Little Things

Carly Tucker's life is picture perfect. She is beautiful and can sing well, but she has a secret. When she and Harry fall in love and Harry finds out her secret will they stay together or will Carly's life flash before her eyes?


1. In the studio<3

Carly's POV
I sat on the couch waiting to go into the recording studio and just record one flippin song, but 5 guys are apparently running 45 mintues late. I was supposed to go at 11:00, and One Direction is taking forever to finish. Not that I minded, they sound great. But I pretended to look annoyed.
"Could you guys take any longer?" I asked. They stopped singing and all of them turned to look at me.
"We could if Harry here could actually hit the notes right." Louis said. Harry blushed and looked embarrassed at the same time. It was adorable.
"But I was supposed to sing almost an hour ago." I whined.
"Carly, if your going to keep talking i'm going to have to ask you to leave." The DJ told me.
"I'll be quiet." I whispered, as I slumped back into the couch. I closed my eyes and tried to sink in the songs that they were singing, and I guess I fell asleep, because the next thing I knew Liam was shaking me. I got up, walked into the recording area, pulled my sleeves down, and poured my heart and soul into my song.

Harry's POV
Me and the boys sat there with all of our mouth's open, shocked. Not only was she jaw-dropping beautiful, she had the voice of an angel. God, this girl was born to sing. I then murmured the word,"Dibs."
"On what?"Niall asked me
"Her." I pulled out my phone and started taping her, so it would help me fall asleep at night. And when she stopped singing I was expecting another song, but that was it. She then walked back into the room.
"How was I?"Carly asked. I didn't even know where to begin she was so good, I can't believe she even asked that question. She stood standing there, waiting for an answer, when Louis spoke up.
"Horrible."Louis said sarcastically. Carly slumped her head down really sadly.
"He's just joking. You were wonderful." Liam said.
"Really good, love." Zayn said.
"Yeah."Niall agreed. Everyone turned to look at me. I was speechless, I couldn't put into words what I felt right now. Carly looked as if she might cry, when Niall said,"I'm starving lets go out to eat somewhere."

Carly's POV
I couldn't believe it. I actually thought I liked Harry, guess not.

When I got back to my house, I did what I always did when I'm sad. I went to the bathroom, stripped, got out my razor and put cuts wherever I felt like needed one. I wiped one cut with my finger and smeared the blood onto my face. I always did this, I was showing my true inner self, ugly.


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