Crazy Things (16+)

"I don't care what your Dad thinks of me, babe. Just come on!"
I hesitated, "Gosh, love makes us do crazy things."
I screamed as i jumped down from the window into Harry's arms.
"Let's go," Harry grasped my hand and lead me to his car.
"I've never done anything like this before. I'm scared."
"Trust me baby, We're only getting started."


18. Chapter 17 : Motionless

For the past week, things have been kind of awkward. For both of us. And Liam. And basically everyone. Eleanor was hanging out with me today, since we had to catch up on a ton of things and she had to tell me what Louis said!

I changed, did my hair, and put on make up. When i left it was half past 12. Perfect timing. Harry and Liam were at rehearsals for the semi-finals tonight that i was finally going too. I hadn't heard Harry sing live with the boys yet.

"Hey!" I gave Eleanor a hug.

"It's great news!" Eleanor almost screamed. We sat down with our Starbucks.

"Tell me!!"

"Ok, ok. Louis was so happy. I mean beyond happy. He was really excited," she smiled and looked down, blushing.

"That's great, El!" I sipped up the delicious Java Chip. Yum.

"And...And i might move over here too... Lou wants to buy an apt here in LA"

"Really? You should. I'd be really cool." My phone vibrated in my pocket. A call. Unknown number? Hmm.

"Hello? Hello, Emma?"

"Y-yes? Who is this?" 

"It's the silver haired devil. I'm gonna kill your dad."

Kate. It was fucking Kate. The one who bullied me all through primary school, the one who tried to be so much prettier than me,the one who made me suicidal all through middle school, the one who slept with Harry..

I dropped my phone and ran. Ran as fast as i could. Away. I didn't want her to hurt my family, not like last time. I needed to go to London. Now.

"Emma! Emma, where are you going? What's going on?" Eleanor screamed behind me.

I ran 3 blocks, down to the Airport.


Harrys Pov

I was almost finished with rehearsals when my phone ran.

"Harry!!! Emma's on her way to the airport right now!!" It was Eleanor, screaming on the phone.


"I don't know, she just ran," i panicked and my breath started pacing. I ran straight down the hall.

"Wait, Haz, where are you going?" I hear Lou call behind me. But right now, i didn't care. I zoomed down the streets of London as fast as i could and parked my car and ran off, to the ticket venor.

"Excuse me, have you see a pretty girl, light brown hair, brown eyes??"

"Uh, sir-"

I got inside the airport, looking around for a sign. No where. I texted her.

To : Emma

Where the hell are you?


From : Emma

Gone..Don't come looking.



No. No no no. Shit. Emma's gone now. Where would she go? My mind was racing so much, i couldn't think straight. I got a ticket to London and boarded the plane, looking for any sign of Emma. No where. She probably took a different plane before me. Dammit. I twiddled with my fingers the whole entire 3 hour trip. When i arrived at London, the place was snowing and all i had on were pants, a t shirt, and a beenie. But i was sweating so much. I decided to go to the first place that came in mind. Her house.



I went straight to my old house to see Kate sitting up on the couch, playing with a knife.

"I new you'd come, you dumb bitch." she laughed evily and i crosssed my arms.

"What do you want? And were's my dad?"

"Oh," She got up and walked up to me slowly, "Your dad's somewhere, hooking up with my mom...Hows Harry anyway? Does he scream your name in pleasure? Or are you too much of a good girl to take it all in?" She traced the knife on my jaw line.

"You skank!" I threw the nearest thing i could find. A lamp, straight to her head. She was knocked out on the floor. I went straight to the phone and answered 911..

"Hello, 911 what is your emergency?"

"Hello? Hello! Someone's trying to kill m-" i felt a sharp pain to my lower stomach, then it all went black.


When i got at the house, i had to break a window to get inside. It was dark and had a cool feeling. It was pretty quiet till i hears small cries coming from the hall. I tiptoed over and saw a body. Covered in blood, crawled up on the floor.

"Emma! Emma, who did this to you?" I touched her cheek, as her sad brown eyes meet mine. I was crying.

"Emma! Please!!" I felt her soft weak hands grasp mine and then it stopped. Her eyes were closed and her face was white as the moon.

"Emma!! Emma no!!" I was bawling, crying with her cold body on mine. That's when the paramedics came in and took her away from me. I remember a woman trying to calm me down, but i stayed alongside Emma the entire time. I held her hand tight as they tried doing different types of CPR methods. I was crying so much. I felt my eyes sogged up and itchy. When they finally got to the hospital, a nurse walked me out of the room, "Sir you need to stay here."

"But my bab-"

"She'll be fine, sir. We need you to wait in the waiting room."

"No! Stop please, i need to be with her!" Other doctors came and pushed me away. The last thing i saw was Emma's little body sprawled up on the bed, motionless



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