Crazy Things (16+)

"I don't care what your Dad thinks of me, babe. Just come on!"
I hesitated, "Gosh, love makes us do crazy things."
I screamed as i jumped down from the window into Harry's arms.
"Let's go," Harry grasped my hand and lead me to his car.
"I've never done anything like this before. I'm scared."
"Trust me baby, We're only getting started."


11. Chapter 11 : Never Been Hurt

Chapter 11 : Never Been Hurt


"Who was that?" I climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom.

"I think it was your girlfriend, or ex now," Kate laughed.

"WHAT?? EMMA WAS HERE?" I screamed. Shit.

"Yea, and she said you two were done, so now you're all mine," She rubbed my jawline and i moved my head back.

"Get the fuck out," I was so angry. Kate was just a distraction to problems that i didn't want to think about.


"Just get out!" She got all her belongings and stopped at the door.

"Good luck with you in your love life, because what you're doing now, is screwing up your life," she slammed the door and was gone.

I punched the wall. I need Emma, i need her warmth here with me, i needed her love. I was going crazy. But i knew she didn't want me. I'm suck a fuck up. She deserves someone better anyways. Someone who doesn't sleep with her best friend,not that i wanted too, she pushed me up against the wall and then things kind of happened. I really never intended to hurt Emma, and we weren't even going out at that time. Someone who doesn't make her ditch or sneak out of her house. Someone who can love her more than i could.



"I felt like shit. Lied too. Abused. Harry was just a big joke. I can't believe he slept with Clara, and while supposedly we're trying to fix things, hes sleeping with other girls!" I screamed on the top of my lungs, prancing around with tears in my eyes. Eleanor sat by the bed and cried with me.

"Emma, don't take this hard, but, sometimes..Guys get a girl to take away distractions or to make themselves feel better about the situation...Louis has done it before," she looked at me. I nodded and understood.


"Yes, and i understood things with him."

"I know but...I just don't want to get hurt."



Hi guys and i know this chapter was really short, but im working on the next couple chapters and you'll see what happens next :) You'll love it i promise you. And also i really appreciate all the nice comments i getting. And i DO read all of them and i really adore you guys :) Thank you guys ilysm and new chapter will be posted...AS SOON AS IM FINSIHED OKAY LOOOVES. There's going to be a little twist ;) BYE BYE YOU SEXY POPSICLES! FAVORITE/LIKE/COMMENT.

Brianna xoxoxoxox

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