Crazy Things (16+)

"I don't care what your Dad thinks of me, babe. Just come on!"
I hesitated, "Gosh, love makes us do crazy things."
I screamed as i jumped down from the window into Harry's arms.
"Let's go," Harry grasped my hand and lead me to his car.
"I've never done anything like this before. I'm scared."
"Trust me baby, We're only getting started."


2. Chapter 2 : Good Time, Bad Time

Chapter 2 : Good Time, Bad Time

I opened the door to room 31. Detention. I walked in and sat down at an empty seat.

"You are going to sit here for an hour, doing nothing. Enjoy," the teacher walked out of the classroom and immediately everyone that was there stated talking and pulling out their phones.I wonder if Harry will show up....What am i thinking? He won't.When i started getting settled with my phone in my hands, i heard a voice behind me.

"Your actually staying here for an hour?" I shook.

I turned around and saw Harry with his smirk once again, "Well, we kinda have to.."

He chuckled, "We don't have to, " he emphasized the have. He had a devious smile. I liked it. "Let's ditch."

"And go where?"

"I don't know...... Some where funner than here that's for sure.?"

I hesitated, looking down at my feet. Should i do this? I mean, i didn't even know him. What if he was a murderer? Or a kidnapper? 

Then i remembered what some of my friends told me.

"Emma, your so boring. You never do anything!"

"Have fun! Rebel. You're such a good girl."

"You need a change!"

I looked up at Harry's soft yet mysterious and rebellious face, "Fine, let's go."

We ran up the parking lot to where Harry had his 'vehicle'. Or should i say death trap.

"I'm not going in that."

"C'mon! Your such a good girl! Haven't you ever done something bad?"

I looked down at my shoes, "Does this count?"

Harry looked surprised, "Your joking.....Here," He handed me a black helmet. I gulped as i put it on my head, securing it tight at the bottom.

"Wow, you look.....Hot," I felt Harry's eyes on me, hoping he didn't see the blush through the helmet.

"Thank you," i hoped in behind him awkwardly as he gripped his hands on the handlebars.

"You ready?"I nodded. My hands slowly squeezed his stomach as he started. It honestly felt really good. He was warm and smooth on the road.

"Where do you want to go?" He screamed over the loud engine.

"I don't know..."

"Are you hungry?"

"Not really."

"Then lets go waking around London.."


We parked in a small parking space on the side of a small bakery.

"We'll start walking here..?"


We awkwardly walked down the stone sidewalk with my hands in m coat and his in his pockets.

"Tell me about yourself, Harry."

"Me?," I nodded with a smile, "I work in a bakery, this one, actually. Mom Anne, Step-dad Robin, Sister Gemma. I have my own place here. They live in Holmes Chapel."

"Why'd you move?"

Harry's face went pale, "Family issues.." Family issues? I never thought a guy like him would have any problem with anyone what so ever.

"What about you?" Completely changing the subject.

"I live here with my Dad. He works basically all day with his collage, hes never Mom.....died 5 years ago..."

He looked down, "I'm sorry i didn't know.."

"Its ok," I continued, "I work at TopShop. And that's pretty much it....."

Interesting.... Harry was a really cool guy and nice...But could i trust him? I really don't think he could keep a relationship..But then why was he so flirty with me? I don't even know. I get so many mixed signals when i'm with him...Forget butterflies, i have the whole fucking zoo when i'm with him.

"Harry, why do you like me? Why do you pick me?"

"Because, your nice and pretty and you have a gorgeous smile, and something about you is just....different, not anything that's in most girls. Your not eager for anything, and your calm and you don't ask me to sleep with you," he chuckled on that last part and i punched him in the ribs with my elbow.

I smiled, "I like you too.....But i just don't know yet... I haven't even known you for more than a day."

"Amazing things can happen in a second."

We kept on walking till it was about 5 o'clock, which added up to and hour of walking and talking.

"I really had a good time today Harry. Thank you."

"No problem..." He leaned me up against my door, getting ready to kiss me when the door behind me opened.

"Hello Emma." My dad was standing with his hands crossed, "And..who's this?"

"T-This is H-Harry, my F-friend." I bit my lip. Shit.

"Doesn't look like a friend to me, get inside."  I walked in side to turn around to see Harry in the hallway waving goodbye with a small smile.


The door closed and i rushed up to my room as fast as i could.

"Hold up a second."

I stopped, closing my eyes to turn around and face my dad on the bottom of the stairs.


"He's just a friend, dad."

"Do you remember what i said? No boys! You need to keep those grades up. College is more important."

"For god's sake, Dad! You own the damn college!"

"Don't you dare raise your tone on me!"

"If only mom was here she-"

"Go to your room! Now."

I wiped the tears forming in my eyes and promised myself not to cry, remembering what my mum had told me.

"Stay strong, Emma. Your a very independent girl, and deserve the very best. I don't ever want to see you cry, baby."

I slammed the door and cried onto my bed, punching my pillow. I ran to my bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror. I was a fucking mess, I wanted to runaway, away from my father and all these problems. He's never home and when he is he just whines and yells and pushes and pushes and i cant take it anymore! I'm running away. I packet a bag of clothes when i got a text. From Harry.

From: Harry

Is your dad still mad?

Harry xx


To: Harry

Can you please come over?



From: Harry

But your dad will see me.

Harry xx


To: Harry

Climb through my window, he won't even know. My doors locked.



From: Harry

Be there in 5.

Harry xx


When Harry arrived, he was outside my window climbing the balcony.

"Are you okay?" He hopped in, completely putting his attention on me.

"I'm......" Harry came closer to me and gave me a hug. His scent relaxed me and his presents here warmed me. 

"You not okay, here,lay down."

He led me into my bed and rubbed my face.

"Ill stay for a bit." He layed down on the other side of my bed, when he pulled me in close to him. My hands rested on his chest as his chin was on my head. His heartbeat was fast, and mine was skipping beats. He stroked my hair with his fingers as i drifted off into a deep slumber......


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