Crazy Things (16+)

"I don't care what your Dad thinks of me, babe. Just come on!"
I hesitated, "Gosh, love makes us do crazy things."
I screamed as i jumped down from the window into Harry's arms.
"Let's go," Harry grasped my hand and lead me to his car.
"I've never done anything like this before. I'm scared."
"Trust me baby, We're only getting started."


19. Chapter 18 : Not Dead. Yet.

What is the meaning of life?

I know for everyone else is to get a great job, a great family, and good money. But right now what i needed was Emma. I just can't think negative right now. I know she will be okay. I should have told her i loved her already. Even though we just got back together, the feeling for her haven't changed a bit. 

"You may see her now, Mr. Styles," the nurse led me to her room, where machines were hooked up to her all over. I could barely see her beautiful face. But her gorgeous curly light brown hair was sprawled all over the pillow.

"She's gonna be alright," i mumbled.

"Well, she's in very critical conditions...Maybe a few days or so... I'm very sorry, sir. We tried as much as we could."

I felt the tears fill up in my eyes. The nurse left the room and i put my head into my hands. No. This isn't happening. Her father stood in the door way, asking for permission to come in. I left the room to give him some privacy. After all, it was his daughter. And i couldn't stand seeing Emma like that.


I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in a hospital room with a mother and a baby in her arms. She was beautiful, the mother. She had gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair tied up in a bun, and the biggest smile on her face. The baby, well she had brown hair and brown-green eyes. A very healthy baby. It was me. And that was my mother. I wanted to hug her, and kiss her. But i she couldn't see me.. But why?

All of a sudden, i was in an old house that looked very familiar. A mother was holding a little girl who looked about 9 years old. The girl was crying and the mother was telling her "It's okay baby, stay here, you'll be safe in here," she stuck her in a closet as she went to find a way to open the door. It was flaming hot on the other side. She opened it, and burning wood fell from the brown ceiling pilling on top of her body. The little girl ran, trying to help save her mum, as wood fell on top of her also, crushing her back. I hear the girl cry until there was no more.

Then, im at a cemetery, with the beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed woman in a white coffin, in a white flowy gown. The family was surrounding her beautiful coffin as she was lowered into the ground. Tears. Sadness. I don't know why, but everything felt so...Black. Looking back at the little girl with brownish-green eyes. Well, she had crutches, with a black dress and sad eyes. Gray they seemed. So full of lust.

My thoughts transition into a school hallway, where a very beautiful girl walks, hands hugging her books, and a girl behind her, tormenting her with words. I couldn't her the words, but looking at the girls face, they weren't nice at all. I see people now, shouting at her yelling. Making her cry.

Now the girl is in her bedroom, crying into her pillow, and as the long days pass, she's just not that strong anymore. She's swallowing pills, cutting her wrists, and not eating.

I was so close to her face, but she could see me or hear me.

"Stop! Don't mess up your life like that! Please, stop!"

She's at the doctor, crying gripping her small waist in pain, as the doctor hands her a paper, written with the words, Anorexia. She gets home, grabs a pen and a note pad and starts writing letters. I wanted to stop her. Tears falling onto the paper.

I screamed, "STOP!PLEASE!" 

She put the pen down (thank god) and then the damn setting change. What the hell? Who was i? Why did these memories happen?

Now she was in a different house in a different bedroom. By the looks of it, it was her boyfriend. He had curly hair and was not ugly. She was wrapped up by him on his bed and threw popcorn in his mouth. Awwww. They were so cute. And then everything went blank and i was back in the hospital room. But it was the girl on the bed, and the curly haired boy with her. The boy was crying his eyes out, next to her, holding her hand. Why did i keep on getting flashbacks on this girl? Who was she? Wait...Was....Was that me? Was i an angel now? Wait, i wasn't dead. My heartbeat was still beating, the screen showed my heart beat. I looked down at myself and i had no body at all. Crystal clear.

I needed to wake up. Now. I was hurting everyone. I tried to shake my body, slapping my face so i could wake, but nothing happened.

Maybe i'm not dead. Yet.

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