Little Things

Carly Tucker's life is picture perfect. She is beautiful and can sing well, but she has a secret. When she and Harry fall in love and Harry finds out her secret will they stay together or will Carly's life flash before her eyes?


8. Where is Harry? {Part two}

Harrys POV
I have cuts and bruises all over my body from thorns, falling, tripping, trees, and everything in the woods. I am not a happy camper right now, not at all.
But I didn’t want to see anybody right now, I am too upset. I kept walking down the woods, I could possibly be in another city now. My feet were bleeding, I lost a shoe a while back, but I didn’t care. The love of my life blew me off. Now I don’t want anything to do with her, or anybody else. Not even Lou.
I stepped in mud, and the browness reminded me of Carly’s hair. Strange right? I started crying, I didn’t want to think about Carly. She hurt me, but I still loved and admired her. But I would never admit that to anyone. Oh wait…that’s not mud.
I yanked my foot out. Disgusted, I kept walking, squishing with every step. I probably looked like a monster right now. I’m covered in sweat, mud, dirt, cuts, bruises, and…poo.
Wait, is that buildings? I pulled back trees, and yep I hit an actual place. With actual people, and not just dumb trees. I’ve been here before. I walked up to a sign, it said Welcome To Doncaster. This is where Louis lives. I walked around a while, getting strange looks because I didn’t look like me. People saw me right now as a monster. Not famous. But in a strange way it was nice, because I’m getting looks from people that aren’t squealing, screaming, autographs, or pictures. That stuff drives me crazy sometimes.
There it is, Lou’s, parent’s house. I went and knocked on the door. His mom opened it, screamed, and slammed it. She went and looked at me through the window. I wiped away the dirt caked on my face, and then looked at her. She went and opened it back up.
“Harry?” She asked really confused.
“Yeah it’s me, I need to tell you what happened.” I said. She held extended her arm leading inside her house and stepped back.
“But first, go take a shower.” She said.

Carly’s POV
We’ve been driving for hours, and we still haven’t seen any sign of Harry. If he misses this concert tonight, it blows up on all of us, not just him. Then all of a sudden, somebody’s phone rang, nobody knew who’s phone it was, and we all leaned down in our bags. And me and Niall bumped heads.
“Sorry,” He smiled and wait, was he blushing?
Rubbing my head, I pulled my phone out of my bag, nope wasn’t mine. I put my phone back in my bag, and so did Niall, and we bumped heads again.
“Gawd, stop doing that,” I laughed.
“Stop looking everyone, it’s my phone,” Louis told everyone.
“Shhh! Yeah…..No we’re looking for him…. He’s there?.........He walked?.......He’s crazy, we’ll be there… Bye” Louis talked on the phone.
“Who was that?” I asked.
“My mom, Harry’s in Doncaster with her.” He said, turning the car around. Notes Hey my little monkeys! Don't forget to comment, luv ya.
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