract...And we have decided to arrange a tour starting next year."

I hopped out of my seat to hug the boys. Everyone was going crazy.

"But don't get too excited yet, you still have to make an album."

Simon led us to a studio in the building and 2 producers sitting by a control panel.

"Boys, go sing," Simon led us to a room with mics and gave us a paper of lyrics..Let's see how this goes...


"George Tomlinson?" Eleanor read and crossed out names from her notebook. She was deciding on what to name her new baby boy.

I shrugged, "That doesnt ring too well."

She bit at the end of the pen, "You're right... What about Alfie Tomlinson?"

"Ooooh, that's a nice one actually..Has a good ring to it too."

"Right? Alfie Tominson...My little Alfie.." She was starting to form tears in her eyes.I patted my hands on her shoulders.

"You're alright, El.. You've got a charming little prince in there," i rested my hand on her small bump.

Eleanor smiled, "This charming little prince has nothing to wear!"

"Then let's go shopping!" I grabbed her hand and headed to the nearest Target.

When we got to Eleanor's place, we had bags and bags everywhere. We put everything to wash and just decided to go back to my place.

When we walked in,the boys were just in the Living Room, drinking beer, and talking.

"Hi babe," Harry kissed my lips as i went through the door. I heard the boy's make ooohhh sound.

"Shut your mouths,boys," i laughed, "So how'd it go?"

He grabbed my hands, "We're starting a tour next year."

I was shocked. A tour?!

"Harry, that's amazing!" i swung my arms over his neck and whispered in his ear, "I'm so happy for you."

We started making out for a moment until i heard Niall yell, "Okay, lovebirds..How long does it take!!"

Harry took his soft lips away from mine and faced him, "Niall, go find a girlfriend."

All the boys laughed, and Harry turned my chin so i could face his eyes again, and meet his lips to mine.

I sat on Harry's lap on the couch and flipped the TV to HBO till E News stopped me. It was a picture of me and Eleanor shopping with bags in our hands.

"The two One Direction sweethearts decide to have a little girl time and shop...But it's not for them!! Rumor has it that Emma Payne, the gorgeous model from , is pregnant with One Direction heartthrob, Harry Styles' baby! According to the items in her hands, which were newborn outfits and bottles,there may be a possibility. Stay tuned to find out more, here on E News."

My Mouth dropped, "What. The. Fucking. Hell."

Everyone stayed silent for a moment.

"Emma, are yo-" Harry started.

"I'm not pregnant. We went shopping for Eleanor's baby and they must've got some sort of miss understanding," i ran my fingers through my hair.

"Well, how are you gonna tell them?" Eleanor sat up, "I'm so sorry, Emma. I didn-"

"No, its not your fault. I need to take care of this right now, " I left the room to grab my phone on the counter. I was so mad..Was i really that fat? I weighed myself on the glass step. I was 115 pounds...

@EmmaPayne: Guys, i'm NOT pregnant! Don't believe any of the silly rumors ;)

I went back to the living room to sit back down beside Harry, when he lifted me up into his arms to sit with him.

"Everything okay?"

"Yup," i forced a smile. Harry smiled and kissed the side of my lip.

"Make a Vine with me," Harry whispered in my ear.

I shifted to my side, "What? Why?" I giggled.

"Because," Harry pointed to the boys who were all asleep and Louis and Eleanor collapsed on one of the sofas.

"Okay," i smiled deviously. Harry picked me up and i ran to the fridge to get the whipped cream. I drew a white big mustache on Niall's face, while classic harry drew a penis on his chest. Louis had a mustache as well and so did Liam. Zayn had a pile of cream on his head.

Harry grabbed his phone and Vine each and everyone of them, with me stands by they're sides, making silly faces.

We watched it again and it was hilarious!! Harry posted it, and in less than 3 minutes, we already had 2,000 likes.

I layed down on Harry's bare chest and watched the rest of the film..


As soon as Emma layed down with me, she knocked out. She looked so cute when she sleeped. I got out my phone and took a picture of her.


@harrystyles: you look so cute when you sleep, babe. Love you x. HCha

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