Hard To Get

Emma goes to Chaz's birthday party and runs into Justin Bieber. Justin starts to actually fall for Emma while she doesn't feel the same? What happens? Will they be together or will they end up hating each other or will they just be friends?


5. The Kiss

He walked towards me and I backed up. He cornered me in a wall so I pushed him away. 

"stop." I said forcefully.

"I just want to talk Emma.." Justin said confused 

"well don't approach me like that next time, you scared me." I slightly chuckled.

"sorry. well anyways what happened, why are you crying?" he asked concerned 

"you scared me. you approached me angry and I thought you were going to hurt me." I said looking down

"Emma, I would never hurt you. I'm not that kind of guy." he looked into my eyes wiping a tear off my tear stained cheek. 

"yeah. well that's what they all say. I don't believe you." I snapped. 

he looked hurt. "well you have to believe me" he said. 

he looked into my eyes. oh how those beautiful caramel eyes just make me melt. He leaned in closer and so did I. Then his lips brushed onto mine. Our lips moved in sync. My stomach was doing flips. I just felt so happy. Then I felt his hands on my waist pulling me closer. That's when I pulled away. He looked confused and I looked down. 

"sorry" I said and ran out the door. 

I didn't want to look back so I just ran down the stairs and ran into Chaz. He comforted me and then I heard someone clear their throat. I looked to see who it was. It was Justin. He looked like he had been crying. 


- End of Emma's POV-


Justin's POV: 

I ran after Emma and saw her with Chaz. No. He can't steal her away from me. I felt anger rush through me. I cleared me throat to get Emma's attention. She looked at me and she looked like she had been crying too. She walked up the stairs and I started to walk away from her. 

"wait. Justin." she said calmly "I'll tell you what happened"

"what? what is there to explain. I like you Emma but you keep pushing me away, then you go with other guys." he snapped back 

"I'm sensing jealousy." she said 

I looked at her seriously and turned around. 

"Justin, I'm sorry" she said sadly "can we talk?" she finished. 



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