Little Things

Carly Tucker's life is picture perfect. She is beautiful and can sing well, but she has a secret. When she and Harry fall in love and Harry finds out her secret will they stay together or will Carly's life flash before her eyes?


7. Where is Harry? {Part one}

Carly's POV

My eyes fluttered open, what the flip? It's still really dark outside, I rolled over lazily. It was 3:00 in the morning, what? I looked at my phone to see if it had the correct time on it. I had 6 new text messages, and 4 missed calls. All from Harry. I read throughthe texts.
One said,  Where r u? XOXO Harry
Another said,  At the lake, where are you?
They all said pretty much the same thing, oh my gawd. I blew him off. I guess when I fell asleep, I never woke up. *beep beep* I picked up my phone, thinking it was another call from Harry, but it was my agent Lucinda.
"Yes?" I answered.
"Carly, do you have any clue where Harry might be?" She asked.
"No, why?"
"Nobody can find him, we have no idea where he is, he has a concert tonight. And the only knowledge anybody has, is he was last at a date with you."
"Yeah, about that. I kinda sorta maybe...." I stuttered.
"Kinda sorta maybe, what?"
"I blew off the date, I overslept."
"Well princess, it's time to wake up, if he's not at that concert, his fans will get mad. And then Harry might actually lose his job. Then his fans will realize it's all your fault. Then you will lose your fans. Then you will lose your job. That 'I overslept' thing might just cost your job."
"But I...." But she had hung up. This is a disaster. I threw my head back on my pillow. Couldn't this have waited until I dunno, a time that  normal people might actually be up and running? I swear, I am never going out with another guy that runs away, when he's mad. He can be such a drama queen. I then called Louis,
"Hello?" He sounded tired and he also sounded like he was in the car.
"Hey Louis, it's Carly. What are you doing?"
"Looking for Harry, you?"
"On my bed."
"Get up missy, you got us into this mess, and you're going to help us fix it."
"Us?" I asked. He put it on speaker phone.
"Hiiiiiii!!!" I heard from the background, probably the boys.
"I'm not the only one in the band that cares about Harry." Louis said. "Get your lazy bum dressed, we're coming to get you."
"Whyyyy???" I whined. The line went dead. UGH! People these days, so rude. Don't they know you don't hang up on someone. I rolled out of bed, got dressed. Didn't bother with makeup, it's 3:30 in the morning, nobody really cares what you look like. And then I walked to my front door. The boys were already there.

  Notes Hiii message me if you have any questions <3
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