Little Things

Carly Tucker's life is picture perfect. She is beautiful and can sing well, but she has a secret. When she and Harry fall in love and Harry finds out her secret will they stay together or will Carly's life flash before her eyes?


6. Dates<3

Harry's POV
I ran all the way home, and got my plans out that I always kept when I wanted to have the most absolutely perfect date. This was Carly we are talking about, she's famous, beautiful, and can sing like an angel. It was always at the park, and it had this humongous beautiful lake. And I can get a canoe, put rose petals in the surrounding water, and get a nice picnic dinner, with candles in the canoe. I pulled all the stuff I was going to need out of my closet, then I ran downstairs. I started to cook a nice Italian dinner. It took forever, and I blew off a lot of text messages and calls from the boys. Because I finaly scored myself a date with Carly Tucker, a person that I've known for years, but never got enough courage to talk to her. Then I got all my packages of candles and rose petals, then I got my lighter, a picnic basket, and some money for the canoe I wanted to buy and I also wanted to buy her an unbroken bouquet of roses. She was going to love it. And I also got into some nice dress clothes that I only wear on special occasions. And this was beyond special.

Carly's POV
Now that I was out of the hospital, I went home to get ready for my date. I put on a pretty light blue dress and tights, and some black heels. I accessorized with a simple necklace. Then I started on hair and makeup. I just curled my hair in the back. And added some eyeshadow and lipstick. I looked in the mirror, I looked like this,( but I still had cuts showing, so I got out my concealer and just smoothed over my arms. My legs had tights on, so I didn't worry about those. After I finished I looked at my clock, 4:03. My date with Harry wasn't until 7:00. I flopped down on my bed, careful not to mess up anything, then I started to get tired until I fell asleep...*snore*

Harry's POV
I stood at the park waiting for Carly to arrive. I t was only 6:50, so it's OK if she wasn't here yet. I couldn't wait until she gets here though, I'll be standing tall and straight, with good posture. Trying to look the best as I can. And of course she'll look as beautiful as ever, with her perfect silky brown hair flowing back with the wind, every step she takes with confidence like being here was the most boring thing she's ever done. And after dinner on the canoe, we would dance in the gazebo, the moonlight shining down on her face. And then I would dip her down and lean in and... I snapped out of my fantasy, rememebering that when she does show up, I can't be staring off into space

I looked up at the sky, it was really dark out now. I then pulled out out my phone, it was 8:40. So she was running a little late, oh well. The food had gotten cold, so when she got here we would just ride the canoe with the candle lights. Hopefully she does get here.

I pulled out my phone again, now it was 9:55. I shivered, it was really cold out here. Wait, it is almost 10:00, she totally blew me off. I will never ever like her again...never. I started to cry, why would she love a guy like me? I kicked the canoe over. She's probably off hooking up with some other, better guy than me. I threw the bouquet of roses in the water, along with the remains of my Italian dinner. Then I ran off into the woods, not knowing, or caring where the hell I was. Notes Whoo! Long chapter, normally my chapters are so short that I can write them in 15 minutes. Comment, please. And message me if you have any questions.  
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